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All addresses are assumed to be of the type 4 Bytes/Dword (as used in Cheat Engine) unless otherwise noted. Addresses are for the 1.0 version of SA and may not work for other versions. All addresses inlcude the 0x400000 main module offset (what CheatEngine displays as Address in the cheat table list).

The variables names (where given) are taken from the decompiled SCM commonly available. Sometimes the variable in parentheses shows an alternate name that is not used in the mission script, but might be helpful.



Address Type Description
00B791B8 Bicycle
00B791B4 Motorbike
00B7919C Flying
00B790A0 Driving
00B794AC (Float) Uzi/Tec9 Increases at 0.5 per shot (if it actually hits something that can take damage)


Address Type Description
00B791A4 Lung Capacity Increased by Lung Capacity Exp (see below)
00B793E0 (Float) Max Health Increased by Max Health Exp (see below)
00B793DC (Float) Muscle Changed by Muscle Exp (see below), Gym
00B793D8 (Float) Stamina
00B793D4 (Float) Fat Changed by Stamina/Muscle changes and eating
00B793E4 (Float) Sex Appeal


Exp values are increased by certain actions, and then increase the associated skill/stat once it reaches a certain number of points (the number in parentheses in the description column).

Normally these values get reset to 0 when you start a new game through the menu or load a save, except for the Lung Capacity, Cycling and Max Health Exp.

Address Type Description
00B794E8 Lung Capacity (60k) [Doesn't reset]
00B7950C Max Health Increases at 1000/second with Running/Sprinting/Cycling when actually pressing W (600k) [Doesn't reset]
00B79500 Stamina/Run (300k)
00B794DC Stamina/Cycle (300k)
00B794D8 Stamina/Sprint (300k)
00B794E4 Stamina/Swim (180k)
00B794FC Muscle Running/Sprinting/Swimming/Diving (150k)
00B794EC Driving Increases at about 500 or 1500 per second, depending on speed (300k)
00B794F8 Motorbike (180k)
00B794F0 Flying (300k)
00B794E0 Cycling Increases depending on speed/bunnyhopping (120k) [Doesn't reset]

Other Stuff

Address Type Description
00B7CB84 Playing Time The time in milliseconds that has been played
00A49FC4 On Mission Set to 1 when on a mission, 0 otherwise


Address Type Description
00B7938C (Float) Distance on foot
00B79390 (Float) Distance in a car
00B793EC (Float) Distance on a bicycle


See also: Phonecalls
Address Type Description
00A49C48 $TIME_FROM_LAST_CALL Only updated when a call can actually be received
00A4AF90 Recall Time Delay between calls in milliseconds (20k, 15k after Badlands)
00A4999C Call active This is 1 as long as the phone is ringing/call being answered
00A4AF70 Current Call Id Changed to the Call Id when the phone rings
00A49C40 Last Call Time This is set to the current playing time (in milliseconds) when a call is finished/canceled or a mission is finished. There seem to be a lot of different values that are similiar, some don't change at some points. This address may or may not work in all situations.

Game Progress

See also: Mission Chains

Los Santos

Address Variable Increased by / Comment
00A4A060 $INTRO_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($448) Big Smoke (1), Ryder (2)
00A4A070 $SWEET_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($452) Tagging up Turf (1), Cleaning the Hood (2), Drive-Thru (3), Nines and AKs (4), Drive-By (5), Sweet's Girl (6), Cesar Vialpando (7), Doberman (8), Los Sepulcros (9)
00A4A07C $OG_LOC_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($455) Life's a Beach (1), Madd Dogg's Rhymes (2), Management Issues (3), House Party (Cutscene) (4), House Party (5)
00A4A080 $CRASH_LS_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($456) Burning Desire (1), Gray Imports (2)
00A4A074 $RYDER_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($453) Home Invasion (1), Catalyst (2), Robbing Uncle Sam (3)
00A4A078 $SMOKE_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($454) OG Loc (1), Running Dog (2), Wrong Side of the Tracks (3), Just Business (4)
00A4A088 $LS_FINAL_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($458) Reunting the Families (1), The Green Sabre (2)
00A4A084 $MISSION_LOWRIDER_PASSED ($457) High Stakes Lowrider? (is checked to be equal to 1 for starting Reuniting the Families)


Address Variable Increased by / Comment
00A4A114 $MISSION_BADLANDS_PASSED ($493) Badlands (1)
00A4A10C $TRUTH_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($491) Body Harvest (1), Are you going to San Fierro? (2)
00A4A110 $CESAR_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($492) Wu Zi Mu (5), Farewell my Love (10)
(Both races seem to increase the value throughout different stages of the race, by 5 total per race. The variable might be more aptly named "$BADLANDS_RACE_PROGRESS" or something.)
00A4A488 $MISSION_LOCAL_LIQUOR_STORE_PASSED ($714) Local Liquor Store (1)
00A4A48C $MISSION_SMALL_TOWN_BANK_PASSED ($715) Small Town Bank (1)
00A4A490 $MISSION_TANKER_COMMANDER_PASSED ($716) Tanker Commander (1)
00A4A494 $ALL_CATALINA_MISSIONS_PASSED ($717) Against All Odds (1)
(This variable isn't very well named in the commonly available decompiled mission script. It's not set to 1 when all Catalina missions have passed, rather when the Betting Shop mission is passed.)
00A49A60 $CATALINA_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($64) Tanker Commander, Against All Odds, Local Liquor Store, Small Town Bank
(These missions can be completed in any order, so it's not the best way to check which has been completed. It also gets set to 5 when finishing Wu Zi Mu.)
00A4BB2C $2163 King in Exile (1) (Cutscene/Phonecall)

San Fierro

Address Variable Increased by / Comment
00A4A1D4 $GARAGE_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($541) Wear Flowers in your Hair (1), Deconstruction (2)
00A4A1DC $WUZIMU_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($543) Mountain Cloud Boys (1), Ran Fa Li (2), Lure (3), Amphibious Assault (4), The Da Nang Thang (5)
00A4A1E4 $SYNDICATE_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($545) Photo Opportunity (1), Jizzy (Cutscene) (2), Jizzy (3), T-Bone Mendez (4), Mike Toreno (5), Outrider (6), Ice Cold Killa (7), Pier 69 (8), Toreno's Last Flight (9), Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (10)
00A4A1E8 $CRASH_SF_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($546) 555 WE TIP (1), Snail Trail (2)
00A4A1D8 $ZERO_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($542) Air Raid (1), Supply Lines... (2), New Model Army (3)
00A4A1E0 $STEAL_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($544) Zeroing In (1), Test Drive (2), Customs Fast Track (3), Puncture Wounds (4)

Desert & Las Venturas

Address Variable Increased by / Comment
00A4A2A4 $TORENO_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($593) Monster (1), Highjack (2), Interdiction (3), Verdant Meadows (4), Learning to Fly (5), N.O.E. (6), Stowaway (7), Black Project (8), Green Goo (9)
00A4A2B4 $CASINO_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($597) Fender Ketchup (1), Explosive Situation (2), You've had your Chips (3), Don Peyote (4), Intenstive Care (5), The Meat Business (6), Fish in a Barrel (7), Freefall (8), Saint Mark's Bistro (9)
00A4A2B8 $598 (CRASH_LV_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS) Misappropriation (1), High Noon (2)
(Not properly named in the commonly available decompiled mission script.)
00A4A2BC $599 (Madd Dogg) Madd Dogg (1)
00A4A2C0 $HEIST_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($600) Architectural Espionage (1), Key to her Heart (2), Dam and Blast (3), Cop Wheels (4), Up, Up and Away! (5), Breaking the Bank at Caligula's (6)

Return to Los Santos

Address Variable Increased by / Comment
00A4A328 $MANSION_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($626) A Home in the Hills (1), Vertical Bird (2), Home Coming (3), Cut Throat Business (4)
00A4A32C $GROVE_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($627) Beat Down on BDup (1), Grove 4 Life (2)
00A4A334 $RIOT_TOTAL_PASSED_MISSIONS ($629) Riot (1), Los Desperados (2), End of the Line Part 1 (3), End of the Line Part 2 (4), End of the Line Part 3 (5)


Address Variable Comment
00A4BDC8 $RACES_WON_NUMBER ($2330) Increased by winning races. Since regular races are only unlocked after answering the call after Driving School, this variable can also be used to track the progress of the story mission races High Stakes Lowrider (1), Wu Zi Mu (2) and Farewell, my Love (3).
00A51698 $8014 Used during End of the Line Part 3: Set to 1 once you can start shooting, set to 2 during a cutscene in between and set to 3 once the cutscene starts where the Firetruck breaks through the bridge (the end of any%, incidentally this address was taken from the AHK autosplitter).
00A49AB8 $MISSION_BACK_TO_SCHOOL_PASSED ($86) Driving School Passed

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