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Sega Portables

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Sega Game Gear

Similar cart sizes? Yes
Is it region free? Prior to contrary belief, the Game Gear isn't 100% region free.
For example, getting/region switching the system to JP mode changes title screen in games like Power Strike 2 but, more importantly, it is necessary to play Pop Breaker. - a notable GG exclusive.
Source: sms power forum click here
Method 1 If the game is region free, you can simply insert the import cartridge into your native system.
Method 2 Be good at modifying the system. Click here and then scroll down to the very bottom.
Method 3 Buy a import system to play ~less than 5 import only games
Safe to use NTSC import consoles with official EU/UK power supply in Europe/UK? (AS AN ADAPTER) Unconfirmed yes for "Game Gear adapter" but you can use Mega Drive 1 and Sega Master System 1 AC Adapters

GG notes:
There is a cheat in GG Batman Returns called Sound Test but it requires the system to be set in Japanese mode. Source: Click here
The 8-bit Game Gear version of Ristar has 1 act removed if played on a non-JP system. While technically faster, some would play the game in Japanese to get the full experience. Source: Click here

Sega Nomad

Identical names? Nomad
Similar cart sizes? Nomad uses NTSC Genesis cartridges
Can a PAL console be modified to function or even match NTSC speeds? The system never came out in PAL lands.
US Method 1 (Nomad playing old Japanese games) Filing both sides to insert the rounded JP Mega Drive cartridges. Click here
US Method 2 (Nomad playing later Japanese games) Game Genie/Action Replay which bypass region lock to certain games by inputting a code.
Safe to use NTSC import consoles with official EU/UK power supply in Europe/UK? Since it never came out in PAL lands you can use a Mega Drive 2 power supply plug to power up the Sega Nomad.
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