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The definition of 100% is item collection of all 100 distinct items. This means that ILS cannot be used for this category, as a missile tank does not exist until Samus enters the room where she loses her upgrades at the beginning. The 101% trick is used as it speeds up the early game; the missile launcher is not collected twice for the purpose of increasing the percentage. This is a longer, and more "traditional" category, with less wallcrawling and more in-bound tricks than any%.

Your endgame capacity at 100% should be 14 E-Tanks, 255 Missiles, 10 Power Bombs, and 250 Beam Ammo. Even with the 101% trick, your missile count is capped at 255.

Though the routes will not go over room-by-room specifics, notable tricks or sequence breaks will be noted.

Current Fastest Time

1:56 by MilesSMB


The bare-bones general route is as follows:

  1. Temple Grounds - Get Missile Launcher, Violet.
  2. Agon Wastes - Get bombs, amber, space jump, dark beam, light beam.
  3. Temple Grounds - Get an early power bomb tank and go to Torvus.
  4. Torvus Bog - Get supers, emerald, gravity boost, grapple beam, boost ball, dark visor.
  5. Temple Grounds - Go to Sanctuary.
  6. Sanctuary Fortress - Get screw attack, cobalt, spider ball, annihilator beam, echo visor, clean up upper sanctuary
  7. Temple Grounds - Get Light Suit.
  8. Clean up lower torvus, lower sanctuary, most of agon, upper torvus, temple grounds, and beat the game.

The specific route details will assume you know your way around the game reasonably well, and thus will just point you which rooms to go to and which notable tricks to use. The room name at each bullet point is the room you should go to.

Temple Grounds - Beginning

  • Industrial Site - Ghetto off the wall by the scan terminal to reach the crate, then scan it. The crate will move with samus on top of it, and move her above the next door.
  • GFMC Compound - Do the 101% Ghetto Jump to get the MISSILE LAUNCHER twice. Use a ghetto jump by where you blew up the yellow crate to climb up quickly to the red door.
  • Sacred Path - Ghetto jump off of the square blocks at the left side to get on the hive. Scan dash from the hive on the other side of the room to the left, then get on the wall to the right and scan dash left again to quickly make your way to Great Temple.
  • Great Temple - Fight the dark splinters with missiles. Try to hit multiple at a time with splash damage from missiles. You want to be at 0 missiles before killing the last splinter, so the game will usually give you a double missile drop before fighting the Alpha Splinter. Make sure you're at 1 missile after finishing off the Dark Alpha Splinter.
  • Main Energy Controller - Get VIOLET TRANSLATOR. Take the elevator back down, take right at the junction, and go back to Temple Grounds.
  • Temple Assembly Site - Use your 1 missile to blow open the red door to get ENERGY TANK 1.
  • Transport to Agon Wastes - Get MISSILE TANK 1 behind the web in this room then take the elevator to Agon Wastes

Count (5%): 1 E-Tank, 15 Missiles

Agon Wastes - Beginning

  • Mining Plaza - Climb this room appropriately. After blowing down the first bridge and just after crossing it, turn right and you can stand on a slanted floor at the very edge. Ghetto off of this to reach the top quickly.
  • Mining Station A - Carefully climb this room. Kill the space pirates if you want to; they can make you fall off platforms if you're not careful. Go to the red door.
  • Agon Temple - Defeat Bomb Guardian and go get Bombs.
  • Agon Energy Controller - Get Amber Translator.
  • Mining Station A - While making your way to Portal Access A, scan the amber gate in Mining Station A.
  • Portal Terminal - Kill both pirates and then the dark pirates (use missiles). Solve the puzzle to unlock the portal and go to Portal Site in Dark Agon.
    • The portal puzzle can be completed quickly. The first block can be skipped by carefully rolling against the block and off the edge, then unmorphing to land on the large platform after the first block. The second block can be skipped by jumping from the first large platform and hugging the wall to land on an invisible ledge.
  • Judgement Pit - Go fight Jump Guardian by taking the backwards path and get Space Jump. Head back the way you came back to the light world, making sure your missile count is high to take on the pirate base.
  • Portal Access A - Roll behind the corpse to get MISSILE TANK 2 before going into the cannon.
  • Mining Station A - Go through the door just above you when you enter to enter Sand Cache and get MISSILE TANK 3. Back in Mining Station A, use space jump to go to Central Station Access, then Central Mining Station to enter the Pirate Base.

Count (10%): 1 E-Tank, 25 Missiles

Agon Wastes - Pirate Base

Note: Missile management is important here, as you will be using missiles a lot to kill space pirates quickly, blow open glass and red doors, and fight Dark Samus. Grab every drop you can with charge beam, even if it's health.

  • Central Mining Station - Use two missiles, or charge beam + 1 missile for each space pirate to take them out. When the turrets go up, use a charge beam + 2 missiles for each. When the fight is done, get BEAM AMMO EXPANSION 1 early by a BSJ up the right turret platform, then either rolljumping or scan dashing across the room to reach the higher platforms.
  • Command Center Access - Bomb the grated floor in the back-left corner and roll through.
  • Command Center - In the morph ball tunnels under Command Center, take the right junction to get MISSILE TANK 4, then roll out. Take out the two pirates on the bottom floor, then spawn the third pirate on the top floor and kill it. There are three ways to spawn the third pirate quickly, then go through to Security Station B.
    • The easiest way is to go to the gate blocking the door to Biostorage Access, and jump on the middle. Then jump up to the higher ground. This is reasonably fast if done with a dash off of the second pirate while killing him.
    • By the exit of the morph ball tunnel, do a 3BSJ to climb up quickly.
    • To the left of the portal are a lot of computer monitors. Jump on it, then jump up to spawn the third pirate. Kill it from below, wait a bit, then jump high just when the door-unlocked cutscene plays; if you're high enough, the game will warp you up to the top.
  • Security Station B - After watching Dark Samus taunt you, blow open the red blast shield, briefly enter the glass alcove, then roll out immediately. This makes the monitor in the alcove scannable from the outside in Command Center, rather than only inside the alcove. Scan it, then go to the uncovered blue door.
  • Biostorage Station - Jump off of the crates to the right to skip taking the elevator here.
  • Bioenergy Production - Take out the flying pirates with a charge shot + 2 missiles each (3 missiles if a flying pirate is too far to reliably hit with charge beam). Then climb out of this room.
    • If you want, you can grab the energy tank here first. Do the controller trick to grab it, then manually do the block puzzle to get out of this room. It costs a lot of time, but it also makes the first half of the route much easier for newer players.
  • Save Station B - Use the save station to heal up; the next room is loading anyways.
  • Main Reactor - Defeat Dark Samus 1
    • By the time you beat Dark Samus, if you're really low on missiles, then burn them until you're at zero, then blow open the crate by dark beam; you should usually get a double missile drop (if not, blow open the other crates in the room). You want missiles to blow open a few red locks in Dark Agon.
  • Storage D - Get DARK BEAM.
  • Command Center - Take the dark portal here.
  • Doomed Entry - Ghetto jump off of the corpse to the left to get on the higher platform (lower it as normal if you have trouble doing this). Take the dark door on the right.
  • Dark Oasis - Open the blue door on the right; you should bomb the phazon crate, so you get it out of the way for the rest of the run, but be careful not to be in its blast radius.
  • Hall of Stairs - skip the dark beam puzzle by jumping off of the tallest ingpod and going through the door with the red lock.
  • Save Station 3 - Heal here. Before entering the save station, walk past it to trigger the next room to load then heal. If you don't do this, you will be waiting for the next door to load after healing.
  • Phazon Site - scan the terminal on the far left behind the large crates (using either a rolljump to scan it from above, or blow up the crates with missiles). Then scan the terminal on the other side of the room on the higher ledge. Climb on the three moving platforms and scan the last terminal high up.
  • Watering Hole - use either a rolljump or a scan dash off the crystal to skip the platforming part.
  • Feeding Pit - go to the other side of the room from where you enter and shoot the crystal with the dark beam (it's the one closest to the dark door). Ghetto jump off of a slant in the wall to reach the lowered platform, then go to the light door. You can skip lowering the platform with the same ghetto jump, but it's much more difficult.
  • Ing Cache 1 - Get LIGHT BEAM.
  • Feeding Pit - Take the light door and make your way back to Dark Oasis, taking care to manage your health.
  • Dark Oasis - Take the portal here back to Main Reactor in Light Agon.
  • Central Mining Station - Take the bottom floor path behind the dark door.
  • Mining Station Access - use bombs here to get ENERGY TANK 2. Make your way back to the elevator to Temple Grounds.

Count (15%): 2 E-Tanks, 30 Missiles, 100 Beam Ammo

Temple Grounds - To Torvus

  • Temple Assembly Site - shoot the dark crystal block with light beam as you enter. Go ahead and get POWER BOMB TANK 1 via this wallcrawl. Get back in bounds in Dynamo Chamber and go to Great Temple.
  • Transport B Access - After killing the second light enemy with a dark beam shot, use a ghetto jump off of the diagonal bars to get MISSILE TANK 5 from below, where you're supposed to pop out. If you don't want to use the ghetto jump, then get this missile tank the intended way via the morph ball tunnels in the wall.
  • Transport C Access - shoot the crystal to move the wall and take the elevator ahead to Temple Grounds.
  • Meeting Grounds - Open the amber gate in front of you (it's actually a violet gate, because the game is lying with the color), then follow the path forward.
  • Hall of Eyes - Take the dark portal to Base Access.
  • Abandoned Base - Use the ghetto jump for Dark Suit Skip to get to the light portal quickly. This is a major run-killer where missing the jump more than a few times will kill you; be sure to practice it before doing runs.
  • Path of Eyes - Follow the path forward. Skip the two pirates in front of you (they turn into dark pirates) by just space jumping over the block. Turn, jump over the next block, kill the next pirate on the higher ledge with a dark shot. In this pit here, there are two blocks with dark crystals. Move them both with light beam; you'll be using this path at the very end of the game. Ghetto jump off of the slant in the wall to get to the higher ledge. When facing the pit of water, there is an invisible ledge on the left wall, so jump from there to skip moving the platform in the puddle. Scan the amber gate and make your way to the elevator to Torvus Bog.

Count (17%): 2 E-Tanks, 35 Missiles, 1 Power Bomb, 100 Beam Ammo

Torvus Bog - Beginning

  • Torvus Lagoon - go to the dark door in the water and follow the path to Great Bridge.
  • Great Bridge - Use a BSJ to get on the ledge by the light door. Use your power bomb to blow up the denzium on this ledge to get POWER BOMB TANK 2. Either use your second power bomb at the other end of the tunnel to go to the top purple door to Temple Access, or roll back to the light door, stand on the scan terminal, and scan dash off of the eye in the tree.
  • Torvus Temple - Have a charged light beam shot ready before entering this room.
    • Shoot the generator in the ship that flies in to destroy both it and the two pirates riding it instantly.
    • Have a charged dark shot ready and aim up where the flying pirates will spawn; the moment you see the circular reticule, release your dark shot as it will auto-aim on one of the flying pirates. If you shot it early enough, the ooze will freeze the other flying pirate; kill it with a missile. If you failed to kill the flying pirates with this, then use missiles from far away as they home in.
    • You'll face four grounded pirates here. Kill them all with dark beam, then get SUPER MISSILES.
    • Make sure you have at least 5 missiles, then take the elevator up and blow open the green door.
  • Torvus Energy Controller - Get EMERALD TRANSLATOR and go back down to Torvus Temple.
  • Temple Access - Make sure you have at least 10 missiles, as you will blow open two green locks consecutively. Blow open the second opening with bombs to fall into the tunnel for ENERGY TANK 3. Roll left, blow open the green door, and enter the lower floor of Torvus Temple.
  • Torvus Temple - Scan the emerald gate as you make your way to the other side, then go to the small elevator leading to Lower Torvus.

Count (21%): 3 E-Tanks, 35 Missiles, 2 Power Bomb, 100 Beam Ammo

Lower Torvus Bog

  • Hydrodynamo Station - Use underwater dashes to go down to the bottom part of lower Torvus and to Main Hydrochamber.
  • Hydrochamber Storage - Get GRAVITY BOOST early.
  • Main Hydrochamber - After getting gravity boost, skip the Alpha Blogg fight.
  • Hydrodynamo Shaft - kill the little fish with a charged light shot to refill on health, missiles, dark ammo, and power bombs, then float up to the dark portal to go to Undertemple Access.
  • Undertemple Access - Climb up the stairs and use a power bomb to blow open the yellow door at the top.
  • Undertemple Shaft - Climb up to the top with the morph ball cannon in the upper center. Heal at the save station if you must. Fall to the grated floor and go into the opening with a light crystal. Either bomb the slot in the center to rotate the structure, or scan dash to go to the blue door that leads to Sacrificial Chamber Tunnel.
  • Sacrificial Chamber Tunnel - roll until you pass the first four caches, then blow them up; the next room with Grapple Guardian is loading. Suck in all the drops, destroy the remaining caches if needed (you want to have at least one power bomb), then go ahead.
  • Sacrificial Chamber - Defeat Grapple Guardian and get GRAPPLE BEAM. Be sure that you blew open the gate to the light door during the boss's transition first; if you have an extra power bomb, blow open the gate to the dark door. Go through the light door.
  • Undertransit One - Get MISSILE TANK 6 in this morph ball maze then return to Sacrificial Chamber.
  • Sacrificial Chamber - Go through the dark door.
  • Dungeon - Take the light portal back to the light world.
    • If you don't have any power bombs after the fight, and still need to blow open the gates, you can reach the grapple point from the bottom floor via just space jumping. Go to Sacrificial Chamber Tunnel to get power bomb refills from the caches.
  • Catacombs - fall out of this alcove by moving back and left, then activate the underwater bomb slot below. Make sure you have a power bomb, and blow open the caches straight ahead to get some. Take the dark door ahead.
  • Hydrodynamo Station - Get out of the water and go to the blue door to take the elevator back up to Upper Torvus.

Count (24%): 3 E-Tanks, 40 Missiles, 2 Power Bomb, 100 Beam Ammo

Upper Torvus Bog

  • Torvus Temple - In the lower floor here after taking the elevator from Lower Torvus, head left through the door that was behind the emerald gate you previously scanned.
  • Underground Tunnel - There is a missile tank below the grate here; ignore it, as you'll get it with boost ball during cleanup late in the run.
  • Torvus Grove - Take out the dark grapple pirates if they spawn, then approach the door on the other end. The lasers will block you and two pirates commanders will appear. Plant a power bomb below the center of the tree to take out the pirates and the tree trunks to uncover a missile tank (you'll get this during cleanup with screw attack and boost ball). Be careful not to get hit by the phazon crates.
  • Meditation Vista - Take the scan portal to the dark world.
  • Polluted Mire - climb around the platforms. You can skip the platforming parts here by either:
    • Doing a BSJ on the third platform to reach the dark door
    • Stand on the fourth platform and scan dash off of the bottom door to reach the dark door
  • Dark Falls - Heal at the save station. Jump on the save station and go to the upper door to Dark Forgotten Bridge.
  • Dark Torvus Arena - Clear the three dark preeds in this room with light beam first, then kill Boost Guardian with a power bomb to get BOOST BALL. Get the second Dark Torvus Key with boost ball.
  • Dark Forgotten Bridge - Just when you enter, go to the alcove on the left and do a 3BSJ to get out of this hall. Light beam the beacon in the center of the bridge, as a grapple pirate appears there if they activate. Blow open the green door with a super missile and scan dash to it; take out grapple pirates from this ledge if they spawn.
  • Venomous Pond - Use either a scan dash or the grapple point to get the third Dark Torvus Key. Go into the Dark Torvus Temple via the light door just below the key.
  • Dark Torvus Temple - Do NOT enter the hologram yet! Go behind it instead and blow open the green door.
  • Cache B - Get ENERGY TANK 4. Return to Dark Torvus Temple, and use the ammo station nearby, as Chykka is very ammo intensive.
  • Dark Torvus Temple - Defeat Chykka to get DARK VISOR. Climb up the platforms with dark visor.
  • Dark Controller Access - Bomb the slot, then bomb it again to reload the room with Chykka; do NOT get the torvus energy! You can now just leave Dark Torvus Temple.
  • Venomous Pond - Go forward through the dark door.
  • Portal Chamber (Dark) - Roll through the tunnel, and on the other side, climb over to go to the light portal here, healing if necessary.
  • Portal Chamber (Light) - Grab MISSILE TANK 7 directly in front of you. Ghetto jump off the floor to get out of bounds here and do a quick wallcrawl to Torvus Lagoon then Path of Roots.
  • Path of Roots - Either ceiling warp into this room, then BSJ up to MISSILE TANK 8, or be quick and let the room load around you at the missile tank (this is very risky though and can get you stuck, softlocking the game).
  • Torvus Lagoon - Use gravity boost to get MISSILE TANK 9, then take the elevator back to Temple Grounds.

Count (30%): 4 E-Tanks, 55 Missiles, 2 Power Bomb, 100 Beam Ammo

Temple Grounds - To Sanctuary

  • Path of Eyes - Take the shortcut in the morph ball tunnel to the right when you enter. Either hit the dark crystal with the light beam to move the obstructing block at the end, or just do a 3BJ to roll through the top. Blow open the green door and make your way to Meeting Grounds.
  • Meeting Grounds - Boost up the half-pipe and go to the Hall of Honored Dead, where seekers are.
  • Hall of Honored Dead - Start at the closest boost slot to your left and go around clock-wise; the puzzle solution is 1-1-3-2. Get SEEKER MISSILES. Blow open the purple lock and make your way to Landing Site.
  • Landing Site - Heal at your ship; you want full health and full ammo for the main part of sanctuary.
  • Hive Access Tunnel - fall down the shaft.
  • Hive Chamber A - Kill the Dark Missile Trooper to get MISSILE TANK 10. Make your way to where you lost your items in Hive Chamber B.
  • Hive Chamber B - Bomb the blocked tunnel and roll through to get MISSILE TANK 11.
  • Temple Assembly Site - Jump on the crates in the middle of the room, then space jump on the nearby hive, and then finally jump on the ledge to the right. Roll through the tunnel to get MISSILE TANK 12.
  • Dynamo Chamber - Take the top path; there is no reason to power bomb the gates here, as you already got the power bomb expansion.
  • Communication Area - Get on the ledge to the left and bomb the glass to get MISSILE TANK 13.
  • GFMC Compound - Scan the emerald gate to unlock it and take the path behind it. Take the elevator to Sanctuary Fortress.

Count (35%): 4 E-Tanks, 80 Missiles, 2 Power Bomb, 100 Beam Ammo

Note: remember that getting seeker missiles adds 5 missiles to your capacity.

Sanctuary Fortress - To Screw Attack

  • Sanctuary Entrance - Go to the other end to trigger a fight with Pirate Commanders. Plant a power bomb in the middle of the three pirates to take them out instantly. There should be one more where you are, and one more at the other side of the room that spawn; take them each out with a charged dark shot and a missile. If a pirate brings out his shield, fire the floor below him to freeze him with a charged dark shot, then missile him.
  • Reactor Access - Seeker the locks with dark visor to unlock the wall; ignore the rezbit that pops out and go to Reactor Core.
  • Reactor Core - a quad will appear to fight you. Jump off of it to skip the fight and climb up this room quickly. Alternatively, fight the quad. Note that skipping the quad fight means the red barrier in front of the save room never turns off, but you should never need to use this in a single-segment speed run.
  • Minigyro Chamber - The puzzle order is amber, cobalt, crimson, emerald (or yellow, blue, red, green). The names are alphabetical, which can help in memorizing this order.
  • Hall of Combat Mastery - Take the scan portal (power bomb the glass tunnel).
  • Culling Chamber - Go forward and take the dark door to the elevator up to upper sanctuary.
  • Hive Dynamo Works - Unlock the wall blocking the light portal via seeker targets + dark visor.
  • Dynamo Access - Jump over the tall wall via a ghetto jump off the left wall.
  • Main Gyro Chamber - Go into the tunnel in the right and follow the path until you see a bomb slot. Bomb it, then solve the puzzle with charge beam (bottom-right once, then top-left twice, then bottom-left once). Bomb the uncovered second bomb to stop the Gyro. Leave this alcove and roll across the ring that stopped in the gyro.
  • Watch Station Access - Rolljump and get ENERGY TANK 5.
  • Get Screw Attack Early. Note that since you have grapple beam, you do NOT have to cross Grand Abyss.

Count (37%): 5 E-Tanks, 80 Missiles, 2 Power Bomb, 100 Beam Ammo

Upper Sanctuary Fortress Cleanup

  • Main Gyro Chamber - Come back here after getting Screw Attack. Use boost ball to unlock the dividing wall, and go up the mini-elevator. Use screw attack to destroy the rubble and activate the bomb slot for another puzzle. Solve it and bomb the slot that emerges to completely stop the gyro. Go through the door towards the temple.
  • Temple Access - Turn on dark visor and shoot the seeker targets to quickly activate the ball cannon, so you can OHKO the quad that appears on top of the cannon.
  • Sanctuary Temple - Use screw attack and grapple beam to cut across the gaps and go straight to the blue door ahead.
  • Sanctuary Energy Controller - Get COBALT TRANSLATOR.
  • Sanctuary Temple - Screw attack to the door on the right and unlock the cobalt gate.
  • Worker's Path - Screw attack to skip activating the cannon here.
  • Dynamo Works - Defeat Spider Guardian and get SPIDER BALL. Blow up the yellow door behind it with a power bomb and enter the dark portal.
  • Hive Dynamo Works - Get the Sky Temple Key then return to the light world via the portal you came from.
  • Dynamo Works - Navigate the tracks to the higher area and get MISSILE TANK 14. Fall out of the morph ball tunnels and enter the dark portal here.
    • If you're low on light ammo, go to the elevator room nearby and blow up the blocks with dark beam.
  • Hive Dynamo Works - Go straight ahead through the light beam door (shoot the nightbarbs here if you're low on health).
  • Hive Dynamo Access - Do |Echo Visor Skip to reach Quadraxis.
  • Hive Temple - Defeat Quadraxis and get ANNIHILATOR BEAM.
  • Hive Energy Controller - Get the sanctuary energy and return to Hive Temple.
  • Hive Temple - Screw attack to the annihilator door on the left side and go through.
  • Aerial Training Site - Screw attack across the room, then screw attack to walljump on the walls here to get MISSILE TANK 15. Refill on both light and dark ammo with the two caches next to the portal, and take the portal.
  • Watch Station - Kill the two flying pirates or else they will make your life hell in this room. Either use a 3BSJ or ghetto jump off of the slant by the door to Grand Abyss to get up to the spider tracks quickly in human form. Jump next to the bomb slot you activated on your last visit here, then morph and bomb jump to stick to the track above it, skipping a chunk of the spider track puzzle. Navigate the rest of the puzzle as usual to get BEAM AMMO EXPANSION 2.
  • Main Gyro Chamber - Go through the tunnel to the left of where you enter, and use spider ball to climb the ring around the Gyro. Boost off of it to break the glass and reach the yellow door and blow it up with a power bomb.
  • Checkpoint Station - Refill on dark ammo while waiting for the doors to open.
  • Aerie Transport Station - Defeat Dark Samus 2. Take the dark portal that is revealed.
  • Hive Summit - Take the first spider track ahead; use a sticky boost at the very end of it to cling to the ringed spider track. Bomb off of it and cling on top of the spot you were at, then boost off of it to skip this entire puzzle. Take the light portal.
  • Aeris - Screw attack to the ECHO VISOR. Hit the three echo locks and take the elevator down.
  • Checkpoint Station - Shoot the echo lock in the upper-right corner of the room.
  • Main Gyro Chamber - Fall to the lighted floor below the gyro. Scan the terminal to activate the elevator first. Then shoot the annihilator terminals in this order: farthest, closest, middle, middle (farthest/closest from the elevator). Enter the cannon to blow up the gyro and get POWER BOMB TANK 3.
  • Temple Access - Do a 3BSJ against the wall just above the door you enter from (upon entering, you should only have to roll forward until you're at the small ledge, then 3BSJ here), then screw attack into the hole in the center. Fall in, morph, and get MISSILE TANK 16. Use the boost ball slot to get out of here, then screw attack to the door ahead while ignoring or killing the rezbits in the way.
  • Sanctuary Energy Controller - Return the sanctuary energy.
  • Sanctuary Temple - Take the annihilator door on the left.
  • Sentinel's Path - Solve the annihilator puzzle in this order, facing the door: right, right, left, right. Get MISSILE TANK 17.
  • Watch Station - Screw attack left to the blue door to the left.
  • Central Area Transport West - Morph and take the left, right, right junctions to get MISSILE TANK 18 while falling down this room.
  • Main Research - On the ledge you are on now, do a ghetto off of the diagonal bars to the right and move horizontally with space jump; screw attack forward towards just below the missile tank on the wall. If done correctly, you'll bonk off the wall and get MISSILE TANK 19. Use the spider track to take the door to Transit Station.
    • Do NOT shoot the door behind you that you came out of! You will freeze the game by doing so, as you are expected to enter this door after defeating the miniboss here (which you skipped); it is supposed to be locked.
  • Transit Station - Blow up the first turret with either a super missile or a charged dark shot. Where the turret was, look forward and slightly up to see an alcove higher up. Ghetto off of the slant on the right edge of the ledge where you're standing, and screw attack make it to the alcove to skip an annoying portal puzzle. Take the spider track to get POWER BOMB TANK 4. Blow up the yellow door and have your dark beam charged.
  • Reactor Core, - Upon entering, quickly freeze the rezbit with charged dark beam just before it spawns its shield. Stand on its shield then jump on top of the glass structure in the center. Turn around, then just jump to the side of the spider track above the e-tank. Morph, stick to the track, and get ENERGY TANK 6. Fall down this room and go to Reactor Access and follow the path.
    • If you miss freezing the rezbit, then don't bother getting the energy tank right now. You'll have a second chance since you'll pass through this room again later.
  • Sanctuary Access - Roll forward to watch Dark Samus blow up the bridge. After the cutscene, go right and blow up the glass with a power bomb and take the elevator. Scan the terminal, then either screw attack or use the cannon to go to the turret. Grab the turret, blow up the giant wall on both sides of the room, as well as the rubble to the far right of the light door you came from (it's very hard to see). Screw attack to where the rubble was and use the spider tracks here to reach a morph ball cannon far above the door you came from. Take it to get POWER BOMB TANK 5. Just drop down to the blue door below. Take the elevator back to Temple Grounds.
  • GFMC Compound - Simply go back to Great Temple (it should be the same path you took at the beginning of the game).
  • Transport A Access - There is a pile of rubble next to the save station in the Great Temple area. Boost through it to get MISSILE TANK 20 here.
  • Main Energy Controller - Get LIGHT SUIT. Take the beam of light and warp to Torvus.

Count (54%): 6 E-Tanks, 115 Missiles, 5 Power Bomb, 150 Beam Ammo

Lower Torvus Cleanup

  • Torvus Temple - Scan the emerald hologram to activate the giant elevator. Go to Lower Torvus.
  • Hydrodynamo Station - Fall in the water and get MISSILE TANK 21 by the door with the purple seeker lock. Drop to the bottom of the area.
  • Main HydroChamber - Go to the spider track in the back of the room and take the dark portal here.
  • Undertemple - Screw attack to walljump off the walls and get MISSILE TANK 22. Enter the arena and defeat Power Bomb Guardian to get MAIN POWER BOMBS. Exit via the yellow door directly in front of you after getting the main power bombs
  • Undertemple Access - Take the light portal.
  • Hydrodynamo Shaft - Just before climbing the steps in this room, spam uncharged annihilator shots to kill the fish and get refills for everything.
  • Hydrodynamo Station - take the light door in the water.
  • Gathering Hall - There are two rotating mechanisms with a small spider track on each. From the ledge you're at, carefully screw attack to land on it. Morph on it, then carefully roll off and stick to the spider track. Boost to the bomb slot and activate it. Use the cannon to get back up to the ledge you started at and repeat for the other side of the room. Get MISSILE TANK 23 that is unlocked, and go through the annihilator door.
    • You should only have to jump once with screw attack; cancel it at the end so you don't bonk, and so you'll carefully land on the rotating track.
    • To cling on the moving spider track, roll off the side of the spider track that it is moving towards, then pull back to cling to it.
    • If this trick proves to be too difficult, then feel free to do the puzzle the slow intended way: power bomb the floor to reveal the half-pipe then boost ball up.
  • Transit Tunnel South - Activate the bomb slot at the bottom left corner of this morph ball room to activate the currents. Simply navigate your way around this simple puzzle and get MISSILE TANK 24. Go left and through the annihilator door here.
    • After the last bomb slot, there is a difficult bomb jump you need to make to skip the gap to get the missile tank. Plant the bomb on the left ledge, then roll into the bomb just as it explodes to cross the gap. If you fall down, you'll have to navigate your way around again and lose a lot of time.
    • Most of the vertical shafts here don't need bombs; you can boost ball at the very end of an initial bomb jump to make it to the top, including grabbing the missile tank itself.
  • Catacombs - Take the dark portal.
  • Dungeon - With light beam, fall into the dark water below and shoot the beacon through the grate straight in front of you, then to your right. Roll through the two tunnels that are unlocked and get the sky temple key here. Get out and go back to the light world via where you came from.
  • Catacombs - Go to the door on the right.
  • Transit Tunnel East - Bomb the slot on the far left to activate the currents. Activate the second bomb slot farther right to activate a current that leads to ENERGY TANK 7. Roll left and go through the dark door.
  • Training Chamber - Go to the right wall and jump over the grate to watch a cutscene with Dark Samus. After it, stand on the grate then screw attack to the bomb slot above the water. Bomb it to move the statue, then grab MISSILE TANK 25 that is uncovered. Go through the yellow door behind it and take the elevator to Sanctuary Fortress.

Count (61%): 7 E-Tanks, 140 Missiles, 7 Power Bomb, 150 Beam Ammo

Sanctuary Cleanup

  • Reactor Core - Drop to the bottom and unlock the cobalt gate.
    • If you missed the energy tank on the first try, you can try freezing the rezbit again to get it. If you miss it again, then there is a lower spider ball sphere to the left when you enter the room from Torvus. You can cling to it by doing a 3BJ below it, unmorph after rolling to the top, then get on the glass structure.
  • Sanctuary Map Station - Take the light beam up and get MISSILE TANK 26. Leave.
  • Reactor Core - Climb this room again and go to Hall of Combat Mastery.
  • Hall of Combat Mastery - Get MISSILE TANK 27. To skip the long morph ball puzzle for it, stand on the left black square bar, facing the missile tank. There is a hole forward and to the left. Either screw attack into it, or space jump and instant morph into it. Take the scan portal afterwards.
  • Culling Chamber - Go to the door on your right.
  • Hazing Cliff - Use charged light beam shots to take out the dark blockades and get MISSILE TANK 28. Go back to Culling Chamber.
  • Hive Reactor - Roll to the bottom and to the left. Blow up the yellow door and go through.
  • Hive Reactor Access - Rolljump across to cross this room quickly.
  • Entrance Defense Hall - While waiting for the next room to load, kill the tiny swarm enemies to grab their drops.
  • Hive Entrance - Screw attack across the gap and take the light beam on the other side of the room. Screw attack across the top and get the sky temple key here.
  • Culling Chamber - Take the scan portal again.
  • Hall of Combat Mastery - Go to the door on the right and take the elevator ahead to Agon Wastes.

Count (64%): 7 E-Tanks, 155 Missiles, 7 Power Bomb, 150 Beam Ammo

Agon Cleanup - Before Dark Suit

  • Ventilation Area A - After reaching the left-right junction in the morph ball tunnel, bomb jump up the square on the right and climb up to get MISSILE TANK 29. Roll left.
  • Sandcanyon - Screw attack to the structure at the middle. Power bomb it to uncover POWER BOMB TANK 6. Screw attack back to let terminal fall warp you to where you entered.
  • Main Reactor - Fall down the spider track. There's another one adjacent the one you came down; climb up it. Either do the spider puzzle normally, or do a BSJ in the first alcove to land on the wall then do a delayed screw attack into the exit hole at the last alcove to get MISSILE TANK 30 quickly. Take the elevator back up.
  • Sand Processing - Use boost ball on the half pipe to find a morph ball tunnel. Roll through it, scan the terminal and bomb the slot to drain the sand out. Get MISSILE TANK 31.
  • Bioenergy Production - On the ledge you start on, face the left wall then jump to your right. Screw attack as late and high as possible, towards the green door.
  • Storace C - Get MISSILE TANK 32.
  • Bioenergy Production - Do another careful screw attack around the wall to get ENERGY TANK 8. If you got this early in the game, then just fall down and keep following the path around the pirate base.
  • Biostorage Station - Roll along the top floor and go through the dark door.
  • Storage B - Get MISSILE TANK 33.
  • Command Center - Go through the dark portal.
  • Doomed Entry - Go to the dark door on the high right ledge.
  • Dark Oasis - Power bomb the wall and roll left to the light door to refill your ammo and power bombs. Come back and go into the dark water to get the sky temple key here.
  • Phazon Site - Without touching the hologram, jump around and on the right edge of the elevator. Jump to the right and screw attack to the gray door.
  • Ing Cache 2 - Get SONIC BOOM.
  • Feeding Pit - Go into the dark water and get POWER BOMB TANK 7. Come out of the hidden alcove and go left.
  • Doomed Entry - Either do a BSJ into screw attack along the door you enter, or jump on an ingpod and screw attack to the dark agon key high up. Get it. Go through the dark door.
  • Battleground - Approach the agon key and activate the warrior ing fight. Light up every beacon with the light beam except one; light up the remaining beacon with annihilator. While the warrior ing commit suicide, get on an ingpod to get on the top floor. Get on another inpod here then screw attack to the ledge above the green door and get the sky temple key here. Finish off any straggling warrior ing to get the dark agon key, then go through the green door.
  • Warrior's Walk - Bomb the gated floor above the phazon and fall through. Roll back through the phazon to get MISSILE TANK 34.
  • Judgement Pit - Go to the red door on the right without falling to the bottom floor.
  • Dark Agon Temple - Go left at the junction and through the door back here to get the last agon key. Activate the hologram and defeat Amorbis and get DARK SUIT, which is useless at this point.

Count (75%): 8 E-Tanks, 185 Missiles, 9 Power Bomb, 150 Beam Ammo

Agon Cleanup - After Dark Suit

  • Dark Agon Energy Controller - Get the Agon Energy.
  • Judgement Pit - Take the door on the bottom floor to your right after you come out from the temple.
  • Junction Site - Use spider ball and bomb the slot to get MISSILE TANK 35. Keep rolling left after rotating the structure back to normal.
  • Duelling Range - Roll across the top floor and go to the dark door. Do not fall off the left edge of the top area, or else you'll activate a warrior ing fight.
  • Ing Cache 4 - Roll off the ledge and back into a hidden hole to get MISSILE TANK 36.
  • Duelling Range - Get on a platform to the right then screw attack across and to the blue door that leads to a save station. Don't fall on the sand floor or else you'll activate a fight.
  • Crossroads - Boost up the halfpipe. Upon landing on the middle ledge, do a 3BSJ off the ceiling structure and screw attack at the very peak to get MISSILE TANK 37; you're intended to get this missile tank from coming out of a one-way light portal.
  • Portal Site - Take the scan portal back to the light world.
  • Portal Terminal - Take the right junction.
  • Mining Station A - Power bomb the denzium wall and use the cannon to cling to a spider track high up. Sticky boost to skip a portion and get MISSILE TANK 38.
  • Agon Temple - Go left at the junction and through the dark door.
  • Mine Shaft - Get ENERGY TANK 9 here in the morph ball tunnels. Roll around and to the other side and go through the door with the seeker lock.
  • Mining Station B - Skip the puzzle for darkburst. Do this by getting on the bridge, morphing just after walking past the center pillar, then doing a 3BSJ into a screw attack. You should not see an acquisition animation upon collecting DARKBURST. Fall down and blow up the denzium wall with a power bomb.
  • Storage A - Get MISSILE TANK 39.
  • Mining Station B - By where the cannon is, get on the crate then ghetto off of it into screw attack to get on the ledge you came from. If this is too difficult, then just activate the cannon as normal via the nearby scan terminal.
  • Agon Temple - Go to the controller.
  • Agon Energy Controller - Return the Agon energy. Roll back to the controller access, roll to the other side, then go back to this room to reload it with the light warp. Warp to Torvus Energy Controller.

Count (82%): 9 E-Tanks, 210 Missiles, 9 Power Bomb, 150 Beam Ammo

Upper Torvus Cleanup

  • Torvus Temple - Take the main elevator down to lower Torvus Temple again. Instead of taking the elevator to lower Torvus, go to the Underground Tunnel.
  • Underground Tunnel - Get MISSILE TANK 40 below the grate you're standing on.
  • Torvus Grove - Take out the grapple pirates if they appear. Get MISSILE TANK 41 that was revealed back when you blew up the tree.
  • Meditation Vista - Use screw attack to get ENERGY TANK 10 far out; there's a moving platform you can land on, or you can carefully space jump around the tree to screw attack directly to the e-tank.
  • Torvus Grove - Boost up the shaft, then screw attack to the dark door.
  • Forgotten Bridge - Open the gate with the boost slot, then go to the red door ahead.
  • Plaza Access - Bomb both slots and continue to roll left.
  • Torvus Plaza - Kill the grapple pirates if they appear and if you want to. Do this horrible spider puzzle high up to get ENERGY TANK 11.
  • Plaza Access - Go into the hole in the center of the room and boost ball up the half-pipe to get MISSILE TANK 42.
  • Forgotten Bridge - Take the dark portal here.
  • Dark Forgotten Bridge - Kill the grapple pirates if they appear. Go through the yellow door on the ground level.
  • Putrid Alcove - Blow open the small denzium rock in the right wall of the dark water to get POWER BOMB TANK 8.
  • Poisoned Bog - Blow open the seeker lock on the door here.
  • Cache A - Get BEAM AMMO EXPANSION 3.
  • Poisoned Bog - Fall to the right after exiting Cache A, and go into the dark water. Get the sky temple key here.
  • Dark Forgotten Bridge - Return here the way you came, and go through the light portal.
  • Forgotten Bridge - Screw attack to the door with MISSILE TANK 43 in front of it.
  • Abandoned Worksite - Grapple across the second gap to get MISSILE TANK 44.
  • Torvus Temple - Make your way on the lower floor here. Go to the seeker lock, blow it open, and take the elevator to Agon.
  • Transport Center - Roll off the ledge and bomb the slot to get MISSILE TANK 45.
  • Mining Plaza - Hit the three echo locks here and screw attack to get ENERGY TANK 12. Take the elevator to Temple Grounds.

Count (93%): 12 E-Tanks, 240 Missiles, 10 Power Bomb, 200 Beam Ammo

Temple Grounds Cleanup

  • Temple Assembly Site - Take the dark portal here.
  • Plain of Dark Worship - Break open the seeker lock to your left and go through the door.
  • Accursed Lake - Grab the sky temple key across the room here; power beam it from afar with dark visor first, so it becomes visible with combat visor, then kill it with screw attack.
  • Plain of Dark Worship - Grab MISSILE TANK 46 in the giant tree. Return to the light world.
  • Temple Assembly Site - Go through Temple Transport B and go to Great Temple.
  • Temple Sanctuary - Make a right at the junction and go through the door.
  • Temple Transport A - Follow the path and take the elevator to Temple Grounds.
  • Sacred Path - Take the dark portal here.
  • Profane Path - Solve the annihilator puzzle here. Grab BEAM AMMO EXPANSION 4. Go through the blue door.
  • Phazon Grounds - Go left and screw attack across the huge gap to get MISSILE TANK 47. Come back and blow open the seeker lock and go through the door.
  • Reliquary Grounds - Go forward and climb up both ledges ahead.
  • Ing Reliquary - Get the sky temple key here. Return to Profane Path, the way you came here.
  • Profane Path - Jump on the ingpod to the right to go to the light portal quickly.
  • Sacred Path - Take the blue door to Sacred Bridge.
  • Sacred Bridge - Seeker the targets on the gate with dark visor to open it. Go through.
  • GFMC Compound - Screw attack on top of the ship. Go to the very end to get MISSILE TANK 48.
  • Trooper Security Station - Go through the light beam to get ENERGY TANK 13.
  • GFMC Compound - Get on the ledge with the yellow lock and blow it up with a power bomb. Go through the door.
  • Grand Windchamber - You can skip this very long puzzle. Outside the glass alcove you start in, do a difficult 3BSJ along the wall and jump back and around it to the right to land on an invisible ledge. Face the center structure and screw attack to it to get SUNBURST. Feel free to kill the two flying pirates before the 3BSJ if you're uncomfortable with them being alive.
  • Windchamber Gateway - Grapple across the gap to the right to get ENERGY TANK 14. You should now receive the 100% Message, but there is still one missile tank left near the end. Take the ball cannon to shoot to the other side.
  • Hall of Eyes - Take the dark portal here.
  • Base Access - Drop down to the left and go through the green door with a super missile.
  • War Ritual Grounds - Past the half-pipe is a tree. Use seeker missiles and dark visor to hit the invisible targets and get MISSILE TANK 49. You should now be at 101%.
  • Defiled Shrine - Get the sky temple key here. Make it visible by power beaming it from afar, then screw attack it. You should now have all 9 sky temple keys.
  • Shrine Access - Blow open the seeker lock and go through.
  • Sky Temple Gateway - Insert the keys and take the light beam to go to the Sky Temple.
  • Fight Emperor Ing, escape, then defeat Dark Samus 3+4. You are now done with the game! Watch the slow credits to see your in-game time!

FINAL COUNT (101%): 14 E-Tanks, 255 Missiles, 10 Power Bomb, 250 Beam Ammo

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