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Thread by speed132 - Started 2006-10-06
Level Up Stats - Excel
Level Up Stats - Text


Elemental Affinity

Damage Dealt
Element Vahn Noa Gala
Earth 95% 40% 85%
Water 40% 95% 85%
Fire 100% 70% 85%
Wind 70% 100% 85%
Lightning 70% 70% 100%
Light 85% 85% 95%
Dark 85% 85% 60%
Non 80% 80% 80%

Boss Strategies


  • Recommended Level: Vahn 4 / Noa 5
  • Accesories:
    • Vahn: Mei's Pendant
    • Noa: Scarlet Jewel
  • Notes: Vahn must have Gimard and it should ideally be level 5. Level 4 Gimard is acceptable but makes a 3-turn fight close to impossible and makes the 4 turn slightly riskier.
  • Strategy:
    • Turn 1:
      • Vahn: Gimard on Caruban
      • Noa: Spirit
    • Turn 2:
      • Vahn: Gimard on Caruban
      • Noa: Tempest Break (RRLUUU) on Caruban
    • Turn 3:
      • Vahn: Gimard on Caruban
      • Noa: If Vahn has >200 HP and Noa has >130 HP at start of turn, Spirit. Otherwise, use a Healing Leaf or Bloom as needed.
    • Turn 4:
      • Vahn: Gimard on Caruban. If Vahn does not have 40 or more max MP, have him Spirit.
      • Noa: If she Spirited last turn, use Tempest Break. Otherwise, heal. If healing is unnecessary, use Dolphin Attack (RRLR)
    • Turn 5: By this point, Caruban should be very weak. Attack all out and you should win unless he attacks before your characters.

Viguro x2

  • Recommended Level: Vahn 6 / Noa 7 / Gala 4
  • Accessories:
    • Vahn: Defender Chain / Mei's Pendant / Azure Jewel
    • Noa: Ra-Seru Egg / Defender Chain
    • Gala: Defender Chain / Scarlet Jewel
  • Notes: Both Vahn and Noa MUST have the Nighto summon. Ra-Seru Egg halves Thunder-element damage and is crucial for mitigating the attacks of the Viguro. It is preferred that both Vahn and Noa have absorbed Vera in West Voz Forest already.
  • Strategy: Vahn and Noa should each use Nighto on the first turn, while Gala uses a Healing Bloom. Ideally, both Viguro will be annihilated (1/16 chance for each). It is acceptable if one is confused/annihilated (50% success each) and the other is unaffected. Reset if both are unaffected.

Each Viguro has 1,280 HP. It is crucial to make sure no more than one is alive and not confused at a time. If both are confused, do not attack until one of them knocks the other out of confusion. If one is at low (<200) HP, only attack with one party member to avoid knocking the other one out of confusion. Gala will naturally take about 25% less damage than Vahn or Noa from their attacks. Try to keep everyone's HP over 250 at all times, and try to keep Vahn over 400 if possible, as he can be dealt 350+ by either Viguro's attacks when not under Spirit.

Songi 1

  • Recommended Level: Whatever beats Viguro
  • Accessories: Defender Chain (Scarlet Jewel and Mei's Pendant are helpful, but unnecessary using this setup.)
  • Notes: You must have the Point Card, and it must have at least 525 points. This is not a hard limit; you can go down to about 518 or so without too much risk. Gala must have the Theeder spell obtainable in Zeto's Dungeon (55% absorb, 85% with Ivory Book)
  • Strategy: Gala should use Theeder turn 1, and finish Songi's 888 HP on turn 2 with the Point Card. Gala will always attack before Songi, so there is no risk to dying on turn 2 unless the Point Card does not have enough points. You will have enough money to get 525 points by judiciously selling a majority of the hidden items and accessories found throughout the towns and dungeons in Drake Kingdom.


  • Recommended Level: 7 for all.
  • Accessories: All characters should have Defender Chains and Deep Sea Jewels. There is one in a hidden crevice north of the West Voz Genesis Tree and you can purchase two more in Biron Monastery. If you have a Cure Amulet, it will protect against Poisonous Bubbles.
  • Notes: Zeto's Big Wave will do about 120-150 damage to each character if they Spirit during the turn he attacks and they are wearing Deep Sea Jewels (50% reduction in damage from water spells). Poisonous Bubbles can inflict Venom. An Antidote, Medicine, or a Vera spell at level 3 or higher will cure Venom. Venom causes a decrease in HP at the start of each turn and weakens attack and defense. Zeto has 5,000 HP, so it will take several turns to slowly chip away at it.
  • Strategy: With the Deep Sea Jewels and Defender Chains, this is probably the least difficult boss fight thus far in the game. Cure Venom if possible, and try to keep the party's HP over 300. Big Wave will do ~275 without Spirit, so try to stay about 300 HP and have Gala use a Healing Bloom on the turn Zeto uses Big Wave. Use a Fury Boost on Noa T1 (you got one earlier in the dungeon), and have Noa using Tempest Break and Vahn using Tornado Flame throughout the fight to whittle Zeto's HP down as quickly as possible. Gala should remain on healing duty, but may use a Theeder cast on T1.


  • Recommended Level: 9 for all.
  • Accessories: All characters need Defender Chains and Earth Jewels. The Forest Amulet found in the treasure chest just to the right of Berserker will be very useful for this fight, as it nullifies the Rot status inflicted by Spore Gas. If you have been to Vidna and acquired the War Soul, equipping it will make the fight go considerably faster.
  • Routing: There are two viable routes for the first half of Sebucus. You can go directly to Berserker and defeat it right away, or you can go to Vidna and Octam before coming back to Jeremi and get Orb and play the Vidna slots for items. The first route is more direct and saves a couple of minutes, but the second route has a Berserker fight which is a minute or two faster and having the Orb spell and better equipment can make the fight safer. For single-segment, the second route is recommended for safety.
  • Notes: Berserker has 5,000 HP. He can also be instantly killed with Nighto (1/16 chance to kill with Nighto L1), though this can take a lot of time and is recommended for segmented runs only. Berserker's Spore Gas has a 100% chance to inflict Rot if the targeted character does not have a Forest Amulet equipped. Rot can be cured with Medicine, or a Vera or Orb spell of at least Level 5.
  • Strategy: Even with Earth Jewels, Berserker is still capable of dealing around 350 damage with its physical attacks, so try to keep your HP above 400 if possible. Though rare, Berserker sometimes uses Stone Circle when low on HP, dealing 550 points of Earth element damage to each character; this can be halved by Earth Jewels. Its Poison Gas and Spore Gas inflict Venom and Rot, respectively, so come prepared with a few units of Medicine. If you have the War Soul from playing the slots in Vidna, equip it on Noa to give her a sizable damage boost. Otherwise, equip the Forest Amulet on her to prevent losing attacks to Rot.
  • Experimental Route: Point Card Berserker for 5,000 damage. Keep Earth Jewels equipped for safety on turn 1.


  • Recommended Level: Varies
  • Accessories: Defender Chains and Earth Jewels are required on all characters.
  • Routing: It is optimal to kill Xain by using the Point Card for 9,000 damage, with Noa's Frost Breath (with a War Soul) dealing the first 600 damage. To do so, you will need to buy and sell about 110,000 G worth of items gained from playing the Vidna slots (The War Soul and Spirit Jewel together sell for 45,000; phoenixes and medium lures are the next most efficient). With this route, it is not necessary to do any grinding after Berserker. Otherwise, level 13-14 is recommended. The best route for getting this level is to fight Berserker as normal, progress to Underground Octam, and fight the encounters at the very beginning of Fire Path; they provide around 550 EXP per battle.
  • Notes: Xain has 9,511 HP. His physical attacks are Earth Element and are halved by the Earth Jewel, but both Bloody Horns and Terio punch are bugged and inflict non-elemental damage, which is not reduced by the Earth Jewel. Because of this, using Earth Jewels is less effective than in normal battles, and it is highly recommended that you use the Point Card on Xain. If you choose to fight him normally, make sure to heal frequently and try to keep the party's HP over 700 to prevent being KO'ed by Bloody Horns.

WARNING: Make sure you have 3x Ebony Jewel and 2x Earth Jewel when you leave Underground Octam. These are critical for the rest of the run and the Ebony Jewels can only be purchased here (You should have 3 Earth Jewels from fighting Berserker; one can be sold here.) There is also a Miracle Water which appears only after defeating Xain. To get it, you need to search the Future Hari statue (the red one) just south of the Mayor's Office twice - the first time makes you read the statue, but you can immediately check it again to get a very useful item.

Songi 2

  • Recommended Level: 12 (You will probably only be 11 after Xain.)
  • Accessories: Each character must have a Defender Chain and an Ebony Jewel, which can be purchased in Underground Octam for 4,000 G each. You will need these for nearly all of the boss fights going forward, and are absolutely required for the second half of the game. Equip the Power Ring on Noa, Mei's Pendant on Songi, and whatever on Vahn (Speed Ring is probably best to improve slightly the chances Vahn moves before Noa and/or Songi
  • Notes: Songi has 12,888 HP and 800 MP; this is the one fight in the game where it is ideal to keep track of the boss's MP. Hyper Lightning uses 120 MP and Hyper Crush uses 180. Both his physical attacks and special attacks inflict Dark element damage. Having a Phoenix or two is advised for this fight. By now, it is critical that Gala has absorbed the Orb magic spell, found in Above-Ground Octam.
  • Strategy: It's time to break out the Power Elixirs. Noa +8 (See Power Elixir and Juggernaut strategies, below). Use a Fury Boost so Noa can use Tempest Break

Van Saryu

  • From this point on, it is not necessary to worry about grinding for EXP. The bosses going forward can be beaten with the levels gained from fighting boss battles and other forced encounters.
  • Accessories: Ebony Jewel / Defender Chains Noa with Power Ring, Vahn with Speed Ring, Gala with Mei's Pendant
  • Notes: Despite having a special attack called Earthquake, all of Saryu's attacks, including the aforementioned Earthquake, are Dark Elemental. Jugger Power is used when Saryu has taken about 10,000 damage; he has 13,245 HP.
  • Strategy: Set up Noa +8. With Mei's Pendant, Gala can survive 2 Earthquakes as long as he is at full HP. Once Saryu uses Jugger Power, all of his stats take a sizable increase, and he hits harder and more frequently for the duration of the fight. I recommend using Orb every turn after he uses Jugger Power until you finally exhaust the last ~3,500 HP, as it is very likely that he can 2-round any party member with the sizable boost to his ATK and AGL. Under the Elixir strategy, he should die either the turn he uses Jugger Power, or the next turn. Fury Boost will speed this fight up by a turn or two.


  • Ebony Jewels are required, and Defender Chains are highly recommended.
  • Notes: Dohati has 17,200 HP and has a very weird quirk. He will always use Chaos Breath on the first turn of the battle and will use it periodically during the fight. In order to determine when he will Chaos Breath, it is crucial to watch Dohati's physical size. Each turn, or whenever he is damaged, Dohati's size increases slightly. When he reaches maximum size, he uses Chaos Breath again. Chaos Breath can inflict both Venom and Toxic Status. If Gala knows the Aluru or Kemaro spell and/or Vahn knows the Kemaro spell, this fight will be quicker. Again, a Fury Boost is helpful here, though Noa may be able to use 6 art blocks without Spirit by now.
  • Strategy: Try to keep your party's HP over 480 as much as possible; this is about the top end of Chaos Breath and Dohati's physicals. Venom/Toxic can be cured with an Antidote or an Orb/Vera spell of level 3 or higher. Set up +8 (+9 may be slightly faster here and save a turn?)

WARNING: Make sure to have 3x Luminous Jewel, 3x Ebony Jewel, 1x Burning Jewel, 1x Madlight Jewel, and 1x Earth Jewel when you leave Octam to head for Karisto Kingdom. These will be very useful for the first half of Karisto.

Gaza 1

WARNING: Make sure you have acquired the Speed Chain by scoring at least 400 points in Dance Practice or winning the Sol Dance Competition.

  • Make sure all characters have Luminous Jewels; Defender Chains are useful as well. Noa should have the War Soul and Power Ring equipped along with the Luminous Jewel, while Gala or Vahn (Gala preferred due to slightly higher HP/Defense) should have the Speed Chain equipped.
  • Notes: This fight is trivialized with this setup. The Speed Chain guarantees that the equipped character will always attack and can heal before Gaza, and Luminous Jewels reduce his damage output to under 750. Bring a few Healing Flowers for this fight. Gaza has 12,000 HP this round. If Vahn does not have the Kemaro spell, I recommend completing the Sage's Treasure Chest objective and absorbing Kemaro magic for him and Gala in the Sol Basement.
  • Strategy: The most critical component of this fight is to make sure to keep all party members' HP topped off at all times, as Astral Slash can do up to about 780 damage even with Luminous Jewels. Since Gaza has no multi-targeting attacks, Noa and Vahn should focus on attacking while Gala fills the healing role with Healing Flowers. +8 Noa will down Gaza 1 in short order (12,000 HP)

Gaza 2

  • Accessory setup is the same as before, except Ebony Jewels instead of Luminous Jewels. Gala needs to have the Speed Chain to cast Orb, as Gaza now has a multi-target attack (Neo Star Slash).
  • Keep everyone's HP above 650 or so and heal when necessary. Noa+8 is optimal. If you are playing the no slots route, beware of using offensive magic during this fight; I have encountered a glitch where the game softlocks if Gaza uses a physical attack (not Astral Wave / Neo Star Slash) directly after a magic spell is cast against him. This may be unique to playing this game on a PS2, though.
  • Strategy: Noa+8. If No Slots, Kemaro is fastest (45% absorb in Sol Basement), but make sure Vahn has a Slowness Chain on based on the above. Gaza's HP has increased to 15,000 with his new Sim-Seru.

Delilas Family

The route here will change based on slots / no slots. If you are playing the slots route, it is fastest to Point Card all three of these clowns. If you are playing No Slots, you'll need a different setup, but you should still have at least 8,000 points from selling accessories and buying armor. You can play Baka Fighter if needed to get to this point.

Accessories: If Slots Route Gala: Speed Chain / Evil Talisman / Spirit Jewel. Noa: Speed Ring Vahn: Blazing Jewel

If No Slots: Gala: As above Noa: Power Ring / Defender Chain / Madlight Jewel Vahn: Burning Jewel / Magic Grail / Life Grail or Defender Chain (Grail is 40,000 G, which is probably unachievable.)

Strategy: Gala uses 1 cast of ESM, followed by Point Card. If Slots route, Noa uses Point Card for a T1 kill. Otherwise, the Delilas Family members always use their special attack every third turn. Be sure to follow the pattern of attack / heal / spirit to counter. If Slots route, Vahn uses Point Card for 9,999 damage, followed by physical attacks to deal at least 1 damage. Otherwise, Kemaro is crucial here. There are strategies which do not involve Kemaro, but they are considerably slower. 5 Kemaro casts should be sufficient.

Money & Shopping Route

The money route for this game is extremely tight until completion of Drake Kingdom, at which point you will have access to the slot machine in Vidna and can acquire as much money as desired. In addition, the strategy for Songi 1 requires having a minimum of 515 points to reliably get (>95% chance) a 2-turn kill and prevent any possibility of death on the fight. The current route gets the following treasure chests and other hidden items throughout Drake Kingdom and ends up with 555 points for this fight after purchasing the desired items (The Songi 1 strategy with 555 points is effectively riskless.)

Rim Elm

  • Acquire: Healing Leaf (Vahn's house, Cupboard), 3x Healing Leaf (talk to shopkeeper after Mist enters Rim Elm, but before acquiring Meta), Mei's Pendant (talk to Mei after Mist arrives - choose "The Mist is Here", then "Let's go to my house."), Magic Leaf (Elder's House, Cupboard near Elder), Point Card (only obtainable after leaving Rim Elm and hitting the World Map for the first time).
  • Sell: 3x Healing Leaf
  • Buy: Warrior Seal, Warrior Boots
  • Equip: Warrior Seal, Warrior Boots, Hunter Clothes, Mei's Pendant

Drake Castle

  • Acquire: Door of Light (courtyard chest) Fire Book 1 (In Sleep Room)

(We will acquire more items here after Mt. Rikuroa is cleared)

Snowdrift Cave

  • Acquire 2x Healing Shroom (there are 4 - the easiest & fastest two to get are the the one in the training room and a second in the final room before the World Map)

Mt. Rikuroa, Noa's Side

  • Acquire Power Water, Scarlet Jewel. EQUIP / USE ON NOA BEFORE GOLEM FIGHT!
  • Acquire Phoenix

Mt. Rikuroa, Vahn's Side

  • Acquire Speed Elixir (on the steps), Healing Bloom (treasure chest on left fork before the final tunnel to the summit)
  • Use: Door of Light after Caruban to walk down to Drake Castle

Drake Castle - Mist Cleared

  • Acquire Survival Knife (Treasure Chest in the room on the left side of third floor), Magic Leaf (Check the bottom right corner of the same room), Fury Boost (Below the bottom-left table on second-floor kitchen), Healing Leaf (Treasure Chest in same room), Speed Water / Healing Bloom (treasure chests in rooms on first-floor).
  • Acquire Fighting Robe (When Noa asks what money is, say "I don't know"), Wisdom Water (In Noa's Quiz, answer all three questions wrong - if you get one right by mistake, you get nothing. Correct answers are: Healing Berry, Escape from a Dungeon, Wats - Make sure to choose different answers than these three!)
  • Sell: Fury Boost, Magic Leaf, Phoenix, Speed Elixir
  • Buy: 3x Defender Chain, Electric Shoes
  • Equip: Survival Knife, Electric Shoes, Defender Chains on both

Drake Castle Blockings

  • Acquire: Phoenix, Life Water.
  • Use: Life Water on Noa (wait until getting Gala and put the third Defender Chain on him)

Biron Monastery

  • Acquire: Power Elixir (check the statue's face), Healing Bloom (in a pot on the right side of Zopu's Room)

Drake Castle Blocking

  • Acquire: Ivory Book (This is critical for boosting Seru absorb rates! Make absolutely certain to get this item!)

West Voz Forest

  • Acquire: Healing Leaf (go left at first fork in the road, on the path), Fertilizer (required to reach the last part of the dungeon), Shield Elixir (go left into the log tunnel at the top left of the second room, right next to the Fertilizer treasure chest), Magic Amulet (path diverges to the right at the start of the third room - the one with the Bridge Grass), Door of Light (fourth room, right on the path), Noa Feral (go north from Door of Light chest), Healing Bloom (go left from previous chest), Deep Sea Jewel (check the northern "outcropping" just above the dead Genesis Tree)
  • Equip: Noa Feral
  • Use: Door of Light to escape from dungeon after obtaining Ra-Seru Egg
    • Make sure that Vahn and Noa both have the Vera spell if possible. They should both also have Nighto for the next boss, though this can be obtained in East Voz

Biron Monastery 2 (Mist)

  • Acquire: Guardian Water (pot on right side of the bedroom where you find the Seru-possessed Maya), Medicine (bottom right corner of the kitchen), Phoenix (pot just above the kitchen table)

East Voz Forest

  • Acquire: Healing Flower (go left at second fork), Weed Hammer (required to progress in this dungeon, go right just before the second room of the dungeon), Magic Leaf (just beyond previous), Healing Bloom (hidden path off to the right at the start of the second room), Survival Club (second chest on the left side of the third room), Azure Jewel (chest at the far top-right of third room), Earth Jewel (between the two trees above the Genesis Tree - do this after the Viguro fight)
  • Equip: Survival Club, Ra-Seru Egg (on Noa). Put Scarlet Jewel / Azure Jewel on Gala and Mei's Pendant on Vahn. All characters should have Defender Chains equipped before the start of the Viguro Fight.
  • Acquire: Golden Compass - There is a very small chance of acquiring a Golden Compass after the Viguro x2 fight. Equip it if you get it.

Biron Monastery 3

  • Acquire: 10x Healing Leaf (answer "Of Course" to Maya's question, then talk to her in the kitchen)
  • Sell: Speed Elixir, Magic Amulet, Earth Jewel, Phoenix x1, Azure Jewel
  • Buy: 2x Deep Sea Jewel, Crimson Nails, Power Shoes (You should have 555 Points after buying all of this.)
  • Equip: Crimson Nails, Power Shoes

Zeto's Dungeon

  • Acquire: Thunder Book I (first chest on the path), Fury Boost (go left after Thunder Book I chest), Short Sword (after riding first elevator, behind the elevator on the right side). Mettle Ring is a 100% drop from Songi 1. Put it on Noa for the Zeto fight.
  • Equip: All characters should have Deep Sea Jewels after the second elevator. Gala needs Theeder before riding the first elevator; he should equip the Ivory book to increase the chances he does so.

Ancient Caves

  • Unequip: Mettle Ring, Deep Sea Jewel x3 (sell at Old Witch's place)
  • Acquire: Wisdom Water (barrels behind Old Wizard), Silver Compass (barrels in Wizard's back room in the top-right corner, get this item by checking the bottom of the three barrels in the corner), Magic Water (barrels behind Old Witch's counter)
  • Sell: Deep Sea Jewel x3, Mettle Ring, Wisdom Water
  • Buy: Best available Leg Armor (I think Noa gets better boots here.); do not buy weapons or other armors, Golden Compass, Earth Jewel x3
  • Equip: Golden Compass, Silver Compass, Earth Jewel x3

Jeremi 1

  • Enter Jeremi to trigger a Door of Wind warp. Immediately leave for Octam

Vidna 1

  • Slots: Acquire 24,000 coins (The minimum you need is ~17,500 coins for Sebucus; you can get the last 6,500 in Sol.)
    • Buy: War Soul, Spirit Jewel, Power Elixir x84, Shield Elixir x4, Phoenix x150 (these are to sell; buy 99, sell them, then buy 50 more. Keep 4-5 for safety)
  • Acquire: Phoenix (cabinet in Hot Springs place [to the west of the slot machine], Magic Leaf (cabinet behind weapons shop)
  • Buy: best Leg Armor * Weapons, Healing Flower x35, Door of Wind x20, Door of Light x20
  • Sell: Phoenix x99, obsoleted equipment
  • Churn for 5,000 points on the point card - I recommend Mettle Rings, as they cost 12,000 and you only need to buy a few of them, and can sell them right back.

Jeremi 2

WARNING: If playing no slots, do Octam first to get the Orb spell. BEFORE FIGHTING BERSERKER: Equip Earth Jewels & Defender Chains on all characters

  • Acquire: Speed Ring (On third floor, take the top-right elevator to go down to the second floor), Healing Fruit (dead end just to the North of the save point on Sky Gardens, Fire Book II (100% drop after Berserker), Speed Elixir (chest before Berserker), Forest Amulet (chest just beyond Berserker - optional if slots route, mandatory if no-slots), Power Water (inn basement, get this after Berserker), Guardian Ring (optional?, cupboard behind bar counter), Zalan's Letter (talk to Zalan)
  • After Berserker: Unequip Earth Jewels. Equip Golden Compass, Silver Compass, Speed Ring, War Soul (Speed Ring & War Soul on Noa, other accessories on any character)

Vidna 2

  • Give Zalan's Letter to Pepe. Acquire Yuma's Ring


  • Acquire: Orb Spell on Gala

Jeremi 3

  • Acquire: Star Pearl, Zalan's Crown

Shadow Gate

  • Acquire: Miracle Water (top-right corner of Shadow Gate at the top of the hill)
  • Use: Star Pearl (gate opens). Pattern from top-left and going clockwise is: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire

Ancient Path

  • Acquire: Healing Flower: Go right at first fork, directly on the path, Life Ring (go right at second fork, double back), Wonder Elixir (right at third fork, double back), Fury Boost (large room with floating stepping stones, top-left area right on path)

Underground Octam

(To Come)

Juggernaut Room Glitch

  • It is possible to clip behind the guards in Ratayu and enter the Juggernaut Room without needing to be level 99. In order to do so, you need to force your sprite into the hitbox of the door by wedging yourself directly behind the guard. The easiest way to do this is in two parts:
    • Part 1: You want to start by getting into position just to the left and below the guard on the left side in front of the Juggernaut Room door. It is best to be tapping X while pressing up&right on the D-Pad to slowly wedge yourself between the guard (who will be to the bottom and just to the right) and the door (to the top and right). You will know you have wedged yourself on the right pixel when the guard will automatically talk to you and bar you from entering the room if you move straight up until you can't move any further.
    • Part 2: Try to wedge just a bit further, and tilt up+right while tapping X. If you are successful, you should clip one additional pixel and hit the loading zone to get into the Juggernaut Room.

Slot Machine Timing

It is possible to time the slot machines, though you have at most a 1-2 frame window, and sometimes, the game will eat your inputs and you will fail to get the correct frame no matter what you do. I recommend looking at the left side of each reel, and watching for the "Punch" icon, which has three points on the side where it "juts" out from the main part of the symbol. Allow the reel to spin several times until you get the timing down before attempting to press the appropriate button.

Juggernaut Magic Strategy

Previously a mainstay of the any% route, this strategy has been largely superseded by the Power Elixir strategy (see below in a future update). This involves a character (generally Vahn) equip the Evil Talisman and Spirit Jewel, and cast Juggernaut Magic each turn to attack for roughly 5,000 damage per cast. The downside is that two accessory slots are consumed using this strategy, increasing the risk that the strategy breaks down against Cort 1 and Songi 3, where two defensive accessories are necessary to reliably survive some of their attacks. This is the preferred strategy in the no slots route because of the need for a very large number of points for the Power Elixir strategy. This strategy is unavailable until after the party has reached L17-18, and may not used until after Saryu is beaten and the Juggernaut Room glitch can be used. Setup:

  • Noa: Defender Chain (Minea's Ring for Cort 1 and Songi 3) / Ebony Jewel / Speed Chain
  • Vahn: Ebony Jewel / Spirit Jewel / Evil Talisman
  • Gala: Ebony Jewel / Defender Chain (Life Armband for Cort 1 / Songi 3) / ??? (Slowness Chain? This spot is flexible.)

In most of the battles where this strategy is used in the slots route, Ebony Jewels are not needed; only in the Zora fight. For those on the no-slots route, Ebony Jewels are critical for Jette, Cort 1, and Songi 3. You may use other accessories in that slot for Koru, Rogue, and the Rogue's Tower Minibosses (Carubans & Berserkers, though I recommend Earth Jewels if you still have them for Berserker Lv3, as his attacks come close to one-shotting a party member at low levels!)

Power Elixir Strategy

The optimal boss strategy on many bosses after Xain (exceptions: the Delilases, Koru, Zora, and Rogue's Tower) involves setting Noa up with many Power Elixirs to boost her attack power to astronomical levels before attacking. Each Power Elixir increases the character's attack by 20%, and elixirs stack multiplicatively (such that 2 elixirs increases attack power to 144%, 3 to 173%, and 8 leads to about 430% of that character's initial attack strength). Whereas Noa might only do 450-500 damage normally at level 13-14, she will do 3,000+ after putting 8 Elixirs on her, greatly shortening the length of many boss battles. Putting a Fury Boost on Noa will ensure that she can attack every turn with her strongest attacks; it is generally correct to rely on "weaker" combos such as a lone Tempest Break for consistent damage over multiple turns, rather than using a more powerful combination of arts and then needing several turns to charge up for another attack. The correct number of Power Elixirs varies, but 8 generally works well, with 9-10 being optimal on some of the later bosses, and 10 + 6 Wonder Elixirs being correct for the final boss to ensure a single-turn KO (and avoid getting Final Cort using Doomsday!). The accessory setup is less important, except that all character should have an Ebony Jewel for battles where that is necessary, Noa should have the Power Ring, and Gala should have a Speed Chain equipped after acquiring it.

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