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SDAlogo runner.png This game has a run page on SDA!

The Forum Thread: does not contain anything of interest not mentioned in the guide in the first few pages.


You should only play the base game through the normal launcher and the expansion through its own. This is so we can avoid any versions differences (like dual Magnums) affecting runs with/without the add-on.

100% means, in order of preference: visiting every level, completing every primary and secondary objective, finding all secrets. This means if you have to fail an objective in order to be able to play a level, you should, but you don't have to return to levels you've already visited even if you are able to (e.g. going to dam again after wworks2).

Runs are done on the easiest and the hardest settings as per standard procedure. The real hardest setting can only be accessed by typing in the console "skill 3". Then typing in "map intro" gives you a fresh playthrough on that setting. If you want to try running this way, bring it up in the thread so we can discuss whether Hardcorps or the hidden setting is better. The current SDA record was erroneously run on the Officer setting. Here are some prepared pages for you to fill in when you're planning a run in a given category (assuming Hardcorps):

Additional Information

Game Mechanics and Glitches - All the known tricks and glitches in all versions of the game.
Source Code - This was released at some point. Trying to find it...
Additional Resources - Links to other helpful resources.
Version Differences - Differences between various versions of the game.

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