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For Myst, there exist three different versions of the game, which each have their own quirks, marking each slightly different for speedrunning.

Myst is the original game released in 1993. Goes by the 'classic' standard of gameplay, which involves a slideshow-style of movement and simple clicks to initiate animation and interactions. As of yet, no timesaving glitches exist for this version, though work is still being put into exploring the game.

realMyst is an updated remake of the game from 2000 on PC, 2002 on Mac. Goes by the 'free-roam' standard of gameplay, which is WASD or click-hold (or both). The major glitch that makes this version the one used on SDA speedrunning is doubling speed, amongst other things, described in the glitches section of the game below. Minor out-of-bounds glitches do exist, though they don't do anything effective for the two categories of speedruns as of yet.

realMyst: Masterpiece is the most recent edition of the game, released in 2014 on Steam, based off the Unity engine. Major glitches exist due to the save-load system and the interchangeability offered between 'classic' and 'free-roam', which are a work-in-progress for skipping sections of the game. Minor out-of-bounds glitches exist here, as well, but cause issues with unloading sections for the game. Work-in-progress for breaking :D.

Routing and Glitching

Any% Routing

100% Routing

A Guide to Glitches

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