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Console Information


Sega Saturn
Resolution 240
A/V Outputs S-video,Composite, RF, SCART

The Sega Saturn was the successor to the Sega Genesis. While the system was much more powerful than the Genesis, it was still limited to 240 lines of resolution. The console comes with Composite A/V connectors. The console is also capable of outputting S-Video using a third party cable. We recommend purchasing a third party cable to take advantage of the improved picture quality that is available when using S-Video.

A word of caution

The Sega Saturn outputs a video signal that is 240 lines of resolution. Recording this should not be a problem for most standard definition capture devices (one that only has composite/S-Video inputs) or a DVD recorder. You may run into problems if you are using a capture device that is designed to record high definition footage to try and record video from your console. Most high definition video capture devices do not support video resolutions that are this low. Unless your high definition capture device explicitly lists support for 240 lines of resolution, it is safe to assume that it will not be able to record video from the Sega Saturn and you will need a standard definition capture device to record the footage. Our list of capture devices includes which devices support 240 lines of resolution.

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