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General Stuff

This is a game where you have to kill everything. There are two ways to kill an enemy. One is to cover it in snow and throw the resulting snowball. One is to have a snowballed enemy run over another enemy, either partially snowed or just running around. I'll just call that kind of kill a "combo" for brevity's sake.

If you kill an enemy in a combo, they will fly around the screen and turn into a bonus drop. This tends to be slow. After you kill everything, you need to pick up all drops or wait for them to despawn. The game "helpfully" waits for you to have a chance to pick up all the drops before moving on to the next level. When the screen is clear of all enemies and drops you'll go to the next stage. Usually it's best to kill enemies without doing many combos. If you kill everything in one combo, money falls from the sky. This takes a long time. Mo money mo problems.

The game has a lot of drops, most are just for score. The things we're interested in are the blue, red, and yellow jars. Blue is shot power, red is speed, and yellow is shot distance. Blue and red are sufficient for a speedrun. Yellow is helpful but can be ignored. There is also a turquoise jar which grants invincibility. This can be safely taken, even if you don't need to kill anything else. There is also a snowman's head. This gives you a mini bonus game that is very slow and if you see it in a speedrun, you should just let it despawn.

Other Things

  • When you start a room, you will be invincible for a short time.
  • If you are hit by a snowball while you are not invincible, you will start to ride it and become invincible for a short time. (You can jump out of the snowball to carry on playing)
  • In a boss room, you can't ride snowballs but you will still be invincible if one hits you.
  • Snowballs move faster than you can walk by a very wide margin.
  • If you are pushing a snowball in one direction, and press the opposite direction and B at the same time, you will throw the snowball behind you, and perhaps more importantly, you will ride it, giving yourself invincibility.
  • If you are standing on top of a snowball, you can press A and B at the same time to jump off of it and throw it at the same time, giving you the extra height from jumping off of it without having to come back to deal with the enemy later.

Stage Routes

Screenshots show the starting positions of the enemies.

The green arrows are where you are meant to go. The yellow arrows are where the enemies are going. The red arrows are where you have to ride a snowball. S means completely snow, T means throw, > or < is the direction in which to throw the snowball if it's relevant. R means ride the snowball. Everything after the last step of the route is to just pick up items or kill stragglers who weren't cooperating

Floors 1-10

todo: the rest


todo: strats

Bosses have HP and sub HP. There's 256 sub HP in 1 HP. Hitting a boss with a snowball does 1 HP of damage. Hitting a boss with a shot does 1 sub HP of damage. So it's better to focus on snowballs than on shooting the boss. But you can save time by hitting the bosses with the appropriate number of shots in between snowballs to save 1 snowball.

Boss HP

Floor 10: 5 snowballs + 40 shots, or 6 snowballs

Floor 20: 7 snowballs + 7 shots

Floor 30: 3 snowballs + 3 shots

Floor 40: 6 snowballs + 6 shots

Floor 50: 10 snowballs + 3 shots

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