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The Blastoise would ideally be a female with a mild nature (gains special attack at the sacrifice of defense), however I settled for a rash nature (gains special attack at the sacrifice of special defense). This is potentially only problematic fighting Surge's Raichu, the rival's starter, and the occasional trainer's bellsprout early in the run. Surge was offset in the SS run by postponing him until after entering Celedon City, at a total expense of around 30 seconds lost. The final moveset was Brick Break, Blizzard, Surf, and Bite.

Torrent Sweep: Squirtle's pokemon ability is "Torrent," which boosts water moves by 1.5 when HP is at or below 1/3. By purposely keeping Squirtle's HP as low as possible, utilizing torrent to KO enemies in less turns than usual. A good example of this are the pokes on the way to Mt Moon, where I OHKOed the bugs instead of taking 2 hits each.

Pallet, Viridian, Pallet, Viridian. Get free potion from random clerk here first time, catch Pidgey and Ratatta for Fly and Cut the 2nd time.

Forest-Fight bug catcher at the end only. SS run, collect 2 antidote and potion

Pewter (Segmented Run: Torrent Sweep Brock) Shopping stop: repels, potions, recovery items)

(On the way to and thru Mt Moon, Torrent Sweep) Mt. Moon Fight Bug catcher near Rare Candy 1, collect candy. (SS get revive) Do NOT skip first rocket.

Learn Mega Punch AND Mega Kick upon exit. Heal.

Cerulean: Get Rare Candy 2 behind house. Fight Misty. Learn Bite after defeating Staryu

Heal before rival, purposely put yourself in Torrent Sweep Mode while fighting Rival, and Sweep to Bill's house

Vermillion and SS Anne. Get Rare Candy 3 outside of town. Get bike voucher. First healing spot in the room on the boat. (SS get berries in trash cans.) Fight Rival only. Death abuse back to Cerulean and claim bicycle. Cycle to rock tunnel, getting the hidden Rare Candy 4 along the way

Rock Tunnel: Get thru it. (SS get revive if other one used up)

Celedon: Brick Break and X-item shopping (lots of X-attack, special, and accuracy, few guard spec.) Segmented may want to count these out, I have not done so. Collect PP up for Blizzard later. Get Rare Candy 5 inside of and finish Rocket Hideout for the Silph Scope, get fly, get tea, and dash thru Saffron back to Vermillion.

Vermillion: Fight Surge. Fly to Lavender

Lavender: Buy Revives (SS only) Get Rare Candy 6 in tower. Get Flute. Fly to Celedon.

Celedon: Wake up and brick break Snorlax. Cycling road down to fuschia. Get Rare Candy 7 and max elixer along the way.

Fuschia: Safari Zone, get surf and teeth. Torrent sweep the gym, add and X-special when fighting Koga himself. Fly to Pallet.

Pallet Town: Heal at home, surf to Cinnibar.

Cinnibar: Get Blizzard, Rare Candy 8 and Secret Key in mansion. (SS only) Get vitamins to offset potentially poor IVs. Torrent Sweep Blaine. Fly to Saffron.

Saffron: Beat Silph Co. Get Lapras and Rare Candy 9, and (SS only) collect 2 sets of vitamins, both out in the open and hidden to offset potentially poor IVs. Beat Sabrina. Fly to Fuschia and give teeth to warden. Get Rare Candy 10. Fly to Viridian

Viridian: Giovanni's gym. Use the 10 rare candies before fighting Rival. Go thru Victory Road, avoiding all trainers. Collect Rare Candy 11

Indigo Plateau: Spend all money on Full Restores. (SS also buy revives, if needed). Fight E4. 3 X-attack Loreli. Guard Spec, X-special, Torrent Sweep Brock. X-special Torrent sweep Agatha. X-accuracy Blizzard lance's dragons, and if done properly, you can torrent sweep his aerodactyl. Use your 11th Rare Candy after Lance. (This should put you at level 64-65) Guard spec, X-special, X-speed, X-accuracy on Rival, then use your moveset as needed. All of them should be OHKO

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