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Categories are determined by three different factors:

  • Ending/Path Taken
  • Difficulty
  • Character Selected

Additionally, if you are running off the XBLA version, then Original and Remixed mode are also considered separate categories as they are widely different in their mechanics. As such, they should be listed as well.

Example: Golden Silver Path (Normal) w. Ginjirou

  • Golden Silver Path = Ending/Path Taken
  • Normal = Difficulty
  • Ginjirou = Character


Ending 1 (Earth Spirit Path) - Beating the Earth Spirit path as fast as possible.
Ending 2 (Super Zur Path) - Beating the Super Zur path as fast as possible.
Ending 3 (Sky Spirit Path) - Beating the Sky Spirit path as fast as possible.
Ending 4 (Golden Silver Path) - Beating the Golden Silver path as fast as possible.
Ending 5 (Valgar Path) - Beating the Valgar path as fast as possible.

Game Mechanics & Glitches

Some explanations about how the game works, specific techniques, and glitches

TODO: Populate this section.

Character Stats & Info

Some general info about each of the five playable characters

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Additional Resources

Additional Resources - Links to other helpful resources (Will be deleted)


Guardian Heroes SDA Topic


The most simple Guardian Heroes fansite by Joram Useful for routing.

Guardian Heroes irc Channel

Room: #treasure

Treasure Discord

Discord Invite Link

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