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Welcome to the SDA Strategy Wiki, where you can find or contribute information about tricks, routes, boss strategies, and planning in general. If a game you're trying to find isn't here, then feel free to make a page for it using the instructions below. If you don't know of any tricks for the game, you might find these pages useful:

Finding a game

The wiki currently hosts 256 games on 25 different systems. Use the search function to find a game you're looking for, or browse through the categories listed below.

  • Games: a list of all games that have a page on the wiki.
  • Engines: a list of all game engines that have a page on the wiki.
  • Systems: a list of all systems for which a game page exists.

Adding a game

To add a game to the wiki, simply search for the game's name in the search box, then click the red link with the name you typed. If you're writing about a series of games, then add (series) to the right of the game name. Writing for a series of games only works if the games share similar engines such as Metal Slug and Mega Man X 1–3 (or 4–6).

IMPORTANT: Insert [[Category:Games]] and [[Category:System Name]] into your game page, or else your page will not appear on the games and consoles lists!

If your game has a run page on SDA, use the {{sda run}} template at the top of the page. Here's an example of what to add at the top of a new page:

[[Category:Nintendo 64]]
{{sda run|}}

After doing the above, your game will be automatically added to the game list. Cool right!

Adding content

Anyone can edit the wiki after creating a free account. You can help by adding a game page following the instructions above and contributing your speedrunning knowledge for that game. If the game you know about already exists, feel free to edit that page – no one owns a game page! If you have a variety of speedrunning knowledge and want to know where best to apply your time and effort, try expanding a stub page or verifying information. The following categories contain pages that have been marked as needing your help:

  • Stubs: pages or sections of pages that need to be expanded and filled out with good information.
  • Unverified information: pages or sections of pages that present information that needs to be tested for accuracy.

External links

Links to other game strategy wikis, trick and glitch resources.

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