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Jurassic Park for the genesis was released in 1993 and offers two different play modes. Either you choose to play as Dr.Grant or you choose to control a Raptor. The gameplay is significantly different between the two.


Grant has slow movement and take damage from falls. If the distance he falls is too far the game will trigger a Fall To Death Animation (FTDA) sending him to his death.

Difficulty differences

  • Easy: Ammo pickups give 15 ammunition. Damage from all sources are low.
  • Medium: Ammo pickups give 10 ammunition. Damage from all sources are medium.
  • Hard: Ammo pickups give 5 ammunition. Damage from all sources are high (two spike hits takes off a full hp bar)


Fall reset

The falling distance can be reset by firing your weapon mid-air thus prolonging the time until the FTDA would trigger. This allow you to survive falls that would otherwise have killed you. NOTE: This does not work for pits which instantly trigger an FTDA such as the bottomless pits in the sewer level.

Fall-to-death cancel

The FTDA can be cancelled by the animation of a ammunitions pickup. This is useful for going down pits where a fall reset is not possible due to the pit causing an instant FTDA. The FTDA is quite short so there aren't many places where there is an ammo pickup close enough. The leftmost pit of the volcano level can be entered by using this trick (as can be seen in the current run).

One more use of this trick is in the Canyon level. Right after the first falling rock segments there is a deep pit. There is an ammunitions pickup right below this pit but the FTDA speeds up the fall when playing so this particular ammunition sprite doesn't have time to load and thus can't be picked up. To counter this, the fall down the pit can be synchronized with the falling of the rocks. The rocks fall at a regular interval and cause huge slowdown. This slowdown makes the FTDA play slow enough for the ammunition sprite to load which will then let you cancel the fall.

There is one more occurence of this trick and it is extremely hard to pull off. The first pit in the Canyon level has an instant FTDA trigger. There is no ammo pickup below this pit but there is one other way to cancel it. If you manage to walk off the cliff at the exact same time as the raptor attacks you, the animation of taking damage will play as you fall and will move you out of the FTDA trigger. Using this would save around 15 seconds from the current run.

Boat Jump

In the river level, it is possible to skip the first T-Rex and a switch of boats. By simply holding forward at the giant waterfall just before the T-rex, it is possible to land unharmed in the river below. This trick depends on how much slowdown the game is currently generating. If the game is suffering from too much slowdown, the boat won't have enough speed and the trick will fail. The slowdown seems to be mostly connected to what animation the T-Rex is currently playing.

Sewer brachio skip

The first part of the sewer level can be skipped by making two perfectly timed jumps onto and from the brachiosaurus. The first jump is a standing jump from the first sewer pipe edge onto the brachio. You need to time it so that you manage to land on his head. Landing on his nose will prevent you from making the second jump. The second jump is a forward jump that needs to be done so that you reach the right sewer opening without being too high or too low.

Run on spikes

The game only checks for damage from spikes when you land on them. After landing on spikes once you can run over them freely without receiving further damage (as long as you don't jump). This is more useful if playing on easy since the hp loss is very low.

Floating crate skip

The floating crate in the sewer level has some horrible physics so it is adviseable to try to never stand on it. The crate can be skipped by running towards it when it is moving against you. Grant will then push through the crate. In order to do this your feet need to be in level with the bottom of the crate. The cannister the crate is floating in is not really a cannister, but a disguised spike floor. This means that you can use the run on spikes trick to be able to push through the crate.

Pickup animation skip

If you land on the exact spot of an ammunitions pickup, the shorter landing animation will take precedence of the pickup animation (but you still get the ammo) this saves a small amount of time but is only useable in a few places where you can hit it with a running jump. This is because a standing jump wastes more time than what is gained.

Jungle trampoline fall

The image shows where you should jump

You can jump through a jungle trampoline (first level). You need to run and jump onto right spot near its start. But it's a difficult trick.


Difficulty differences


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