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General information

Beating the game allows the player to skip every cutscene (press Start). Beating the game with both characters allows you to keep model X after acquiring ZX. Both pieces of information are permanently stored on the cartridge, they cannot be deleted at all without the help of save game editing hardware. Being able to keep model X is a significant advantage. Therefore, every run from such a cartridge may be seen as a "New Game+"-type run.

Aile can crawl faster than Vent, which can save several seconds overall. However, she will be knocked back farther on damage, so watch out when close to instant-kill pits.


Model ZX

  • Screw attack: Jump, hold up while airbourne, and use your ZX saber. Deals a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

Model HX

  • HX combo: Press Y-R-Y and you will perform a combo attack. While in overdrive, this combo allows you to defeat the Area K mini-boss in one cycle and generally deals a lot of damage.

Model FX

  • Button mashing: Press Y-R-Y-R-Y-R... FX will shoot as fast as you can alternate between those two buttons. Get as close as possible to your target because the number of bullets which can be on the screen is limited.
  • Charged attack: You can charge up both of FX's cannons. This allows you to destroy ice blocks without having to go into overdrive. It can also destroy the wall blocking the shortcut in area I. If you have BM energy, the cannons will also release a flame, but this will cost BM energy too.

Model LX

Swimming is slower than dashing on the ground underwater.

Model PX


Mission order

The following mission order is based on the TAS order, but it puts Flammole before Lurerre in order to increase the chances of having sufficent BM energy on FX.

# Mission name Boss Area
1 Pass the test n/a C
2 Locate Giro Fighter Jet B
3 Search the Plant Hivolt E
4 Fight the Mavericks Fistleo G
5 Attack the Excavators Flammole K
6 Find the Survivors Lurerre F
7 Save the People Hurricaune I
8 Recover the Disk Leganchor J
9 Secure the Biometal Purprill H
10 Protect the Lab Protectos L

Boss strategies

The more often you hit a bosses' weak spot, the less Biometal energy the acquired BM will have. However, the fight will be shorter. It doesn't matter what level you get when re-matching them in the endgame though.


Recommended level: 3


Recommended level: 2

Use the HX combo on him. You can start the battle with an HX orb.


Recommended level: 2-4

If you hit her weak spot she may use her shark attack which takes a ludicrous amount of time. During that attack you can only damage her by attacking her open mouth (which is also a weak spot)


Recommended level: 2-4

There is a shortcut which allows you to skip the mini-boss and most of the stage. In I1 pass by the first door you see to reach a platform with an enemy on top of it. Transform into FX. You have two choices to reach the shortcut.

  • Charge one of the FX cannons and allow the enemy to push you off the left side of the platform. You will land on a ledge covered with spikes. Use your invincibility frames from the damage boost to release your FX cannon to the left to break the wall there. Quickly run to the left before your invincibility wears off.
  • Start climbing down the ladder and jump on the right ledge. Shoot the cannon there until it points all the way to the left, then charge your FX cannon. Once the enemy cannon shoots, jump onto the left platform (the enemy cannon will have destroyed the spikes). Release your FX cannon to the left to break the wall there.

Then follow the path to quickly reach Hurricaune.


Recommended level: n/a

Prometheus is weak to HX. When he appears in the center to use his ghost flames, activate overdrive and slash him. This should destroy at least one of the flames as they spawn.


Recommended level: 2-4

Use the HX combo on him.


Recommended level: 4

Use FX and aim at her head. Should take seven seconds or something like that.


Recommended level: 1

Spam ZX's screw attack (Hold up while in air and press B). He won't know what hit him. Use a charged buster shot to throw him off the ceiling before he can throw his bombs if necessary.


Recommended level: 1

His belly is his weak spot. Screw attack him there.


Recommended level: n/a

Good question. Using HX is a safe bet.

Prometheus & Pandora

Recommended level: n/a

Attack Prometheus like before, get as many hits on Pandora as you can while she is attacking.

Serpent 1

Screw attack + Charged shots with ZX. Stay close to him at all times so you can avoid his V shots.

Serpent 2

Keep HX sabering his weak spot. In phase 2, when he uses his gravity virus, HX dash upwards to evade those coming in your direction and get some free hits. In phase 3, look at his mouth to find out where to move in order to evade the virus. Definitely use overdrive against his weak spot in this phase.

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