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This is a speedrun wiki page for the game Portal created by Valve Software.




Discovered by: Many people

Description: You can keep moving portals without actually changing the location of the portal you keep 'peeking' from.

How to execute: Place a portal (I'll call the blue portal) on a wall in an area that you can just walk through that portal. Come out to the other side and shoot that side's portal (the orange portal) to a distant location. Move quickly back to the other side (blue side) while the portal (orange) is traveling to hit the surface. Now, the blue side shows the new location. Most people prefer this method over the 'Portal Standing' method, because it is easier to execute.

Portal Standing

Discovered by: Many people

Description: You can stand in between portals and use them as a ledge to stand on, while still moving by shooting more portals.

How to execute: Basically, when you are in between 2 portals, and shoot the portal color of the opposite side you are on (say you are standing on the blue side, and then shoot an orange portal), you have to move toward the other side (orange side) right after it hits the wall, to be able to stay in between portals, and, to be able to shoot the next portal, be completely on that side (orange side to shoot the blue). Continue doing this, and you can stay in the portals. It works best if you are crouching, because when you shoot the next portal, the game tries to push you out of the portal you are standing in; although, it can be done standing up.

Other notes: This is a variation of the 'Peek-a-Portal' method.


Accelerated Back Hop (ABH)

Discovered by: Hlook

Description: This allows you to move at a ridiculous speed. You gain a large amount of speed per jump.

How to execute: Jump forward, and while in mid air, spin around, hold crouch and press jump repeatedly (I use a program called AutoHotkey to press jump repeatedly). If you don't want to use the program, bind mwheeldown and mwheelup to +jump, and just keep scrolling. Make sure never to let go of crouch, and don't press forward or backward, or it won't work. You can also do this just completely backwards, without the first forward jump and spin. The amount of speed you gain is based on the initial jump and on how fast you can repeatedly jump.

Accelerated Forward Hop (AFH)

Discovered by: Stimich

Description: A variation of an ABH that allows you to look forward while gaining speed.

How to execute: When you have some initial forward momentum, look forward, hold back (default S) and continually jump. The best way to execute this is to do a couple of ABH's, then turn around in midair and begin to AFH. This comes at the cost of a slight speed decrease, as you're basically trying to move backwards in the air.

Portal Bumping

Discovered by: nubSawace

Description: The second portal can be placed on a surface that is on the same plane as another surface, despite objects, walls, or anything else between them, but only up to 32 units away from the first portal.

How to execute: Place a portal (we'll use the blue portal for this one) on the side of a wall, floor or ceiling that has a portal-able surface on the same plane as this surface. There may be a thin wall, object, or any other obstacle between these surfaces (we'll use a wall for this example). Aim on the blue portal towards the edge that is facing the wall. You'll see the orange side of your crosshair light up (which means you are able to shoot an orange portal). Shoot the orange portal, and it'll come out on the other side of the wall. It's pretty simple to do. It just requires a place that you are able to do it at.

Edge Glitch

Discovered by: volt

Description: Using the edges of a portal, you can either end up on the other side of a location or see into the other location's area.

How to execute: Place a portal (blue) near an edge of the area you want to 'see' or end up in. I put quotes around 'see', because you don't actually see into the other room, but the game thinks you are, because you are able to shoot portals into that area. Place the other portal (orange) near an edge, either vertically or horizontally. Many places do not work, but I've found the horizontal ones work best on thinner walls. Move as close as you can to the edge of the orange portal. Depending on the situation, you'll either be able to move your crosshair around, and be able to aim at places you couldn't previously, because the game thinks you are aiming into the other area. Otherwise, you will come out into that area (usually if the edge that the blue portal is against is thin, like a door or glass).

Acute Angle Glitch

Discovered by: djcj

Description: It places you at the wrong coordinates for where the exit portal should be.

How to execute: You place a portal on the slanted walls in the turret room of Escape 01. Then you place a portal somewhere on the floor somewhere else on the map (it has to be on the floor for some reason). If you walk into the one on the slated wall, you will be teleported to another location in the map based on a distance it sends you from the location of the slant portal.

Other notes: The only things I can figure out so far are these facts: (Note: cl_showpos will show your position in the level) -The X distance the ground portal is away from the slant portal determines both the X distance (by some unknown calculation) AND the Z distance (also by some unknown calculation). -The X direction the top of the ground portal is facing determines which Y direction you will travel. If it is facing the positive X direction, you will travel to the correct Y position you normally would by using portals. If it is facing the -X direction, you will travel the Y in the opposite direction from the slant portal.

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