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Console Information


Sony Playstation (PS1)
Resolution 240, 480
A/V Outputs S-video, Composite, RF*, RGB**
Framerate 59.94 progressive/29.97 interlaced
Models PS1, PSOne Many variaties

A word of caution

Playstation games can output in a variety of resolutions with between 240 and 480 horizontal lines. Not all capture devices can accept below 480 lines; please see our list of devices to see which devices can support capturing those resolutions.


Sony Playstation (PS1)

Direct output options vary by the model of Playstation, but all models feature Sony's Multi-Out connector. Sony's Multi-Out has pins for Composite, S-Video, and RGB connections, although the Multi-Out cables do not always feature all connectors. Early models of the PS1 featured direct composite connections and an RF output on the rear of the console, but these were removed in later iterations.

The three main iterations of the PS1 console, earliest on the bottom.

There are many different PS1 models with slightly varying characteristics, but a rule of thumb is that later-generation consoles will have better CD-ROM drives and thus slightly lower average loading times. This difference can be minor or quite large depending on the game and the particular console. Proper maintenance of the system's disc drive and laser can also affect performance.

PS1 consoles can also output RGB/SCART signals, but capturing them can be difficult. Please see our guide regarding RGB capture.

Sony PSOne (PSOne)


Sony's PSOne is a slimmed-down redesign of the original PS1 console. It still features the Multi-Out, however none of the models have direct composite or RF output. It is functionally identical to the original PS1 in terms of software compatibility, however it does not have a dedicated Reset button. In terms of loading speed differences between the later PS1 models and the PSOne, results are inconclusive and depend largely on the game.

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