Sonic Adventure 2

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Hero Story - Complete the Hero Story.
Dark Story - Complete the Dark Story.
All Stories - Complete Hero Story, Dark Story and Last Story.
Any% - Reach the Last Story's credits via sequence breaking.
180 Emblems - Collect all 180 emblems in the game.

Additional Information

Techniques and Glitches - A compilation of techniques and glitches that can be performed and their relevance to speedrunning the game.
Version Differences - An overview of the differences between each version of the game.

External Links

Sonic Adventure 2 Leaderboards - A Google Spreadsheet compiling single-segment speedrun times for a selection 3D Sonic games.
TAS Records List- A Google Spreadsheet compiling TAS records for individual levels in the game as well as links to videos of them.
Item Hunting Locations- A Google Spreadsheet containing all locations for items in the hunting stages of the game.
The Sonic Center SA2 Rankings- Online leaderboards for Sonic Adventure 2 primarily aimed at individual level speedruns of the game.

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