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Boss Fight Planning

  • Note that several of the main 8 bosses have minor alternate weaknesses that can make for a slightly faster fight in some cases -- things like Cloud Man's minor weakness to his own weapon, Junk Man's weakness to Slash Claw, and Scorch Wheel's effectiveness against Burst Man, Freeze Man, AND Slash Man.
  • Bass fight 1, recommended weapon is Noise Crush or Super Adapter.
  • Guts Man, recommended weapon is Slash Claw (and using the falling rocks).
  • Bass fight 2, recommended weapon is Super Adapter -- the charged shot does dramatically more damage than any other weapon.
  • Turtle boss, recommended weapon is Wild Coil and use of Danger Wrap to push the small turtles into the boss head.
  • Mask boss, recommended weapon is Slash Claw or Junk Shield. Noise Crush also works but will require self-charge timing.
  • Wily fight 1, recommended weapon is Thunder Bolt.
  • Wily fight 2, recommended weapons are Wild Coil (charged) and Freeze Cracker (for high angle shots).

Route Planning for 100%

  • For a 100% run, the recommended order is: Freeze Man, Burst Man, Cloud Man, Junk Man, Turbo Man, Slash Man, Spring Man, Shade Man. This prevents any stages from needing to be repeated.
  • Two deaths will be involved in order to cover two forks in the road -- one in Junk Man's stage (S Chip, Rush Jet), and one in Shade Man's stage (Proto Shield, Energy Balancer).
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