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Level Skip/Gold Bulla

Level Skip/Gold Bulla If you have enough money (the cost is 10, with bronze counting as 1, silver as 2, and gold as 8 rather than the usual 10), this happens on the third “try again” for a specific stage. You lose all your money but skip the stage. THIS MEANS THAT YOU DON'T GET THE UNLOCK FOR THE LEVEL.

Armor Breaking

If you hit armor hard enough, it breaks off of the enemy.


If your ship hits something, like a piece of something or a wall or ground or pretty much anything, you lose control of your ship for a short time. This can really screw you over. Be careful when killing an enemy as parts fly everywhere, and some parts can dizzy you.

Slow Time

Time slows down and the mass of your weapon is increased. Two ways of triggering this: Hit the enemy really hard, or get overkill by knocking their weapon off of them while they are in the red. It doesn’t always happen when you do this, so I’m not sure the exact criteria needed to get this. It helps you do more damage but it can be dangerous because if you get dizzied, you can take lots more damage since your weapon is so heavy. It also slows down time for a few seconds, which may not be helpful for your run.

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