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General information

The 100% definition for this game is the maximum number of quests solved (42).
There is an SDA thread. Further help can be found in the WorldofGothic forums (English is allowed).
See this playlist for already published runs.

Glitching through gates and walls

Strafing works on practically any gate or door. You just stand in the corner, strafe into it and then repeatedly strafe until you magically go through. How and why this works remains a mystery and no way to get it reliably has been found yet. It seems to be better to make many small strafes (pressing the key quickly) instead of a long one and to adjust the camera so that it lines up with the gate. Make a save just after getting in the right position, so you don't need to do it at each attempt of the actual glitch.

Repeated jumping in a corner
Run into a corner, do a running jump where the two walls connect and repeatedly use the map key to jump again (see below in the flying section). With luck you will go through. Example

Alt + M
This is a very reliable trick for gates on a downwards slope. The very first gate in the Temple of the Sleeper is an example of it. Remove any map from your inventory, jump and hold down M in mid-air. You will get stuck in your current animation status, glide down the slope and possibly go through the gate. Then release the M key and continue.

Transform into an animal, go to where you want to go through and transform back. It only works in some directions and there has to be enough ground to stand on behind the gate or wall. If it doesn't work in the direction you want to go, you can block the place behind you with hostile creatures you lure before. Since their place is already occupied, the game will send you to the only remaining direction. Example
It also works when an object is sticking out of the game world allowing you to go OOB. Example

Seam glitches
Sometimes walls have just not been properly connected. Example

General tricks

In addition to 1.06l-exclusive duplication, there are 2 tricks that work in all versions:
- If you get hit or a speed potion expires while consuming an item you keep the item but get the effect. Useful to boost attributes with a single potion. There may be more causes for this glitch.
- If an item is consumed by a pan, forge or similar, you can double it's quantity. Have the pan in your focus, open your inventory, navigate to the item to duplicate, press Ctrl+Up. Example

Dialogue trick
This item is only useful for the very last segment of the run after the very last dialogue you need to have. Engage a NPC that talks to you automatically and press Esc at the right time so that you have the menu open while in dialogue mode. Now load a save and go to a NPC that would talk to you. NPCs will no longer react to you and you cannot save anymore. This especially means you can pierce the Sleeper's hearts without opposition. Pay attention not to remove information from your recording.
You can neither save in this glitch not cancel the glitch, so this is for the last segment only.

Flying and surviving falls
Strafe or press the M key at the end of a fall to take no damage. M is generally preferred unless you hold a weapon. To fly remove all maps from your inventory, press and hold Alt and press M each time you want to jump.

The Catapult Glitch
Pause the game at the right moment of the walking animation and the hero will continue to glide forward for a while and then go backwards again. When you unpause, the hero can fly with great speed until he hits an obstacle.


Gothic was released as version 1.06l. Patches 1.07c, 1.08h, 1.08j/Kyro II quickly followed. All future releases were based on version of 1.08j. 1.08k fixes a graphic card related crash that isn't relevant today anymore. From version 1.08j onwards there are versions with and without In Extremo due to expired usage rights.

The original release only available in German. It contains many useful glitches that have been patched in later versions. A physical copy is hard to find, but you can convert a German 1.08j version to 1.06l using this download. Important differences from 1.08j:
- There are no chapter screens saving a few fractions of a second.
- Monster AI and parrying is slightly different.
- Not all members of the Old Camp become hostile in the 4th chapter.
- You cannot become a Magician of Fire before you deliver the eggs to Kalom.
- You can use the gate in the Old Mine infinitely to spawn infinite minecrawlers.
- The Sleeper does not throw fireballs at you during the final fight.
- The Chromanin quest is missing.
- Baloro's quest is not logged.
- You cannot move more than 10 items at once.
- You can duplicate items by moving them to the inventory of an unconscious person (at least 2 of a stack at once).
- It is much more prone to crash, have texture errors and has longer loading and saving times.

If you install the modkit, you get this version. Unlike all previous versions there is no water, in which you can swim, OOB in the Temple of the Sleeper. You cannot move while OOB at all in the Temple of Sleeper in this version on most systems. Some Operating Systems like Windows XP allow you to move freely OOB making this the preferred version.

FPS patch
The FPS patch requires version 1.08k_mod. It raises the fps limit from ~21 to 60. It gives a slight speed advantage in menus, but has negative effects on jumping speed making it an inferior version overall. The ex-member of Piranha Bytes, who developed it, explicitly said it isn't official, but some official releases have it installed.

The Chinese version
The Chinese version of this game is extremely bugged due to some variable names having been translated. Some NPCs will fail to do their normal routines. Notably Diego will not move from his starting position after the introduction talk and the Orcish priests in the Temple of the Sleeper will be unable to attack you. You cannot install the Playerkit on this version. Since you cannot move OOB freely and the priest tricks don't work, this version is not faster for normal runs at least.

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