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MediEvil is an action-adventure game released for Playstation in 1998 (US/EU).

Gallowmere Wiki

Resources for speedrunning MediEvil can be found here: Medievil Speedrunning A brief outline of the running the game will be detailed below but more detail is present in the wiki including level routes, explanation of tricks etc.

Game Versions

There are three versions of MediEvil - PAL, NTSC-U and NTSC-J.

  • PAL is the slowest category due to television standards used in Europe (50hz vs 60hz) and is 16.77~% slower than NTSC and is not used for competitive runs.
  • NTSC-J has the same speed as NTSC-U however the cutscenes in the game cannot be skipped which incurs a time loss.
  • NTSC-U is the fastest version of the game.


The categories for MediEvil are community defined as the game does not track completion. These categories are then split into glitched and glitchless categories. The major defining theme of each category is with regards to the ending received, chalices collected and collectables obtained (life bottles, weapons etc.). The categories are as follows:

  • Any% - Beat the game in the fastest time possible (any number of chalices - bad ending).
  • 100% - Beat the game while collecting all chalices (best ending.
  • Max% - Beat the game while collecting all chalices (best ending) with all 'collectables'.


This is a brief outline of the glitches used. For more detail check the wiki on their usage.

Inventory Glitch

When Dan closes and opens the inventory quickly in succession there is a brief period between it opening and closing were Dan can move. When the inventory is open Dan is invulnerable to everything. Therefore you can use this glitch to get out of bounds by skipping kill triggers.

Level Loop

In combination with the inventory glitch when you get out of bounds if you close the inventory and hold circle and a directional button you can move out of bounds (this movement is very specific or you will die). This is then used to skip levels completely by moving to the exit trigger or by skipping large portions of levels were the trigger cannot be reached. Levels were this is used include: The Enchanted Earth, Pools of the Ancient Dead, The Haunted Ruins, The Ghost Ship and The Time Device.

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