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General Speed Tips

  • Go to the options menu and make sure your acceleration and turning speed is at 100%.
  • It's quite astounding how much time you save by not attacking enemies you don't need to.
  • Fighting with ice weapons is much more effective. You can simply freeze most enemies and then fly around them. This works especially well against mines.
  • You can fly through a boss while he explodes and dies.
  • Missiles. Are. Your. Best. Friend.

Some definitions


I'm not quite certain what is the lowest percentage with which you can beat the game. I think it's somewhere around 80%. If one were to record a low% run, the only items you should obtain are

  • Red, green, and blue upgrades
  • The first ship upgrade (that allows you to fly through lava)
  • 5 missiles
  • Super pellets
  • The first-level wave


The 100% definition is in-game. You need to collect every weapon with every upgrade, every ship upgrade, every star, and to kill every boss. As far as I know there is no hidden "101%" stuff going on.


(I'll update to the real names later...)

Big Mama Flicker

There's really not a whole lot you can do about her. In a perfect world, you'd fire a steady stream of pellets, every single one of which hits her. That's much harder than it sounds.

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