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Run Information

The game has an in-game clock that goes by when in a stage, moving the cursor on the world map or while at a Card Shop. You can stop the clock during a Mission by pressing Start and opening up the menu, allowing people doing a Single Segment (henceforth referred as SS) run to take breaks mid Mission.

VS Mode Card Betting

The difference between a SS run and a Multi Segment (MS) run is that, aside from optimization, MS runs can use VS Mode to bet over cards from one file to another, allowing one to cut a lot of the parts of the game where all you need is a card.

The cards that are necessary are Stone Golem, Hell Hound & God of Destruction. Recommended cards include any cards needed for a SS run that must be obtained via Card Shop or Mission End Prizes as well as Vampire (for the God of Harmony since you'll be skipping the Whyt region), Sand Worm (for the Runestone Caverns boss as well as any enemy under the effect of Time Stop/Tech Support!!) Golden Butterfly, Running Bird, Acid Cloud (for the Time Stop and Tech Support!! combos), Banshee (general usage, especially against Beelzebub), Basilisk (petrification is overpowered) and Mind Flayer (can one-off Mech monsters).


Lag Cancel

Alternating from one Weapon card to another takes less time than using the same card over and over. Note that you can use two copies of the same card as well. Mainly reserved for the Lizardman family.


Some weapon cards (like Dragon Knight and Banshee) cause knockback on their targets when hit. This gives them invincibility frames when hit, making them only good for the final blow against the target. If an enemy has been stopped via the Time Stop or Tehc Support!! combos or petrified, they won't experience knockback and will remain susceptible to prolonged attacks (such as Sand Worm's A attack and Wraith).

Triggers and Text Boxes

If you need to activate a trigger quickly, hold R while mashing A. This way you won't waste time using cards at random when you could be spending that time activating and ending a boring animation. When it comes to dialogue, its faster to use B instead since it'll close out of the coversation.


Nobleman's Residence: Z-Charded Dragon Knight on Hell Hound. Get at least one Dark Raven in End Mission Prizes if SS. Save and Quit to title screen to bet necessary cards over if MS.

Bahshea High Road 1: Dark Ravens and Dragon Knight on Storm Hagans. Maybe get Storm Hagan in End Mission Prizes (would help against God of Harmony if SS).

Kadishu: Buy 1 Tree Archer, 2 Ghouls & 1 Dark Raven (none if I already have two) if SS. Skip shop if MS.

Bahshea High Road 2: 1 Z-Charged Tree Archer + Dragon Knight on each Solider.

Kendarie Outpost: Don't spawn the Mandragoras. Kill the three Soliders. Get a MechaPult and a Mandragora in End Mission Prizes if SS.

Runestone Caverns: Talk to Sol and Abort if SS. Build new deck with only a Stone Golem. Get Crystal Rose if SS.

Runestone Caverns Depths: Get 2 Flayer Spawn cards in chests if SS. Use Mechapult, Z-Charged Storm Hagan (A) & Z-Charged Dragon Knight on God of Harmony if SS. Use Sand Worm (B) is MS. Get Flayer Spawn from End Mission Prizes if SS.

Ruldo Forest: Get a Myconid from End Mission Prizes only if a Mandragora wasn't obtained eariler.

Fossil Boneyard: Get a Hell Hound from the beginning and Abort if not Card Betting. Build new deck with 2 Ghouls, 2 Lizardmen and 1 Hell Hound. Use Z-Charged Ghouls & Lizardmen on Amber Dragon.

Sarvan: Use Crystal Rose once to keep the first two Jade Giants out of the way. Use Z-Charged Crystal Rose and Dragon Knight on final encounter. Replace Dragon Knight with Wraith if MS.

Holzog Town: Land a OHK on Lazerbug and TriBlasters with Flayer Spawn. Get a Wizard in End Mission Prizes if SS.

Plain of Rohwal 2: Kill Solider and finish.

Alanjeh Castle: Hope Sol doesn't act stupid. Hope the Bahrometz and Dark Treant don't respawn. Hope Sol doesn't act stupid. OHK the Claws-R-Uses with Flayer Spawn. Place a Mandragora where the Chariobot spawns by the gate to stagger it in order to finish Mission quickly if SS. Use Gold Butterfly + Acid Cloud combo on the last group of monsters if MS.

Royal Tower (Lower) 1: OHK the LazerBugs with Flayer Spawn

---Skipped part if MS---

Krasheen Mountains: Build a new deck with only a Dark Raven. Get Birdman card and add it to the deck in stage. Destroy the two northern spheres and Abort. Destroy the southern sphere and Abort. Select normal deck and defeat Black Dragon with Wizard + Ghoul + Dragon Knight

Grenfoel Cathedral: Activate the two statues on the left before talking to Rashianu. (Can you skip her?) Activate the other two statues to get the Vampire card before leaving with the key.

Plains of Rohwal 2: Get God of Destruction card.

---Skipped part if MS---

Royal Tower (Lower) 2: Build a deck with only God of Destruction.

Royal Tower (Middle): Kill Ice Golem with Wizard + 2 Z-Charged Lizardman attacks. Kill Demon Fox (?). Kill Bezelbub (?). Kill Leod VIII with Time Stop + Sand Worm (A).

Royal Tower (Upper) Build deck with only Vampire. Use Vampire (B) on God of Harmony.

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