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SDAlogo runner.png This game has a run page on SDA!


Wizard - Complete the Wizard campaign
Warrior - Complete the Warrior campaign
Conjurer - Complete the Conjurer campaign

Additional Information

Mechanics and Glitches - Tactics, glitches and mechanics that apply to all classes
Items List - A database of item drops in the campaigns (Currently missing Warrior items)

Console Commands and Cheats

Press F1 to bring up the console and type one of the following commands:

  • show info -- Displays the current map, coordinates, level and class on the screen
  • racoiaws -- Enables the following cheat commands
    • help cheat -- List cheat commands
    • set god -- Enable God mode, unlimited mana and all spells
    • cheat ability -- Reset user abilities
    • cheat health -- Restore health
    • cheat mana -- Restore mana
    • cheat level # -- Modify your character's level
    • cheat spells # -- Set all spell levels to the given number
    • cheat gold # -- Set your gold to the given number
    • cheat goto x y -- Teleport to coordinates (x y)
    • load mapname -- Loads the given map, e.g. "load Wiz01a"
    • show ai -- shows relevant squares for AI movements, including walls and waypoints
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