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The goal of this page is to compile as much information about speedrunning Psychonauts as possible.


Nearly all of the information on this page is directed towards running on the PC version of the game, which generally is accepted as the best version for running. Some of the tricks, such as flying, have been tested as not possible on the PS2 version. I don't have any data regarding the Xbox version; any information on version differences would be welcome.

Completion Requirements

Thanks to the 'Talk through walls' glitch, it is now possible to beat the game without invisibility. Hence, the minimum requirements to beat the game is rank 20 (to get PK and TK) and the cobweb duster (which needs rank 20 to use anyways).

The route has now been updated to reflect this, however the figment collection is not quite optimal, since still too many are listed as required.

Tricks and Glitches


(Discovered by Aaron_Haynes) By holding 'Lock On' (default: Shift), and then pressing a direction and 'Jump' (default: Spacebar), Raz will perform a front, side, or back-flip depending on the direction held. Though these are normally used as evasive moves, they are also significantly faster than regular movement.

Currently, there is no data about whether any one type of flip is faster than another. This might be helpful...

Faster Climbing

(Discovered by Inexistence (I think...)) When climbing a ladder or a climbable wall, if you hit cancel, you will release from the wall while rising a little. After that, you can double jump, and you will climb a little faster than normal. Also, if you have levitation, you can climb even faster by holding float while you jump and climb. What will happen is that you will begin to float, and immediately place the ball underneath you, which will force you up a little bit.

When climbing as giant Raz (in Lungfishopolis), it is fastest to move around a little such that you don't re-grab the climbing surface right away. That way you get the full height of the double jump before you re-grab, which helps your otherwise slow climbing speed.

Faster Movement as Giant Raz (In Lungfighopolis)

(Discovered by SMK) If you touch a deep water surface as giant raz, and then land again, your movement speed in the air will be permanently increased, until you enter a loading area or re-load the game.



After you jump on the blimp to reach the upper level, hit the deep water surface as soon as possible, then continuously jump the rest of the way to the skyscraper section. This is the only conceivable use of this trick.


(Discovered by Inexistence (I think...))


Any time Raz jumps on an incline, his horizontal velocity will increase relative to the horizontal projection of the surface he jumped from. Hence, jumping on a steep decline will give Raz a significant boost in movement speed in the direction of the slope.

Also, if you continuously jump as soon as you hit the ground (a technique referred to as 'bunnyhopping' in many games), you will avoid losing much or any horizontal velocity, and continue moving at the same speed.


By bunnyhopping on sloped surface, Raz's speed will increase with each jump. If you then continue to bunnyhop on flat surfaces, you will be able to maintain that speed as you move around. This can be very useful for moving around the campsite, as the terrain has many slopes everywhere. Note that if you hit a surface whose normal is pointing against your current direction of movement, this will slow you down significantly, so you must be very precise when landing each jump.

Note that a slope need not be continuous to be able to gain a boost off of it. Ledges, if hit at just the right angle, can give you a horizontal boost as well (see the Oleander Bunnyhopping example)

When initially building up speed, one useful technique is to hit the first 'slope' with a palm bomb move (jump and attack), and immediately jumping as soon as you land. The increased vertical speed will translate to faster initial horizontal speed for your bunnyhop sequence. However, since performing a palm bomb stops all of Raz's horizontal movement, it can only be used to gain speed on the first jump.

Note that double jumping while bunnyhopping does not decrease your movement speed, and hence can make covering certain gaps much easier.


Oleander Bunnyhopping

(Discovered by Inexistence) By using a weird slope at the back of the first room of Oleander's mind, you can gain a slight speed boost through the first section. (Video by Inexistence) Video

Skip the Canoe (Bunnyhopping version)

(Discovered by bloodisblue) Bunnyhopping can be used to skip needing to get the canoe to reach Mila's course. It's difficult to explain, but basically, starting from the main campgrounds entrace, bunnyhop down the slope into the beach, to one of the docks, and then to Mila. (Video by bloodisblue) Video

However, this trick does not skip much, as the course will not open until you receive the Oarsman badge from Sasha anyways.

An improved version (again, using bunnyhopping) is to stand at the edge of the dock near Mila, and perform a backflip such that you'll just catch the lip of the dock, and gain the bunny-hop boost from it, then proceeding to double jump out towards the dock. You will hit the water once or twice, but should be able to make it. (Video by butt3rs) Video

Faster Mila Race

(Discovered by bloodisblue) By continuously bunnyhopping down the slope of the race track in Mila's mind, the race can be finished faster than if using the levitation ball. (Video by bloodisblue) Video

Float Climbing

(Discovered by butt3rs) This trick requires levitation. Float canceling is a trick where you can climb certain slopes that would otherwise not be possible. While holding 'Float' (default: Shift) near a steep edge, press 'Jump' (default: Spacebar) to put the ball back below you. For a brief moment after lowering the ball, if you are touching the ledge, you will be able to jump such that you go almost directly up (if you didn't float cancel, jumping on that edge would send you sideways and down). You can continuously float cancel up this kind of slope. Becareful not to stay too close to the slope, as you will not be able to place the ball under you if you are right up against the slope when pressing 'Jump'.


Black Velvetopia Boss Skip

(Discovered by butt3rs) It is possible to skip 3 of the 4 sub-bosses in Black Velvetopia by rising to the top of Edgar's sanctuary, and then floating into the loading zone at the top of where the house of cards would be. Since the sides of the sanctuary area can be float-climbed, you can do so to reach the top of the area, and then float into the loading zone. (Video by butt3rs) Video

Talk Though Walls

(Discovered by SMK) The psyblast animation thrusts Raz's head forward a little. If you do this next to a wall, the game will count you as temporarily being on the other side of the wall. Hence, during this time, you can use items, use psi powers, or talk to people on the other side of the wall (assuming their close enough and the wall is thin enough.


Skipping Invisibility

(Discovered by SMK) For the longest time the single barrier requiring invisibility to beat the game was bypassing Bonita's door in Gloria's mind. Walk towards the door, and stand just to the right of it, facing the wall (you should be standing as close to the wall as possible). Now, psyblast, and quickly mash the 'talk' (i.e. use) button during this animation. If you do it right, you'll talk to Bonita though the door, which will unlock both her door and the door to the prop room to get the candles. (Video by SMK) Video

Flying Glitch

(Discovered by SMK) This trick requires levitation. While in midair, press and hold 'Float' (default: Shift) to begin floating. Now, while still holding Float, rapidly alternate pressing 'Jump' (default: Spacebar) and the psi power key that you assigned levitate to (typically this is the 3rd slot). If you alternate fast enough, Raz will begin to rise slowly. This can be repeated indefinetly to reach any height, and skip many parts of the game. If you alter your cadence, you can also use it to cover horizontal distance quickly.

Alternatively, you can alternate pressing 'Jump' and 'Cancel', or 'Cancel' and 'Leviate' to achieve the same effect.

Note: This glitch only works if you're running at a framerate greater than 30 (it also seems to be better the higher your framerate, but I haven't tested this conclusively). At 30 FPS, trying to perform the glitch will actually lose you height. As a consequence, the PS2 version does not have flying. (Still need to confirm on the Xbox version).


There are too many potential uses to list them all, I will only enumerate those that actually skip portions of the game (rather than just speed up certain platforming sections).

Boyd's Mind Telephone Skip

(Discovered by SMK) In the second area of Boyd's mind (with the book depository), it is possible to skip the telephone (and hence also the sniper rifle, flower, and the need for TK and PK in this mind) by using the flying glitch to reach the telephone wires leading to the rainbow squirts' house. (No video)

Black Velvetopia Boss Skip (alternative)

(Discovered by SMK) As an alternative to float climbing, it is possible to simply stand directly beneath where the El Odio loading zone will be, and simply fly directly up to its location. It is unclear whether this is at all a faster method than float climbing, however it is much more consistent if you can determine exactly where to stand (and hence is a better option for SS runs). (No video)

Gloria's Mind Script Skip

(Discovered by SMK) Its possible to skip getting all but two of the scripts in Gloria's mind (Knight of Joy and Hagatha House) by using the flying glitch on the second stage (happy version) to reach the upper cliff without the boat. (No video yet) Note: although you can get the Hagatha House script directly using this method, if you deliver it to Becky before Knight of Joy, she will not give you the megaphone, the balloon won't appear when you play it on the sad stage, and Becky will glitch out and dissappear. The game will then crash shortly after. (No video)

Meat Circus Stage 1 Skip

(Discovered by SMK) When you first enter the meat circus, and are in the 'lobby' section (the one with the fortune booth that will trade all remaining cobwebs and cards for ranks), you can fly up, and actually reach the 'Tunnel of Love' section of the level above, which completely skips the first stage of the meat circus (the one where you protect Little Oly). (No video)

Water Skip

(Discovered by Inexistence) When Raz is about to be pulled under by the water hands after a 3rd 'bounce', rapidly press 'Cancel' (default: X) and 'Jump' (default: Spacebar). If you do it correctly, it will skip the cutscene of Raz reappearing on the shore completely, and rather than moving, he will instead jump in place, and then have another 2 'bounces' before being pulled in again. This can be used to cross gaps of water that would otherwise not be possible.


Skip the Canoe

(Discovered by Inexistence) This was the original method discovered to skip using the canoe to get to Mila's. Simply jump out as far as possible, perform the water skip, and then continue to bounce until you reach the far floating dock. The bunny hopping methods tend to be faster and more consistent however, so they are generally preferred. (video by Inexistence) Video

Trampoline Bomb

(I don't know who found this one) The force with which you are sent upwards from a trampoline is related to how much force you have when jumping into it. By performing a palm bomb directly above a trampoline, you can get a lot more upward force than you normally would by just jumping continuously.


Meat Circus Stage 4 Glitch

(Discovered by butt3rs, independently rediscovered by lookw) In the 4th stage of the meat circus, it is possible to glitch out of bounds, and very quicly reach the top and trigger the load to the next fight. Basically, approach the trampoline that Raz's Fake Dad is standing on at first via the tightrope. As you approach it, he'll jump upwards to the trapeze pole above. Quickly jump over the center of that trampoline, and palm bomb into it. By doing so, you'll fly up and reach the trapeze pole, while the Fake Dad is still on it; this will cause the game to glitch out and you'll be sent out of bounds. After that, just wait 15 seconds (you don't need to input anything during this time), and you'll automatically reach the top and activate the cutscene. (Video by lookw) Video

Pylon Stacking

(Discovered by SMK) A somewhat esoteric trick, but by using TK, you can stack moveable objects into a makeshift platform to reach higher heights. Any possible use for this trick has been superceded by the Flying Glitch, it is listed here only for completeness.

Plunger Skip

(Discovered by SMK) In Boyd's mind, it is possible to skip getting the plunger item (and hence the 1st mid-boss battle) by going to where the manhole is in the middle of the first section of the world. Below the street, if you look carefully, there is a section of pipe there, which can actually has collision, and therefore can be stood on. If you jump off the side of the street and float, it is possible to land on it (the easiest way to line it up is to jump off the side with the pole sticking out of the street, and just hug the pole as you descend). From there, you can enter the loading zone by jumping towards the vertical section of the pipe, and a little to either side; since the loading zone is square, while the pipe is circular, it means that the zone stretches a little past the pipe at the corners, and hence you can enter the zone from the outside without getting auto-caught by the G-men.

Any% SS Route


Currently the minimum completion requirements to beat the game are rank 20, and to acquire the cobweb duster (which in turn means acquiring the dousing rod unless an alternative means of generating money is found). Hence, the primary focus of route-planning is to determine the optimal choice of figments/psi-markers/psi-cards/scavenger hunt items to reach rank 20 by the time you reach the asylum levels (Edgar, Fred, Gloria), and to have bought the dousing rod (i.e. collected a total of 50 arrowheads by the time you enter the Under the Lake section). Note that other methods of gaining ranks (such as the mini-game in Oleander's mind) are too slow for the purpose of a speedrun.

Overall the best means of collecting ranks is to collect figments that are mostly in your path when navigating the minds, followed by collecting psi-challenge markers. Currently, the plan is to get 7 psi-challenge markers and 12 ranks worth of figments in the route in order to reach 20/00 (1 + 7 + 12 = 20), which cuts out the need to deal with converting psi-cards or doing any of the scavenger hunt.

Kid's Cabins 1

  • Move towards the other cabin with a psi-card on top
    • +1 arrowhead along the way (needed to pay the girls after Oleander's mind)
  • Jump onto this cabin, jump towards the trapeze, and swing to the trampoline
  • grab the ladder above, then palm bomb off it to get to the top of the ladder
    • Psi-marker at the top
  • Double-jump off of the platform, bunny-hopping off the cabin below, and tumble up the tree trunk
  • Enter Oleander's mind
  • Totals
    • Rank: 2 / 00
    • Arrowheads: 1

Oleander's Mind Part 1

  • Perform the Oleander Bunnyhopping opening
  • Skip the first figment, pass the luggage, and collect the figments here and up the ladder
  • Collect the figments on the platform, up the pole, and down the ladder
  • Enter the underground tunnel, collecting all the figments along the upper path in it
  • Perform the ledge skip, collecting the red climber figment as you cross.
  • Collect 2 figments below the trampoline, then bounce up
  • Climb the wall, collecting the figments along the climb and at the top
  • Cross the mine-field, collecting all one of the figments in it, and the monster after it.
  • After the flagpole, collect the grenade figment, and jump out of the plane.
  • Totals
    • Rank: 2 / 92
    • Arrowheads: 1

Oleander's Mind Part 2

  • Complete the whack-a-moley thing
  • Collect the 3 figments in your path before entering the line of fire of the turrent
  • Collect the 2 red figments while tumbling towards the turrent (you'll get hit once)
  • Get on the turrent, break the cover, palm bomb into it, and bunny-hop up to the flagpole
  • Collect the 2 figments on the ground, and enter the tunnel
  • Collect all the figments in the tunnel, and perform the lower swinging section skip
  • Swing up the second section, and break the wall
  • Jump up the tightropes, and break the wall
  • Perform the rail bunny-hop (collect the two figments on the way)
  • Collect as many figments as possible on the rails (should be about 12)
  • Totals
    • Rank: 3 / 65
    • Arrowheads: 1

Oleander's Mind Part 3

  • Collect all the figments along the path
  • Perform the wood tunnel grinder skip
  • If you do it perfectly, you can grab 1 or 2 20 point figments at the end
  • Collect the remaining figments on the rail
  • Finish the course
  • Totals
    • Rank: 4 / 25
    • Arrowheads: 1

Kid's Cabins 2

  • Slide on the rail to gain speed, then jump down into the main campgrounds area
    • The two girls will take 1 arrowhead
  • Totals
    • Rank: 4 / 25
    • Arrowheads: 1

Main Lodge 1

  • Collect the arrowhead (2) on the way to the pole on the left
  • Jump from the platform here onto the roof of the main lodge, and collect the marker on the roof
  • Bunny-hop down to the lake
  • Totals
    • Rank: 5 / 25
    • Arrowheads: 2

Lake 1

  • Reach the beach to trigger the cutscene and activate the fast-travel to this area
    • grab the arrowhead below the boardwalk
  • Enter the GPC area from the Lake entrance
    • On your way, grab the two arrowheads near this exit
  • Totals
    • Rank: 5 / 25
    • Arrowheads: 5


  • Exit the cave
  • Collect the 3 arrowheads near the exit to the cave (3), (1), (3)
  • Walk up the path, collect the 2 arrowheads on this side of the lake (3), (7)
  • Cross the lake, collect the arrowhead near the girl, then enter the fenced area (1)
  • Collect the arrowhead under the right-side ramp (3), then go up the ramp and open it, and enter Sasha's lab
  • Totals
    • Rank: 5 / 25
    • Arrowheads: 26

Sasha's Lab 1

  • Jump directly down, talk to Sasha, and enter the Brain Tumbler
  • Totals
    • Rank: 5 / 25
    • Arrowheads: 26

Brain Tumbler 1

  • Collect 3 figments before the caravan
  • Collect the figments on the right side of the path, while hitting the 4 caches for arrowheads
    • You should collect at least 13 arrowheads total here
  • Totals
    • Rank: 6 / 80
    • Arrowheads: 39

Sasha's Lab 2

  • Enter the tunnel, and goto Ford's Sanctuary

Ford's Sanctuary 1

  • Talk to Ford about the learner's permit
    • 13 clicks, then cancel
    • then 2 clicks, then cancel
  • Enter the tunnel, and goto Sasha's lab

Sasha's Lab 3

  • Enter Sasha's mind

Sasha's Mind

  • Destroy the vases, the censor, and collect the mental health thing
  • Rise the level up to the max
  • Go 'left' from the starting camera orientation
  • Edge jump up to the first target, and hit it
  • Collect 2 figments as you move onto the bed
  • Collect 2 figments as you cross the bed
  • Jump onto the bouncy thing, and hit the target
  • Go 'left' from the starting camera
  • Edge jump up to the 3rd platform, collect the figment, move to the next platform, collect the figment, and hit the target
  • Move up 2 more platforms, collecting 2 figments, and hit the other target
  • Go 'left' from the starting camera
  • Edge jump up towards the center area, grab the figment, and hit the target
  • Jump towards the other target, collect a figment, and hit the target
  • Edge jump up and hit the last target
  • Boss:
    • Go 'left' from the starting camera orientation
    • Hit the 5 targets (go left-right-left-right-left)
    • Kill the mega-censor using punches
      • If you get 'caught' you can easily take off about 2/3 of his health by punching frantically in the correct direction. It's slightly faster too since you don't need to dodge him at this time
  • Totals
    • Rank: 7/73
    • Arrowheads: 39

Sasha's Lab 4

  • Enter the brain tumbler

Brain Tumbler 2

  • Go up the path, collecting the figments on the left side, hitting the 4 caches for arrowheads (collect at least 9)
  • Hit the monster, and collect the 4 figments in the lower section, and the two caches for arrowheads
  • Jump up to the upper section, collect the 7 figments here
  • Continue following the path, collecting the figments that are easy to get
    • This means most of them
  • Continue onwards, until you get to the tower, hit the two caches, and climb up to the top
  • Totals
    • Rank: 11 / 86
    • Arrowheads: 47

Sasha's Lab 5

  • Enter the tunnel, and go to the Lake

Lake 2

  • Collect the arrowhead on the way to the dock
  • Perform the improved water bunny-hop skip to get to Mila's, and enter her mind
    • Alt: if you're a coward like me, just grab the boat and go there normally
  • Totals
    • Rank: 11 / 86
    • Arrowheads: 48

Mila's Mind Part 1

  • Collect the figmnet and cross the gap
  • Collect the figment, cross the gap, passing through the 3 rings
  • Enter the bowl, and perform the super-high-jump to get up to the ladder
  • Hit the bouncer, roll up and get to the higher section
  • From here, either float-climb or fly up to the upper door here
  • Collect the figment in front of the door, and 2 in the tunnel
  • Float-climb or fly up to the grate on the sides
  • Climb the pole in the center for all the figments
  • From the pole, fly up to the door at the top, collecting the figment, and enter the loading zone
  • Totals
    • Rank: 12 / 82
    • Arrowheads: 48

Mila's Mind Part 2 (race)

  • Either perform the race normally, or perform bunny-hopping if you can do it
    • Either way, collect about 10 figments
  • Totals
    • Rank: 13 / 2
    • Arrowheads: 48

Mila's Mind Part 3

  • Fly up to the bubblers, and use them to get to the control at the top (collect at least 2 figments)
  • Hit the control at the top, and pass through the 3 rings (+ 2 figments)
  • Collect the three figments before the door at the top, then goto Mila
  • Totals 13 / 16
    • Arrowheads: 48

Lake 3

  • Fly back to shore where the marker is and grab it
  • Grab the arrowhead to the right, then roll under the boardwalk
  • Grab the arrowhead here
  • Take the tunnel to the main lodge
  • Totals
    • Rank: 14 / 16
    • Arrowheads: 50

Main Lodge 2

  • Enter the lodge and buy the dousing rod
  • Exit the lodge via the back, and roll into the GPC area
  • Totals
    • Rank: 14 / 16
    • Arrowheads: 0


  • Grab the challenge marker in the house
  • Then fly up to the second challenge marker
  • Enter Sasha's lab
  • Totals
    • Rank: 16 / 16
    • Arrowheads: 0

Sasha's Lab 6

  • Enter the brain tumbler once more

Brain Tumbler 3

  • Go up the tower to where dogan is
  • Enter the chute
  • Boss: Blueprints tank
    • The key to this fight is that the trigger for getting him to expose his weak point is him firing his laser at you twice (or once in the first cycle)
    • Hence, you should move such that he will target you as soon as poosible, then take cover from that shot
    • After four cycles, he will change forms
    • hit him 5 times in his first spot, then once in his three others
  • Totals
    • Rank: 16 / 16
    • Arrowheads: 0

Sasha's Lab 7

  • Enter the tunnel, and goto the Lake

Lake 4

  • Jump towards the dive tank
  • Totals
    • Rank: 16 / 16
    • Arrowheads: 0

Under the lake

  • Fly up to the bell, and pull it
  • Boss: Linda 1
    • Hit 3 nail boxes while she is sucking in
  • Autoscrolling:
    • Take out the dousing rod, as this is where all the remaining arrowheads are collected
    • There is a large cache in the sand just before the plate-glass windows in the second-ish section (its behind the short tower on the right side)
    • After the first shift in vision, there is a large cache at the top of the first flight of stairs
  • Boss: Linda 2
    • Same strat as before
  • Autoscrolling
    • There is one more nice cache in the section with the plate-glass windows. To get it, just keep the dousing rod out, and don't hit the glass (just wait for linda to break them). Between the 3rd and 4th ones, there is a ~600 arrow cache, which should fullfil your arrowhead needs for the rest of the game
    • There are other caches here, however these are all that are needed for an any% run
  • Boss: Linda 3
    • Stand in front of the clams, such that when she attacks, she gets caught
    • 3 rounds will kill her
  • Take out the portal, and enter her mind


  • Head towards the first prison, get the shield ability
  • Head towards the second prison, breaking the guard on the way w/ the shield, and free the pilot with psyblasts
  • Head towards the blimp, shielding from the turret, and bounce off the blimp
  • Continue onwards, collecting the figments in a rougly straight path to the suspension bridge
  • Cross the bridge, and continue across the island, and the boat, to the scyscraper island
  • Kill the 8 planes using psyblasts and shield
  • Cross over the boats to the boss
  • Boss: Kochamera (Strategy by Butt3rs)
    • Also a very easy fight, shield and psi-blast him after his first triangle attack
    • Shield his second triangle attack
    • When he goes to the ground, lure him into a corner, and then guard his area attack, facing into the corner
    • hit him once after the attack, then wait for him to start kicking
    • as soon as he starts kicking, hit during his kick animation into the corner, and then do not stop.
      • If you do it right, it'll prevent him from becoming invincible again.
      • You'll either finish him off completely, or lower his health low enough to be back on the ground for the final phase immediately.
  • Totals
    • Rank: 17 / 56
    • Arrowheads: 1205

Assylum Grounds 1

  • Go up the cliff, collecting the marker at the top
  • Enter Boyd's mind (ignore the warnings)
  • Totals
    • Rank: 18 / 56
    • Arrowheads: 1205

Boyd's Mind Part 1

  • Figments check: At the start of this mind, you should have at least rank 18.
    • You can get a total of 101 figments without losing too much time in Boyd's mind.
    • You can probably stretch it to 136 if you're aggressive enough, but that's only for consistency in RTA, at all other times you need to re-set
  • Get the clairvoyance skill, and use it on Boyd, and exit the house
  • Get the stop-sign, and cross the road crew
  • Continue along the road to the sewers, and perform the plunger skip
  • Totals
    • Rank: 18 / 56
    • Arrowheads: 1205

Boyd's Mind Part 2

  • Break some of the pylons to get some psyblast ammo
  • Fly up to the telephone wires, and ride the right side one to the house (has a total of 44 figment points)
  • Knock on the door, then stand at the corner of the steps
  • When the girl comes out, target her, and once she's fully outside, psyblast her and enter the house
  • Boss: Den Mother
    • Just hit her with psysical attacks, 6 should do it
  • Totals
    • Rank: 19 / 00
    • Arrowheads: 1205

Assylum Grounds 2

  • Go into the lower floors
  • Totals
    • Rank: 19 / 00
    • Arrowheads: 1205

Assylum Lower Floors 1

  • Enter Edgar's room, and collect the challenge marker
  • Enter Edgar's mind
  • Totals
    • Rank: 20 /00
    • Arrowheads: 1205

Edgar's Mind 1

  • Use the Bacon to return to Ford's sanctuary

Ford's Sanctuary 2

  • Get PK and TK
    • During the PK sequence, there's one cutscene that can't be skipped by pressing jump, cancel, or action. It can however, be skipped by mashing punch as you lead into it for some reason
  • Enter the tunnel and goto the main lodge

Main Lodge 3

  • Enter the lodge and buy a cobweb duster
  • Enter the tunnel and go back to Ford's sanctuary

Ford's Sanctuary 3

  • Goto ford, and return to Edgar's mind

Edgar's Mind 2

  • Get the free painting, and hang it on the wall
  • Fly through the alleyway, until you get to the queen of clubs, and enter the mural
  • Mid-Boss: Tiger Luchedora (Strategy by Butt3rs)
    • easy fight: alternate hit -> TK -> hit -> TK -> ... to combo him infinitely
  • In Edgar's sanctuary, perform the appropriate skip to get to the El Odio boss
  • Boss: El Odio
    • Begin by moving all the banderillas as close to the center as possible while you wait for Edgar to charge at you.
    • Once he charges, begin throwing all the banderillas at him as fast as possible
    • After the scene, quickly target Edgar (not Dingo) and run up to him, and remove his javelins
      • The fastest way to remove them is to throw them out of bounds, so that they re-spawn.
    • Then, grenade Dingo, and hit him with a banderilla
    • When he disappears, take the time to move the other banderillas towards the center to make sure you can always hit him
    • Repeat until dead.

Assylum Lower Floors 2

  • Grab the portrait, then go over to Fred, and enter his mind

Fred's Mind

  • Enter the map, drop to the worker's shop
  • Fly on top of the carpenter's shop, and kill the vault
  • Drop to the carpenter's door, and recuit him
  • Move to the 1st peasant's house, and talk to him
  • Go up a level, and exit the map
  • Talk to Fred, get the letter, and TK the coin out of the fire
  • Enter the map, go down to the peasant's house, and talk to it, and go up a level
  • Get the carpenter to repair the bridge, and the peasant to fight the soldier
  • Go down to the 2nd peasant's house, and recruit it
  • Fly to the orchard, and collect all snails
    • Use TK to draw them in easily
  • Go up a level, remove the salt shaker, get the carpenter to repair the bridge, the peasant to fight the soldier, and move the escargot to the hearty knight's house
  • From the hearty knight's house, fly to the house with the musket, enter and get it, and arm the last peasant
    • Start burning the front door before burning the haystack; it takes slightly longer to burn.
  • Go up a level, and fight the last soldier
  • Go down a level, remove the blockage from the drawbridge (protip: fly up to it)
  • Go up a level, and put the knight in the castle

Assylum Lower Floors 3

  • Go back outside, and enter Gloria's mind

Assylum Grounds 2

  • Enter Gloria's mind

Gloria's Mind (Stage 1)

  • Take out the cobweb duster, equip psi-blast, and head towards gloria's door
  • Perform the talk-through-walls to skip past Gloria's door
  • Talk to Gloria (her last dialog is 8 long), then get the candle,
  • Equip PK, place the candle and activate it
  • Talk to Jasper, to get the 'Knight of Joy' Script
  • Enter the right portal to change the scene, then on the 2nd scene, fly up to the cliff, and move it over again
  • Grab the 'Goodbye Hagatha House' script, return to the first scene, and change the mood to sad
  • Give the two scripts to Becky (talk to her twice), the fly up to the top and enter the balloon

Gloria's Mind (Rafters)

  • Fly to the top
    • From your starting position, fly to the right, and hug the right wall as it bends around
    • You should see that where the right wall and the other curtains meet in the corner, is where the Phantom (and your goal is)
    • If you fly up into that corner, and are high enough, you'll pass over the invisible barrier, and be able to land behind the Phantom, and exit.
    • It should take less than 20 seconds

Gloria's Mind (Stage 2)

  • Boss: Jasper
    • all the bosses in this game are easy

Assylum Grounds 3

  • Grab the trophy, and re-enter the lower floors

Assylum Lower Floors 3

  • Talk to Crispen, then put on the disguise, and talk to Crispin again

Assylum Upper Floors

  • Move along the first floor, and then fly up through the hole in the ceiling.
  • Cross the gap on the second floor, go through the hole, and up the ramp
  • Cross the second gap, jump up to the next level.
  • Go up half the first flight of stairs, then levitate jump up the rest of the way.
  • Go outside, and fly up to the next level.
  • Go inside, climb up the spiral, avoid the rats, jump up to the next floor and move to the next section.
  • In here, jump up to the first platform, jump back across the gap to the second platform.
  • Jump onto the rut in the wall, and then jump up on top of the upper room.
  • Fly up the pole, onto the rut in the wall, and then onto the platform just ahead.
  • Jump up again, go outside, and climb up to the mattress.
  • Fly up to the next floor, TK the chair away, and fly up to the floor after.
  • From here, fly out the open window, directly to the elevator.
    • Be careful, there are a lot of insta-death zones out here.

Assylum Roof

  • Go up the steps, TK the crow to get past him
  • Enter Loboto's field to warp to the upper room
  • Collect the Birthday Cake, and roll back down to Loboto
  • Equip the cake to lure Pokelope, and TK him out when he is over the hole, and collect him
  • Enter Loboto's field again to warp back up
  • Roll back down to Loboto, then TK the brain into the tank
  • Save Lili (hit her once with a regular attack)

Boss: Brain Tank

  • For the purpose of explanation, the 'ground' blocks are the blocks on the ground that you can freely throw, the 'guard' blocks are the blocks that are encircling the tank in a clockwise fasion, and the wood barrier refers to the burnable barrier that encircles the tank in a counter-clockwise fashion.
  • Throw one of the ground blocks into a guard block to open a path to the center wood barrier
  • Burn down one of the wood barriers on his insides
  • Then, find a pair of two adjacent blocks that are just 'ahead' of the gap in the wood barrier that you just created
    • That is, in a moment, the inner barrier will have rotated such that gap will line up with those two grounds blocks
  • Throw the grounds block that is 'closer' to the gap into a guard block farther 'ahead' of the gap
    • Now, the broken guard block and the gap in the barrier wall should rotate such that they both line up just in front of the second block, which you can then easily throw against the tank itself.
  • Repeat this 3 times to win.

Meat Circus

  • Enter the caravan, equip the cobweb duster, pass those, and enter the main lobby
  • From here, fly up and to the right, and ride the rail through the middle section
  • Then jump off to the right, to land on the lower rail to reach the end of the course

Boss: Butcher Dad

  • Equip the shield, and then cycle through his attacks until he does his overhead chop such that he is vulnerable
    • The pattern is usually sideways chop, multiple overhead chops, stomp, sideways chop, then single overhead swing. After the first hit, he may add another 'multiple overhead chops' before the final swing.
    • When he performs his 'stomp' attack, back-flip 5 times to get out of range, he should resume his other attacks at this point

Meat Circus Stage Water Stage

  • Perform the meat circus stage 4 skip
    • Or fly to the top if it is too inconsistent

Boss: Butcher Dad and Fake Dad

  • Use shield to stall for time
  • Get close, and wait for him to do his stomp attack.
  • Back-step the stomp then TK a spikey bowling pin into the Butcher Dad's knees, hit him while he's down.
  • If you hit his _right_ knee (on your left) there is a chance that the pin won't get destroyed, and you can re-use it for another hit.

Final Boss

  • While in super mode, try to force the boss into a corner, and time your hits such that they all connect without him blocking too much
  • You should be able to 2 cycle the boss

More to Come later


  • List any other known tricks glitches
    • Specifically, create videos for the tricks, since they tend to illustrate the ideas better
  • Write up some timings for the Any% SS route
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