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Ori and the Blind Forest is an indie Metroidvania-style platformer created by Moon Studios and released for PC and Xbox One in March 2015. An updated release titled Ori: Definitive Edition, containing additional content such as additional areas and two new skills, was released in March 2016 for Xbox One and April 2016 for PC.
This page is intended to serve as a reference for new and current speedrunners of Ori and the Blind Forest. The primary goal of this page is to provide information about the practice of speedrunning this game, including movement, tricks, glitches, sequence breaks, and other optimizations. A secondary goal of this page is to provide up-to-date information on speedrun routes for this game. You should always watch the top runs of a given category on the leaderboard to keep up with the most recent route developments, as this page may sometimes lag behind.

Community Information

Make an account to submit your times! Note that submissions will have to be approved by a moderator before becoming visible.
IRC channel
irc.speedrunslive.com - #ori
SDA Forum Thread
Very inactive, but has tons of useful historical information.

Starting Off

Learning the Game

Ori is a very accessible speedgame with a high skill ceiling. Although most speedruns feature challenging tricks and dangerously low health, there are plenty of opportunities to pick up bonus health cells and energy cells for safety. Newcomers are generally recommended to learn the "all skills no OOB" category, which has a reasonable balance of difficulty and route memorization. "All cells" is also a good starting point. Any% features several extremely challenging tricks, and 100% involves memorizing a lot of non-obvious movements, so these are not necessarily recommended for newcomers.

Start by reviewing the resources on this wiki for some basic information about Ori speedruns. Then review some runs on the leaderboard for your chosen category. Don't necessarily assume you should start by watching the current world record. The top runs often use minimum health and extremely difficult tricks that you can get away without doing.

Speedrun Timing

Ori speedruns use real time. The in-game timer is disregarded due to the use of save and quit for glitches. Timing is the same across all categories. Start the timer when you press A or click to start a new game. Stop the timer when you lose control of Naru as she passes behind the large tree at the end of the game.

A LiveSplit autosplitter plugin does exist for this game. It can be found at: https://github.com/AdamPrimer/LiveSplit.OriAndTheBlindForest/releases

An autosplitter for the Definitive Edition of the game can be found here: https://github.com/ShootMe/LiveSplit.OriDE/releases


Ori currently has four community-defined categories:

  • Any% - Beat the game as quickly as possible.
  • All Skills no OOB - Beat the game while learning all skills. Out of bounds skips are disallowed.
  • All Cells - Beat the game while collecting all health, energy, and ability cells.
  • 100% - Beat the game while collecting all cells, completing the map, and completing all world events.

The Definitive Edition features two additional categories:

  • Glitchless Any% - Beat the game without using any glitches.
  • Reverse Event Order - Beat the game after activating every world event in the reverse order (starting with Warmth, moving back through to the Water Vein).

Basic Information

Techniques and Glitches

Skills and Abilities

Skips and Tricks

Glossary of Terms

Debug Mode

Ori has a debug mode accessible by players which can be useful for testing strategies, making practice saves, and other similar purposes. You can activate it by placing an empty text file in the following location:


Once you have done this, start the game as normal. Create a new save file, because when you are in debug mode you may only load save files which you originally created in debug mode. Debug controls can be accessed any time in game by pressing the '8' key or R3 button.

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