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Tools and Q2timer suggestions

  • You must own version 3.20 of the game, which can be downloaded here [1]
  • You need Q2timer to properly time the demo, which can be downloaded here [2]. Get used to the various added commands, especially "startitems."
  • Always set the game to "q2timer" prior to starting any speedrunning session and/or trying the aforementioned commands.
  • One useful command that you should place in an autoexec.cfg in you q2timer folder is what I personally know as the "messupkey." This key bind stops recording a demo, restarts the level you are currently running, and starts recording the demo anew. After all, mistakes happen, and it's much easier to start recording all over with one press of a key rather than typing three commands in the console. Here's an example:
alias messupkey "stop; restart; record demonamehere"
bind alt "messupkey"

Pre-running Checklist

Make sure all of the following criteria are met before attempting to speedrun a map in Quake II:

  1. Have you planned out a good route for the map?
  2. Have you thought of a feasible time goal for the map?
  3. Is your game cvar set to "q2timer?"
  4. Is your "startitems" cvar set properly?
  5. Do you need a grenade timer for the map?

Tricks and Techniques

Basic Tricks

  • Strafe Jumping: This is basically Quake II's equivalent of the bunny jump, but is far less mobile and versatile than it's Quake counterpart. Here's how to perform it:
  1. Jump while holding forward and a strafe key
  2. Slowly turn your mouse in the direction of the strafe key, making sure not to turn too far or too fast.
  3. Performing a series of such jumps will cause you to gradually gain speed.
  4. Alternate the direction of your strafe jump when on a straight path in order to prevent running into obstacles.
NOTE: Do not try to make sharp turns in a strafe jump sequence, for the jump is mainly for gaining speed in a straight or slightly angled path. When reaching such a turn simply stop, turn, and start the sequence all over again.
  • Double/Triple/Etc. Jumping: This technique refers to the ability to jump up a sequence of ledges, boxes, and/or stairs while gaining speed and jump length as you do so. The most simple variation is a double jump. Here's how to perform one:
  1. Stand near an object which you can jump on top of or jump over. A small crate will do.
  2. Aproach the object and try to jump on top of it, but press your jump key twice quickly.
  3. If done correctly, you will perform two jumps: one jumping on to the edge of the object, and another longer and quicker jump afterward.
NOTE: The effectiveness of this skill is dependent upon your frame-rate. Thus, using a higher frame-rate makes double jumping easier. There are no formal FPS rules for Quake II yet, but in the future, you may have a limit to work with.
  • Fast Swimming: You can increase your swimming speed by zigzagging in water. Just make sure not "grind" the surface of the water by keeping your mouse position leveled with the water. You can learn more about zigzagging here [3] (this is a Quake article, but it also applies to Quake II).

Rocket and Grenade Jumping

This section covers the various jump tricks that can be done with rockets and grenades.

  • Grenade Jump: To perform a grenade jump, simply through a grenade, stand on top of it, and jump right before it detonates so that the force of the explosion increases your jump height. It helps to have the grenade counter turned on (togglegc "1") when performing this trick so that you can see when the grenade is going to explode. To increase the effect, you can attempt to do this while using Quad Damage, but this is extremely dangerous, and should only be done with plenty of armor and HP, or better yet, Invincibility.
  • Vertical Rocket Jump: This classic trick is done simply by aiming all the way down with a rocket launcher, and pressing jump and fire at the same time to perform a very high jump. If you press forward while holding a strafe and turning your mouse in the direction of the strafe, you can slightly change the direction of the jump.
  • Backwards Rocket Jump: This rocket jump is done by aiming down, running backwards, and shooting and jumping simultaneously. Backwards rocket jumps sacrifice height for distance, and must be carefully aimed due to the lack of visibility.
  • Rocket Grenade Jump: This is a combination of the two previously discussed tricks. To perform it, throw a grenade and stand in front of it, and perform a rocket jump just before the grenade explodes, so that the force of the grenade AND rocket explosions increase your jump height. This trick is rarely performed, and can be combined with Quad Damage for an extra effect, but realistically, you will most likely never do this in a speedrun.

Secrets list (for 100% runs)

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Route Guides, any %

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Route guides, 100%

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