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Current Fastest Time

14:21 by wesen


It is recommended to watch either the single segment speedrun or the individual levels alongside reading this guide. Read the game mechanics guide for the ideal obstacle skip method for each skip used in the run.

In order to make this guide better readable the following terms will be used to describe various actions:

  • Low jump = Tap "JUMP" for a short moment to only reach the minimal jump height.
  • High jump = Hold "JUMP" until you reach the maximum jump height
  • Helicopter jump = Use the helicopter during your jump.
  • High helicopter jump = Do a high jump and use the helicopter at the highest point to reach even more height.
  • Tripping = Falling of a ledge instead of going over it without leaving the bottom.

Some general actions will not be mentioned in the guide to keep it short. This includes:

Skate Levels

  • Hold down the entire time
  • Jump up hills when not stated otherwise
  • Jump over gaps, obstacles and enemies with the minimum jump length needed to jump over it when not stated otherwise.

Pursuit Levels

  • Avoid touching enemies and obstacles by jumping over them.
  • When you have to jump over an enemy and after that have to jump onto another platform, do both in one (helicopter) jump if possible.
  • When you have to jump to an platform and after that over an enemy do both in one (helicopter) jump if possible.
  • Skip platforms when you can reach the next platform without them.
  • Use Damage Boosts to get to platforms earlier if possible.

When there are multiple ways to get somewhere the more risky version is always faster. Sometimes there are several seconds of difference in the easy and hard version. Easy and hard will be used analogue to safe and risky.

New Game

Before you start your run go to either Level 9 or Level 12 and let the cutscene play once. This way you save 11 seconds by not having to watch a boss cutscene for these levels.

Then choose "NEW GAME" and spam "JUMP" to skip the intro video.

Now you have two options how to go to Level 1:

  1. Jump over the first information sign and land in front of the second one. Skip the messages by spamming "JUMP". (easy)
  2. Jump over the first information sign and activate the helicopter in air. Use this helicopter jump to jump over the second sign too. This requires good timing and you will later have to jump over the same sign 3 more times. It's possible but very hard to skip it 4 times. Option 1 is highly recommended.

Enter Level 1 after that.

Level 1: The Luxitania

Go left, jump over the information sign and go up the boxes and stairs to reach the lamps.

When you are near the left edge of the last lamp, press and hold "JUMP" to land on the second box on the left side. Jump to the middle of the third box, then do a high helicopter jump to the platform on the right.

Continue going right, when you get to the surface immediately helicopter jump onto the platform above the box. Then helicopter jump up to the bananas, turn around and take them. Go right until you reach the monkey, jump when you are under the awning and trigger the monkey and help sign at the same time. Then get the bomb behind the monkey.

Go back left to the box and bomb it away. Go right after that and glitch through the guy who wants chicken.

Jump (risky) or helicopter jump (safe) over the help sign in front of the doors, then use the middle door. Go right and use the next door too. Continue running right and take the bomb, go back left and bomb away the box. Run against the box, turn around and run away from it to get a small speed boost and jump at the ceiling to get away from the bomb faster.

Now go to the key area, use the doors and take the key. Finally go back up to the "EXIT" door.

After exiting the level turn left and go into the basement. Select Level 3 there.

Level 3: The Construction Site, Part 1

Go to the right until you reach the box on the ground. Damage boost up to the platform above you by jumping at the enemy. Then while still being invulnerable for a short time jump at the demolition ball to damage boost up to the next platform.

Go right to the bomb and pick it up. Go back up left and go up the scaffold with normal jumps. At the top of it go right and fall down to the obstacle. Bomb it away and continue walking right.

Go up the next platforms in this order:

  1. Stone platform on the left side
  2. Lower wooden platform on the right
  3. Higher wooden platform on the right
  4. Stone platform on the right

Now jump up right and use the helicopter, when landing on the wooden platform, jump immediately from the platform over the demolition ball. You might trip when landing, to avoid this stop walking for a short moment on the platform.

Glitch through the dog and go right until you enter another house. Press "PICK UP" shortly after entering to steal the toilet paper while running through the house.

Exit the house on the other side and jump onto the last wooden platform. Jump up onto the higher platform. Then jump left but before touching the ground start holding right. This way you won't slide on the ground and can jump faster to the right side. Continue running to the right.

When you reached the wall on the right side you can either jump onto it and from there jump on to the platform left from it (easy) or helicopter jump from around the ledge on the bottom directly to the right side of the second platform (hard).

Go up the next two steps on the wall. Jump onto the higher wooden platform and go up the other platforms until you reach the toilet cabin and deliver the toilet paper.

Hold right and when the sequence finished press "PICK UP" immediately. To make sure that you get the key you can stop holding right for a short moment. The stalker will instantly follow you instead of giving you a one or two second headstart.

Then just go up the rest of the scaffold and go to the exit door.

After exiting the level go right to the next level. Don't enter the level too early, otherwise you might end up selecting Level 3 again. Walk to around the beginning of the bright stones in the middle of the door before pressing "PICK UP".

There is a small spot between Level 3 and Level 4 where the Level 3 thought bubble will appear when you are on the ground and the Level 4 thought bubble appears when you are in air. You can enter Level 4 slightly earlier this way and will also save some frames because you are standing closer to the exit of the basement when using this trick, however there is a huge chance to reselect Level 3 and loose a lot of time.

Level 4: Egypt

Glitch through the dynamite box and get the bomb. Then go right to the stairs next to the "EXIT" door. Go up and jump to the first platform on a pillar, then onto the higher platform right to you. From there jump to the enemy. If done fast enough you will land on the head of the enemy.

Continue going right and jump the way which is marked by coins without landing on the small platform under the coins. Place the bomb and go left, if your jump was done right you will run much faster than usual for a moment. Enter the building and fall down into the first hole. Use the door and go right, fall down in the next hole too. Don't hold right too long and don't press it again too early to avoid landing on the small platforms on the right.

Continue right and jump up the platforms to the bomb. Get the bomb and turn back left. When going down the reflecting platform you have two options:

  1. Press "JUMP" mid-air slightly above the spikes to start the helicopter. Then go right to skip the long platform above the spikes. (easy)
  2. Land on the right edge of the long platform on the right. Make one step forward and immediately hold right again. (hard)

Glitch through the door and go to the entrance of the pyramid. Enter it and go up the stairs.

Damage boost up to the normal enemy, when you land on his head it is possible that you can reach the platform above him by using the helicopter. This is not very consistent though.

Blow away the wall and go up to the key. Steal it and go back down. Now land on the ground in front of the coffin and jump up into the air. Press "HIDE" to use the hidden door and go back the way you came from.

Glitch through the door again, jump onto the platform with the spikes and jump onto the platform left above the spikes. Continue going left until you hear the mummy. Go up the above platforms and jump over the hole. Then jump onto the platform next to the stairs and just fall down. This way you avoid the enemies that are walking around below you. Then just hold left until you reach the "EXIT" door.

Leave the basement and play the level next to level 1.

Level 2: The Railway Line

Right at the beginning press "JUMP" and shortly afterwards start holding down. When done right you will not trip on the whole green hill above the tunnel.

When you reach the rail part with the first tunnel, jump onto the part after the first ledge.

After going into the small tunnel jump onto the electric cables to avoid jumping twice. You have to jump while still being in the tunnel in order to reach them.

After jumping over the first enemy try to land just below the first coin. When you had the right landing position you will not trip at the next ledge.

Skate through the next tunnel instead of going up the electric cables this time.

After exiting the tunnel do a high jump from near the end of the rail part that is going upwards to the next platform. Try to land as close to the left edge of the next rail as possible. If done right you will skate down without falling down at the end of the rail part.

After evading the train you will go upwards a hill again. At the beginning don't jump upwards but jump over the upcomming stop sign as soon as possible.

Now at the final part of this level you have two options:

  1. Fall down at the end of the bent rail part. Then jump over the stop sign and after that onto the final rails. (Risky)
  2. Jump from the end of the bent rail part onto the upper rails. Then jump from the end of these rails to the final rails. (Safe)

The first option is only a few milliseconds faster and should only be used in ILs, as you can trip on that rail part and fall down into the pit.

When you are on the road jump in order to reach the key slightly faster.

Level 5: The Greenhouse

The plants pattern is on a global timer.
Before you can destroy the first root the plant will do three moves. These moves can be divided into two groups:

Good patterns

The best possible moves are "Turn right" followed by "Turn around" and "Search".

You have a perfect or near perfect pattern when it starts searching after the opening sequence finished. Destroy the roots in this order in that case:

  1. 2nd root
  2. 1st root
  3. 3rd root

It can also happen that the plant starts searching before the opening sequence finishes. It will most likely turn right before you reach the second root which is why you should destroy the roots in this order:

  1. 1st root
  2. 2nd root
  3. 3rd root

If you are unlucky the plant will move before you can destroy the second root and see you when heading for the third one.

Bad patterns

When the plant does anything else than listed above it will see you as soon as you leave the first hideout.
In any case destroy the first root first.

After that there are several ways to react:

Risky Backup strategy:

There is a very risky strategy which allows you to only loose 2 seconds with a bad pattern if you succeed:

  1. Destroy the 1st root
  2. Get another bomb
  3. Run to the second root, when passing the tree behind the first root you need to trigger the "blind plant" glitch
  4. Destroy the 2nd root
  5. Get another bomb and destroy the 3rd root

Safe Backup strategy:

  1. Destroy the 1st root
  2. Pause the game until the bomb respawns to buffer the plant scream (it needs to see you before you destroy the root)
  3. Take the bomb and destroy the 2nd root
  4. Get another bomb and destroy the 3rd root

Safest but slowest backup strategy:

Run and wait behind a bush when the plant spots you.
Wait a moment, when it doesn't do anything it probably will search the area or turn right, so leave your hideout to trigger the next action.
After that quickly hide again, repeat this until it turns around.

After finishing the level you can jump from the side of the tree onto the greenhouse by using the "jumping while running uphill" technique when running up the side of the tree (difficult). This requires quite precise timing and it is easier to just jump onto the tree and then onto the greenhouse.

Level 6: The Stone Age

Glitch through the stone block next to the spawn. After that go left until you reach many platforms with snow and ice on it.

Jump up to the fourth platform, then there are two possible ways:

  1. Jump to the right onto the platform under the bridge. From there do a high helicopter jump to jump up the wall.(Hard)
  2. Jump onto the small platform next to you. Then jump onto the bridge. (Easy)

Continue going right and jump through the wooden plank. You will reach a closed gate where you are supposed to bring a bone to. Glitch through it and take the key.

Then go again to the ice platforms and use the same route like before. Instead of jumping through the wooden plank jump to the "EXIT" door this time.

Level 7: The Ice Rink

Jump over the first enemy as soon as possible and over the second as late as possible.

When you jump over the first gap try to land as far away from the left ledge of the small platform as possible. Then do a high jump as late as possible to avoid tripping at the stairs.

When jumping over the sign try to land as close to the hole as possible in order to avoid tripping at the next stairs. Then jump again as late as possible over the enemy.

When you jump over the enemy near the beginning of the frozen electric cables jump as late as possible and jump from the planket as soon as possible to the cables.

There is a high probability to trip at the last cables before the roofs. Jump before reaching the even part of the previous cables and land on the even part of the last cables to avoid tripping there.

In the final part fall down after reaching the chain of lights which goes downwards and upwards again. Then jump again to get on the even part quicker.

After jumping over the final enemy jump again to reach the key faster.

Back in the Level Select jump at the platform above you to abruptly stop your jump and land on the small cupboard. Then helicopter jump to Level 8 and enter it.

Level 8: Dracula's Castle

Go to the right until you reach the candle. Pick it up and use the door next to it.

Run to the right and after falling down of the wooden platform go left.

Now you can do a damage boost by jumping at the ghost that is going back and forth. When he is close to and heading towards the edge jump up and try to get hit by him by holding left. If you succeed you will be elevated above the ghost and onto the platform he is on. You should hold jump until you start falling down and then use the helicopter to be at the right height as long as possible. You can fail the trick twice at most, after that you need to get a new candle.

Land on the ground behind the ghost and jump over him onto the shelf. Go up the stairs and jump onto the coals.

Light the barrel and while its fuse is burning down jump onto the platform above the barrel and touch the wall on the right side. This will manipulate the enemy cycles (bats, ghosts and armors). The enemies in this part of the level seem to only move when you are in specific boundaries, and one of the borders seems to be on that small platform.

After that go up the stairs and jump near the end of the second stairs. You should bounce off the bat that is going up and down. Take the pillow and run back. Jump from the wooden platform over both bats and go down the stairs. Jump into the coals and after bouncing off once use the helicopter to jump over the remaining distance between you and the ledge. Go back the same way you came from when holding the candle and use the door.

Now jump onto the middle platform to the right. You can just walk over the gap between the middle and right platform and then fall of the ledge and use the helicopter in air to get to the next door. It's much easier to just jump from the middle platform to the door. Use the door and go to the right. Mute the alarm with the pillow and get the key.

Go back left and use the lower door. Then go to the left and jump from about the small hill under the first stairs to the next door and use it. Fall down the right side and continue walking left.

When you reach the wooden platform jump onto it and go to about the third gap between the wooden planks. Do a high helicopter jump to the left to get onto the chandelier. Then just go left until you reach the gate which is the exit of the level. Do a normal jump on your way there in order to be able to use the helicopter when falling of a ledge.

After exiting the level run left and hold "JUMP" in air. This way you will jump over the gap and over the help sign in front of the next level. Then enter Level 9.

Level 9: The Dinosaur

Take the bone and bring it to the platform in front of the dinosaurs face. Discard it, pause the game and exit the level. The dinosaur should eat you and after that you should be redirected to the level select and get a key. This glitch only works when the level was not finished before.

Jump over the help sign and go to the basement. Glitch into the furnace and jump down the roof on the left side. There is an invisible platform at the same place where the opened window would normally be. There are also small barriers on the ground in front of Level 10, so you have to jump to reach the level door. Then enter Level 10.

Level 10: The Construction Site, Part 2

When going up the orange pipe land on the ledge of the small house with your last jump. Then just skate upwards without jumping.

Do a high jump over the enemy as soon as possible to avoid tripping on the stairs. Go down the stairs, jump over the other enemy as late as possible and jump another time to the right edge of the ladder. Then jump over the gap to the stairs.

Use the bottom way in the next area and jump onto the next ladder. Jump twice on this ladder while your second jump has to land right on the ledge. This way you avoid tripping at the next ledge.

Now you can either skate down the next ledge (risky) or just jump before reaching it (safe).

Jump to the wooden platform and jump again to get up faster.

Skate to the very end of the small wodden platform and jump from it over the next enemy.

Don't jump up the ladder after skating under two demolition balls.

When you reach the part with multiple platforms above, jump as soon as possible up these platforms.

On the highest path skate to about the middle of the first diagonal part of the ladder and then start jumping. Your last jump should be onto the ledge of the even part.

After jumping over the houses jump onto the small platforms. Jump to the fifth platform which is the same height like the end of the end of the ladder. Just drop here and continue skating.

In the final part after jumping from the house to the next ladders, use the lower way.
Jump over the gap early and land on the diagonal part of the next ladder to avoid tripping in the next downhill part.
You can also skate near the end of the platform before jumping over this gap, but there's a high chance that you will trip afterwards.

Finally don't jump to the key, just skate there instead.

Back in the level select go right and start Level 11.

Level 11: The Gangster's Lair

Go left and jump over the enemy onto the garbage bin. Then do a high helicopter jump to reach the above platform.

Go up right and do a high helicopter jump from the start of the stairs to the thin platform.Then go up to the platform with the "EXIT" door and do another high helicopter jump from the left edge to the window. Press "HIDE" to use the window and "HIDE" again to go out of the room.

Now there are two possible routes:

  1. Jump over the pipe, then jump onto the garbage bin. (easy)
  2. Jump as late as possible over the pipe and use the helicopter to land on the garbage bin. (hard)

From the garbage bin do a high helicopter jump to reach the door and use it twice. Jump onto the awning and bounce onto the electric cables.

Go right until you reach the electric cables which go downwards. Here you can either run down (inconsistent, you will often trip) or jump onto the cables. Then run from the cables into the pipe.

Hold right to land on the boxes, then you have again several choices:

  1. Go down the stairs and glitch through the door. Then go up the ladder and jump from the left edge of the first stairs to the window above and use it. (easy)
  2. Jump over the enemy onto the stairs which are going up. Then run to about the last window and turn around. Run towards the edge of the stairs and just before going down do a high helicopter jump to the window above. Use it twice to get onto the platform. (hard)
  3. Jump over the enemy onto the stairs which are going up. Do a high helicopter jump from the end of the stairs to the hidden window above and use it. (very hard)

On that platform you have again two possible ways.

  1. Go to the last window before the pipe which is going down. Do a high helicopter jump above its top left edge, then turn left in air and press "HIDE". You can get the window next to the key or the window under the key with this hidden window. However you can also end up way above in a third window if done wrong.
  2. Go to the window right from the pipe and do a high jump to the top left edge. Then press "HIDE" to use the hidden window. This will consistently give you the window below the key.

Now get the key, go out of the window and use the pipe by running towards it and pressing "JUMP". When exiting the pipe press "JUMP" to fly onto the boxes.

Go all the way left until you reach the garbage bin which you used at the beginning. Jump onto it again and do another high helicopter jump to the platform above.

Go the same route to the "EXIT" door like before and run in front of it.

When you are back in the level select hold right and jump towards the last level. Press "PICK UP" when you are close to it to start the level. There is a small spot where the level is selectable while in air while it's not when standing on the ground.

Level 12: The Attic

There are different strategies for this level:

One main difference is how you damage the boss:

  1. Place a bomb behind the boss, fall down and trigger the bomb. (risky)
  2. Place a bomb on the platform which the boss does not stand on, then jump onto his platform, fall down and trigger the bomb. (safe)

When you place bombs behind the boss, there are two ways to move from one platform to another:

  1. Fall of the ledge of one platform, activate the helicopter in air and land on the other platform. (risky)
  2. Jump over the gap and land on the other platform. (safe)

Furthermore you can use damage boosts to get up to the boss. These are only risky because you might loose all your health and die when you are hit by the normal enemies too often.

Here is a description of the fastest but riskiest way to defeat the boss:

  1. 1st hit: Take the bomb and go up right. Damage boost up to the boss and place the bomb behind him.
  2. 2nd hit: Get the next bomb and go up right again. Jump on the platform on the right and onto the right boss platform. Then go behind the boss, place the bomb as near as possible to him and fall down.
  3. 3rd hit: Damage boost up the right stairs (very inconsistent). Go up to the boss platform, place the bomb and fall down.
  4. 4th hit: Go up the right stairs and damage boost up to the boss, place the bomb behind him.
  5. 5th hit: Go up the right stairs and damage boost up to the boss, place the bomb in front of him.
  6. 6th hit: Go up the right stairs and go to the right boss platform. Move to the left and place the bomb anywhere there and let it explode.

IL routes

You can use the full game routes for every level except for Level 9. This level must be completed, skipping it is not allowed.

Level 9: The Dinosaur

1st bone: Grab the bone and go up to the bomb. Discard the bone and pick up the bomb at the same time, then jump to the platform below the one in front of the dinosaurs face. Jump up onto the platform above and discard the bomb, go back to the bone, pick it up and place it there too.

2nd and 3rd bone: Go right and down to the bone, pick it up shortly after it spawns. Go left and jump up all the platforms to the one in front of the dinosaurs face. Then fall to the platform with the bomb and bring it up there too quickly. Go to the platform left from you and destroy the stone by touching it.

After that go back down and wait for the heart and key to appear. When they do collect both.

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