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Tips and Glitches

You can ignore topography such as ice, quicksand, and the scrapheap in Devilbat Schilt's Stage by doing a dash jump, and as soon as Zero hits the terrain, do a regular jump without dash. If done properly Zero will keep all of the momentum from the previous dash jump without being slowed by the terrain.

Zero can pass through enemies that are frozen or paralyzed without being damaged.

You can hold down while doing a jump slash for an Extended Jump Slash, which is stronger than a regular jump slash and can ohko those Copy-X drones with the Electric Rods.

Current Any% Route

  • (Obligatory Stages Not Included)
  • Devilbat Schilt
  • Blazin Flizard
  • Childre Inarabitta
  • Deathtanz Mantizk
  • Hanumachine R
  • Blizzack Staggroff R
  • Anubis Necromancess V
  • Copy X MK 2
  • Glacier le Cactank
  • Cubit Foxtar
  • Tretista Kelverian
  • Volteel Biblio

Boss Weaknesses

  • No Weakness: Deathtanz Mantisk, Copy-X Mk-II, Tretista Kelverian, All forms of Omega
  • Fire Weakness: Childre Inarabbita, Blizzack Staggroff R, Glacier le Cactank
  • Ice Weakness: Devilbat Schilt, Anubis Necromancess V, Volteel Biblio
  • Thunder Weakness: Blazin' Flizard, Hanumachine R, Cubit Foxtar

Combo Power

Combo power goes from lowest to highest a higher priority can go after a lower priority and damage a boss even if the boss invincibility has not worn off. some attacks can combo with other attacks in the same level. (note: here are only listed the attacks that are useful against bosses.)

  • Level 1: Orbit Shield, Uncharged Buster Shot
  • Level 2: Charge Slash, Gale Attack
  • Level 3: Throwblade, Split Heavens (Split heavens can combo after throwblade)
  • Level 4: Sabre Smash, nothing can be combo'd with this, must wait out entire boss invincibility
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