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Design Errors

There are several places where buildings look much smaller from the outside then they are from the inside.

There are also some buildings where the design was not very good planned.

One example of this is in level 4.
Go to the building where the diamond is located. From the inside the roof has a hole from which sunlight shines in. However when you go on the roof from the outside of the house you will see a massive stone ceiling.

Another design error can be found in Level 3.
Jump onto the platform above the first demolition ball. When you do so it becomes wider than when you are not standing on it.

Demo Level Design Differences

When you wait in the main menu for some time, a demo will be played. In this demo some things are different from the actual game. The differences are:

  • In some levels arrows pointing to the exit door also have the word "EXIT" written on them, which is not the case in the final game

General Glitches


The edges of many platforms are not solid, which means when you try to land on them you will fall right through.
Some ceilings are not solid either (for example Level 4 way to pyramid).

Some platforms have non solid spots even in its middle, for example in Level 12:
The platform above the end of the right stairs is not solid on a very small part near its middle.

Stalker Glitches

Blind Spot

For this trick you must first search for a hiding spot and hide there. When the stalker is looking for you on the first side of the screen leave your hideout and go very close to him. There is a small spot where he never looks, he skips it when he turns around. If you are inside the blind spot he will not see you until he finishes the second search.

PP Trivial Knowledge Blind Spot.gif

Stalker gone

When you use the obstacle skip to skip tasks, you can trigger a glitch. There are two stalkers that look the same in most of the levels. Steal the item of one of them and bring it to the other one. It often is only possible to steal the item from the second stalker.
When you do so there will be no stalker guarding the other item. If you steal it, you will hear the usual noise of the stalker and when the other one returned the item he will reappear.

It works with these stalkers:

Level 1: Guy with Chicken, Guy with Key
Level 3: Guy with Sandwich, Guy with Key
Level 4: Guy with Diamond, Guy with Key
Level 6: Guy with Water, Guy with Key

Animation Glitch

When you have the key and are close to the EXIT door, let the stalker get the key back. Then take it again and run to the EXIT door. Sometimes the stalkers running animation freezes and he flies towards you.

PP Trivial Knowledge Animation Glitch Example.gif

Areas which can't be reached by stalkers

There are several areas throughout the levels that stalkers can't reach.
They mostly know that and stop moving. However sometimes they don't know it and loop moves until you remove their item from that spot. Some of them only work for a specific stalker.

Level 1

1. Go on the platform below the monkey. There are three smaller platforms, place the item on the third one on the right.
The stalkers will try over and over to reach the item.

Pinkadelic Pursuit Trivial Knowledge Stalker Areas L1 1.gif

2. Find the stairs that go up to the right near the exit door. Wait for the stalker to get close to you and jump over the reiling, then fly to the left onto the platform behind the stairs. The stalker will fail to jump over the reiling over and over.

Level 3

There are two places in this level where stalkers can't go to. Go to the house with the toilet paper, then go up the platforms left from it.

1. On the top of these platforms there is a stone platform which is out of reach for stalkers.

Pinkadelic Pursuit Trivial Knowledge Stalker Areas L3 1 .png

2. Very close to 1. Go right, there should be an orange scaffold. When you place an item on top of it, the stalker will stop moving.

Pinkadelic Pursuit Trivial Knowledge Stalker Areas L3 2.png

Level 4

Inside the way to the pyramid there's a platform on a pillar. Stalkers can't reach that platform or the one right next to it.

Level 6

  1. Stalkers can't reach the platform above the fire. You can reach it by using the trampoline near the fire.
PP Trivial Knowledge Stalker Areas L6 1.jpg

  1. Inside the cave with the bombs, there's a small room with a door above the dinosaur. If you jump on the platform above the door, the stalker will stop moving.
PP Trivial Knowledge Stalker Areas L6 2.jpg

  1. Above the entrance to the second area of the level (behind the stone block near the spawn). When you place an item there, the stalker will jump around the trampoline one platform higher.
  2. In the bottom part of the second area there are some spikes on wooden platform. Find the ones that are on a platform above the ground and place the item next to the spikes. The stalker can't jump up to the platform because he hits the spikes and is pushed back to the ground.

Level 8

1. Go inside the secret room with coins near the beginning of the level (Go up the stairs and use the platforms on the left to reach a door). This one is only unreachable for the monster that owns the pillow.

2. Near the pillow, jump over the bats and onto the wooden platform on the right. The stalkers cannot reach that platform and know that (they stop moving).

3. There is a window in the wall left to 1. To reach it go down the stairs after reaching the pillow. Then after passing the coals go down the next stairs and turn left. Jump down, activate the helicopter and hold RIGHT. If done right you will land in a small window which is out of bounds for any stalker. It looks like you shouldn't be able to stand there because the ceiling is so low but you can do so nevertheless.

Level 11

1. Bring an item to the platform below the barricaded window under the EXIT door. Stalkers can't reach that platform. This might be related to jumping from the stairs to the window above though.

Sound Glitches

Helicopter Sound in Main Menu

When you are in the level select jump and use the helicopter. While holding "JUMP" press "PAUSE" without stopping the helicopter.
If done right you will hear the helicopter sound in the pause menu. Then exit the game, you will hear the sound in the main menu and even during the opening cutscene when starting a new game.

Wrong coin sounds

The coin pick up noise is randomly replaced by other noises (e.g.: steal item, fall into pit(skate levels)). The longer the game is running the higher the chance that this happens.

Level 2 Rail Sound on Grass

Sometimes when you jump from a rail onto grass instead of skating over the transition you will hear the rail sound when landing on grass after jumping.

Visual Glitches

Visual Glitch when hiding after dying

Die just after leaving a hideout and hold HIDE. It can happen that you see Pink hiding and outside the hideout at the same time before the screen fades out.

Exit Door Glitches

Thought Bubble Glitch

There are two ways to make the thought bubble with the key stay even while the door open sequence is playing.

  1. Put the key on the floor near the Exit door, then go in front of the door and pick it up again.
  2. Let the stalker get the key back and steal it from him in front of the Exit door.

Triggering from Below

The EXIT door reacts to the key in a small area under it. Mostly this area is unreachable because you either can't get under the exit door because it is on the lowest platform in the level or because it is too high to be reachable from the platforms below.

In Level 6 however it is possible to trigger the door and fall down. To do so go to the small lower platform left from the EXIT door. Then jump at the door without landing on the platform but while being pretty close to do so. If done right you should trigger the door and fall to the floor.

Obstacle Denies Desired Item

This glitch only works with obstacles that react as soon as they touch a specific item.

Put the item on the ground in front of the obstacle, then make a few steps forwards and pick the item up again without turning around. If done right, you should see the thought bubble containing the item despite holding it in your hand.

You can combine this with the obstacle skip, but as soon as you have the item while standing backwards the obstacle will react. The obstacles also react anyways when you get to a certain point with this method.

Endless Jumping with Windows and Doors

When you use a window or door while jumping and continuing to hold "JUMP" you will repeat the jump before touching the ground after leaving it on the other side. You can repeat that as often as you want and perform endless jumps or helicopter flights with this trick.
When using this trick you can reactivate the helicopter despite already being in helicopter mode.

A good place to test this trick is in Level 8. Use the lower door in Dracula's room.

Level specific Glitches

There are many glitches in specific levels that are not useful for speedrunning the game. This is a list of all known glitches like that.

Level Select

Fall through floor when selecting Level 8

When you go to the very edge of the platform with the door of Level 8 and press jump and hold left when starting the level, it is possible to fall through the platform and next to the door of Level 6.

Level 1

Height reset glitch

Go onto the left lamp in the first area. Then jump at the box next to it, but don't land on it. Instead fall down at the side of it and then start the helicopter. If the helicopter was activated soon enough, your height will reset to a height which is high enough to reach the top of the box.

PP Trivial Knowledge Glitches Level 1 Height Reset.gif

Level 3

Dog barrier inside house

When skipping the dog it can happen that you are stuck in a barrier despite already being inside the house behind him. You can overcome that barrier by jumping over it.

Key missing

Sometimes when triggering the final stalker he does not have the key. This happened a few times after collecting all coins in the previous parts of this level.

Level 4

Grab bomb 1 from side

You can grab the first bomb from the side by running back and forth on the box left to it. If pressing pick just before turning around and running towards the bomb you are able to pick it up from the side.

Level 5

Plant does not see you

Activate the cheat menu and go to Level 5.
Let the plant see you, then pause the game and use the "WIN" option. If done right the plant will eat you.
The next time you enter this level the plant will not see you even when you are not behind bushes. The effect will last until you destroy one of its roots.

Level 6

Steal Water Bowl from different Platform

You can steal the water bowl from one platform below it by just pressing "PICK UP" and running under it. The pick up range seems to depend on the position of your hand.

You can even steal it from the platform above the water bowl. Just press "PICK UP" and move at certain parts to trigger the "PICK UP" animation. Then use it directly above the bowl to pick it up.

Level 8

Pick up ticket through wall

Run back and forth behind the wall left from the ticket and press PICK UP. If done with the right timing you will be able to pick up the item despite the wall. This glitch proves that barriers do not affect your ability to pick up items.

Level 11

Invisible Item

Go to the key and use the window. Then go left, jump and press "HIDE" immediately when inside the pipe. If done right the item you are currently holding will be invisible. The item will reappear when:

  • You go through a pipe
  • Get hit by an enemy or obstacle
  • the stalker steals it back
  • you bring it to the place where you can use it (example: Key => Exit door)
  • You put the item on the ground

Steal safe instead of money bag

Get the water bottle and run to the safe. Then you have two options:

  1. Discard the water near the safe. Press "PICK UP" and go towards the safe to pick it up.
  2. Discard the water in the same place where the safe stands. This way you will pick it up at the same time.

The safe will be treated like the money bag by Jack's Club.

Placing it somewhere will make it lie upside down. You can only pick it up again by using another item like described above. The stalker will wait near the safe in this case.
If you die after stealing the safe it will be reset to its original position but it will be lying upside down.

Safe Explosion Animation Glitch:

When you steal the safe and place it somewhere else in the level, the "camera" of the cutscene will follow the light spark to the entrance of the bank like normally. After that it will switch to the location where the safe is actually lying.

If you place it in the same room as the aquarium you will see that you can move when the explosion of the safe is shown. You can even use the window while the cutscene is still playing.

Skip secret room barrier

You can skip the barricaded window in front of secret room by just going to the right until the thought bubble disappears. Then jump up and fly to the left and by pressing "PICK UP" with the right timing before the bomb thought bubble appears you can enter the room.

Height reset glitch

This glitch only occurred in the PSX version of this game.
Go to the ladder right to the room with the aquarium. Then jump onto the second highest step and helicopter jump towards the guy in the window.
If done at the right position your height will be reset to below the platform on the right.

Level 12

Reach platforms above the boss

In the PSX version you can just helicopter jump to the two platforms on the left and right above the boss.
In the PC version you can damage boost up to the right platform by jumping to it just when an enemy spawns there.

You are safe from the enemies as well as from the boss on those platforms. The path on them leads a bit into the background which is a mechanic that is only used in this level.

Game Files Content

Episodes on which the levels are based

Most of the levels are based on episodes of the Pink Panther Cartoon.

Level 1

"Pink Aye"

  • The ships name is the same (Luxitania)
  • The waiter looks the same, carries a broiled chicken on a similar looking service plate
  • The ship has an overall similar design

"Pink in the Drink"

  • The idea for slippery water on board might be from this episode

Level 2

"Pinto Pink"

At the end of the episode, Pink Panther rides a horse with roller skates on its feet. They drive over a railway line which looks similar to the one in the game.

  • The beginning of the level looks like the beginning of the railway line in the episode
  • The tunnels have the same design from the outside
  • The train has the same design
  • There are stop signs in both, even though they have a different design

"Tickled Pink"

Level 3

"The Pink Blueprint"

"Prefabricated Pink"

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

"Extinct Pink"

Level 7

Level 8

"Pink Plasma"

"Pink Panic"

Level 9

"Extinct Pink"
Dinosaur based on the one from this episode.
Images on Walls are references to the SNES Pink Panther game

Level 10

"Pink Blue Plate"

Level 11


Level 12

Version differences

The are several differences between the PlayStation 1 and PC version.


  • Default Record Times
  • Loading times
  • Jump height is lower in PC version
  • After final boss: PS1: Level Won Loading Screen; PC: Game Start Loading Screen
  • Demo Mode (after idling in Main Menu): PS1: Demo Autoplay Mode (Level 4, 9, 7, 8); PC: One Demo Movie which contains parts of many levels

PC version exclusive

  • Hidden doors and windows: probably mistakes while porting the game
  • Short freeze when you steal an item because the music changes and is read from the game CD
  • Extra entry in the cheat menu: "INVULNERABILITY"
  • You have to press "JUMP" at the end of the loading screen to play the level.

PS1 version exclusive

  • Extra cheat: When activating the cheat "NO STALKERS" you can also go through every obstacle (even in the level select level). This ability is probably causing that you can glitch through objects
  • Repeating music: When a song has finished it will be replayed after a moment. This does not work in the PC version unfortunately.
  • Skate Levels seem to be a bit slower
  • There is a sound effect when triggering help texts.
  • When you let the music finish in the "Do you want to save the current game" screen, the game will continue playing the next song instead of the same song again.
  • Level 12 has a default record
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