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Console Information


Nintendo 64
Resolution 240, 480 (only a few games run at this resolution)
A/V Outputs S-video,Composite, RF

A word of caution

For almost all games, the Nintendo 64 outputs a video signal that is 240 lines of resolution. Recording this should not be a problem if you are using a standard definition capture device (one that only has composite/S-Video inputs) or a DVD recorder. You may run into problems if you are using a capture device that is designed to record high definition footage to try and record video from your NES. Most high definition video capture devices do not support video resolutions that are this low. Unless your high definition capture device explicitly lists support for 240 lines of resolution, it is safe to assume that it will not be able to record video from the Nintendo 64 and you will need a standard definition capture device to record the footage. Two commonly used capture devices that support 240 lines of resolution are the Dazzle DVC100 and the Ez-Cap.

Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 has a multi-out A/V connector in the back. The A/V cables that came with the system include the standard red white and yellow (composite video) connectors. This same connector is used by the Super Nintendo and the Gamecube. You can use the standard A/V cables that are included with the Nintendo 64 and connect them to your recording equipment to get video footage that is acceptable for SDA. While the standard A/V cables that come with the N64 are composite video, the N64 is also capable of outputting S-Video. Nintendo did not release an official S-Video connector for the N64, however you can purchase a third party set of cables that includes it. S-Video provides superior picture clarity and quality and it is strongly preferred over composite video.

Left: The standard A/V cables from Nintendo
Right: Third party A/V cables with S-Video

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