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The 1% category for Metroid Fusion is the opposite of 100%, where the difficulty comes from health and missile management. It is very difficult to finish a single segment run without saving, and thus it is recommended that a player aspiring to learn 1% first start with Any% to learn the core basics of the game, then try a segmented 1% speed run.

The low% speedrunning category is 1% because major upgrades do not count towards percentage, and there is exactly one expansion that is nearly impossible to skip (skipping it, and thus 0%, is only possible on TAS as of now). This missile tank is notoriously named BOB, and is the missile tank in sector 3 that is in a morph ball tunnel that Samus is required to roll through. Besides BOB, the player skips all other expansions, ending with 99 health, 15 missiles, and 10 power bombs.

The core route for 1% is the same as Any%, except the player skips all expansions except for the BOB missile tank. However, much of the difficulty in in 1% isn't just the boss strategies themselves, but specific room strategies that are difficult to do.

Current Fastest Time

0:49 Single-Segment by Biospark on SDA

0:48 Segmented by Biospark (unrecorded)

Leaderboards for Metroid Fusion 1% can be found here


The notes here will assume you know the any% route. As such, this will merely be an ordered list of things to watch out for or be careful about in a 1% run that differs from any%.

  • Do a spin jump over the e-tank before Arachnus. Jump extends will help make it easier.
  • In Sector 1, pick up every drop you can that's in the way, especially from every shelled enemy, and while waiting for the door to open after defeating each stabilizer.
  • In Sector 2, remember that red zoros do 45 damage. As long as you're above 45 HP, feel free to play risky as no other generic enemy does more damage than 45.
    • The exception is the blue zoro, which will almost one-hit you. Be careful not to fall down into the pit with the blue zoro.
  • Sector 4 should be almost exactly the same as in any%; missiles aren't too important, they aren't used for Serris. If you're below 40 hp though, then be careful as the owtch and crabs will kill you.
  • You can't reliably dodge the beams from the eyedoor before Serris. To guarantee you won't die, be sure that you're above 40 hp to dodge up to 4 beams from it (and do NOT touch the eyedoor itself, which does 50 damage!)
  • Sector 3 is particularly dangerous, as the sidehoppers do at least 60 damage. Also do not use a single missile in sector 3 until BOX, as you need all 15; use charge beam to kill the sidehoppers (you will have to stop for most of them)
  • In sector 6, avoid the ice-x until varia suit. Enough said.
  • Also make sure to NOT grab the energy tank in Sector 6! Just jump over it then bomb the bottom-left corner; after the tunnel's uncovered, you can just hold right and fall through without worrying.
  • Sector 5 is relatively tame. Not much does major damage to you, and the ice-x heal you for a lot of health.
  • Meltdown is one of the most dangerous segments in 1%. Prioritize not getting hit by the stretchies with eyes, as they deal at least 70 damage to you. Conserve ice missiles until you absolutely must use them. Also do not fall into the lava in the hall with the three lava pits and the rungs.
  • Saving the animals is the same as in any%.
  • As is getting power bombs in sector 5. Just be careful not to get hit by the SA-X's ice beam, as it will kill you automatically.
  • The dark spitter hall on the main deck is very dangerous, as the spitters deal more than 80 damage to you. Furthermore, you MUST get a speedboost, as there is no way to skip the missile tank in the power-bomb path without speed boosting. Pause buffer or stop running if you must, and take out spitters if you must.
  • The energy tank in the room after the reactor is one of the most difficult challenges in 1%. Do a diagonal bomb jump, or a precise spin jump to dodge it.
  • The space pirates in the big room before yakuza are very dangerous. A safe but fast strategy is to approach the first pirate, dodge his beam, then stand in front of it so it jumps over you. Go below and there won't be a second pirate, since you didn't kill the first one. Fall down, kill the third one, and the resulting X will spawn a pirate above, where the second pirate should have been. This means you don't have to deal with having a fourth pirate, and having it snipe you while you try to defeat the eyedoor.
  • Ki-Hunters after yakuza are extremely dangerous. Their stinger attack does over 100 damage, meaning you will die. Avoid them at all costs.
  • The underwater pirates in sector 5 are very dangerous. If you fail to kill them with well-timed charged plasma shots, then morph under their beam (or jump over, if they crouch and shoot).
  • Practically everything in lower sector 4 does massive damage to you (but nothing OHKO's you). Take care to avoid the pirates and seahorse enemies.
  • Sector 6 on the second visit is relatively tame; just make sure you're full on missiles to take out BOX-2.
  • The golden pirates before Ridley do a lot of damage. Take them out one by one if you're not comfortable with fighting both simultaneously.
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