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This is currently the only run that has been attempted.


From when you click the play button after creating your profile, to when you click past the last dialogue box in stage 15 (either after beating the boss or just talking with him if you are on 15B). We COULD time from after the epilogue is over but it is more of an interactive ending than having any actual gameplay, since you just advance the text by clicking and don't do anything else.

Current Fastest Run

36:22.20 by chairbender - reflects the current route

General Strategies

  • Try to keep enemies on the screen. Don't hit them out of the screen and don't dodge them when it would cause them to go out of the screen.
  • If an enemy goes out of the screen, taunt to get them back on quickly.
  • Ground and Pound (GNP): Hit enemies down into the ground, which causes them to be dizzied, and keep hitting them. By hitting them into the ground, you can keep them stunned because they'll keep bumping into the ground/debris that collects on the ground.
  • Hit enemies into each other when there are multiple enemies, to keep them all dizzied.

Route and Individual Level Strategies

The path that this route follows is the following story choices: choice 2 after the tutorial stage, right click after stage 6-5 (don't fight the Sophit), choice 1 after stage 7-3, choice 1 after stage 9-3, and right click after stage 12.

This route uses the stone mace for almost every level.

These strategies are more rules of thumb, since the dynamic nature of the physics-based gameplay means things will not happen exactly the same way every time.

"A" and "B" after the stage number indicates which branch it is (where A=choice 1 or left click, and B=choice 2 or right click)


Fling them into the left wall with a hit so they bounce and the trainer counts it as two good hits.


Kill the enemy by hitting them into the alcove on the left, and following up if necessary Select choice 2


Kill the enemy by hitting them into the bottom left ledge. Do not let them go out of the screen


Kill yourself by dropping your weapon 3 times and buy the Gold Bulla.


Kill the sawbots as soon as they appear.


Kill each blimp as soon as it appears on the left. Kill blimps by destroying the balloon part and not the cabin.


The Sophit will charge down from the top in a few seconds, so time your hit to hit him in the head before he puts his claws out. If he stays onscreen, follow up with more hits as long as he isn't trying to claw you. From then on, when he goes offscreen, head to the opposite side of the screen so that the balloon in the center will see him before you, but make sure that he won't actually hit the balloon if he charges towards you. Wait for them to start shooting or to yell to let you know the Sophit is coming again, and try to hit him in the head as before.


Suicide into the right spike wall three times and buy Gold Bulla.


Dodge his hits. He will back off from you when he is not attacking, so try to push him away from where your chain is attached to give you more maneuvering room when he attacks.


Hit the enemy into the ground, then GNP. Be careful not to hit the wooden spikes.


Drop/Throw the sword and bump it so that it ends up blade down on the ceiling (I usually aim for the top right corner). Nudge into as much as you can without getting dizzied until you die. Repeat 3 times until you can buy the Gold Bulla.


Try to stay out of the middle of the enemies. They back away from you when they aren't attacking, so use that to try to get them all spread out/below you to make it easier to dodge them. Dodge the attacks until the timer hits 30, then get damaged by them until the level is over.


GNP the enemy.

Choose to not fight the sophit (RMB).




Suicide by throwing your weapon on the ground and nudging into it. You can also let yourself get hit by the enemies to speed up the suicide. Buy Gold Bulla after 3 suicides.


GNP this enemy.


GNP the first enemy, then the three that spawn. Try to hit the three into each other and onto the ground.

Choose choice 1


Suicide into the spikes


Makes sure to get enough money for Gold Bulla on the next stage. Kill the first enemy into the spikes. Kill the second enemy with an upswing as he drops down into the stage, trying to hit him into the spikes. Hit the other enemy into the spikes


Run into the spikes 3 times, purchase Gold Bulla


Hit the enemies into the walls. GNP. Try to hit one of the enemies into the middle of the ceiling to trigger the explosion sound effect while fighting them. Don't run into the spikes and stay away from the canisters when they explode. If you don't trigger the explosion or prevent the fire from spreading somehow, they will explode and the level won't finish until the ringing stops, which wastes a few seconds.


Circle around the enemy, avoiding the claw and the walls, and try to hit the flamethrower gun until it breaks and stops shooting flame (the sprite changes). Then try to hit the boss in the center piece until it explodes, but don't worry if you hit the left or right pieces or claw as damaging those still helps. If you don't beat the boss quickly enough, it will go offscreen on the bottom and will spawn four saw bots. Hit the saw bots so their saw goes down off the screen when you kill them, so the saw hits the boss while it is off the screen. Once four sawbots have spawned, eventually the boss will come up again. Try to hit his center as he comes up. You can kill him even if he is a bit offscreen.


Throw your weapon down off screen 3 times then buy the Gold Bulla.


Break each basket as it appears. Be careful because some of them explode. If you are playing on low graphics settings you won't see the fire. Get good slices on them to make it go faster (you get more smilies). Make sure to pick up enough money for Gold Bulla in 9-3.


Break the lowest support on the right side where the audience is and drop your hammer in that little hole. Nudge into it until you are dead. Do this 3 times then buy Gold Bulla.

Choose choice 1


Hit him into the spikes. Try to collect money if you can but don't waste time doing so.


If you collected enough for gold bulla on the last stage, then suicide 3 times by running into your weapon on the ground and letting enemies hit you. Otherwise, just GNP the enemies


GNP the enemies.


GNP the enemies.


Throw your weapon into the corner and run into it and let the enemies hit you. Suicide 3 times this way then buy Gold Bulla


GNP the enemies


GNP the enemy


GNP the enemy


GNP the enemy


GNP the enemy but don't hit him off screen. Try to hit him into the ceiling.

Spam right click at the dialogue. Choose to not serve him.


Grab the hammer on the left and smash the bots that appear into the ceiling. Try to stay away from the floor because explosions happen randomly. Also, you need to grab a stone mace from one of the enemies and drop your hammer. If not, you will need to switch after this level back to stone mace. Kill the boss when it appears then stay away from the key.


Switch to stone mace if you don't have it. Suicide 3 times by running into your weapon on the ground on the right and letting enemies hit you. Buy Gold Bulla


You need to collect enough money here for Gold Bulla on 13-3B. Hit the enemy in the center piece and keep circling to hit his exposed center.


Suicide by throwing your weapon into the ground and running into it and letting enemies hit you. Do this 3 times and buy Gold Bulla.


Hit each Bot as soon as it appears out of the door. Hit them hard enough so they hit the wall and die. Then hit the center gear thing. Avoid hitting the walls yourself or hitting the big spiked ball. Make sure to collect enough money here to buy Gold Bulla on 14-2


Suicide by throwing your weapon into the upper left platform and running into it and letting enemies hit you. Buy Gold Bulla after 3 suicides.


Survive by just going around the level dodging enemies. Look out for the missiles that the missile bots launch.


Left click rapidly until you beat the game.

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