Realms of the Haunting

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The GOG version seems to be 1.4 (UK release).

The Steam is the US version of the game (v. 2.0, the Gold release) that lets you rebind some keys easier (although you can just use DosBox itself for that), has a difficulty selector (kinda pointless probably: unless you find the hardest setting genuinely more challenging across multiple locations somehow just stick with the easiest; the adventure difficulty selector really just gives you the same options as the UK), and also allows to bind strafe keys. That's the known differences. That last one means you can probably run that version a little bit faster than the UK/GOG one, and seeing as there isn't (unless proven differently) enough to separate them otherwise, you should probably pick up your copy on Steam and use the few extra features to your benefit.

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Additional Information

Game Mechanics and Glitches - All the known tricks and glitches in the game.
Additional Resources - Links to other helpful resources.

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