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Console Information


Nintendo GameCube
Resolution 480i/480p
A/V Outputs Composite, Component, S-video, RF
Framerate 60.0022 progressive/30.0011 interlaced More Info
Models Earlier versions had a digital out connector that was later removed

Nintendo Gamecube

All Gamecube models have a multi-out A/V connector in the back. The A/V cables that came with the system include the standard red white and yellow (composite video) connectors. This same connector is also used by the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64. You can use the standard A/V cables that are included with the Gamecube and connect them to your recording equipment to get video footage that is acceptable for SDA. While the standard A/V cables that come with the Gamecube are composite video, the Gamecube is also capable of outputting S-Video. Nintendo did not release an official S-Video connector for the Gamecube, however you can purchase a third party set of cables that includes it. S-Video provides superior picture clarity and quality and it is strongly preferred over composite video.

Left: The standard A/V cables from Nintendo
Right: Third party A/V cables with S-Video

Recording at 480p

The Nintendo Gamecube is capable of outputting a higher quality video signal at 480p using component cables. If you are interested in recording your speedrun at this resolution, I would strongly recommend that you use a Nintendo Wii instead of a GameCube. The reason is because the Wii is backwards compatible with GameCube games and the component cables for the Wii are readily available. If you would still like to attempt this, here is what you will need:

  • An earlier release of the GameCube that has a digital out connector (newer releases removed this connector
  • GameCube component cables. These cables were never used by any other system and so they are very rare and expensive)
  • Your game must support progressive output
  • Every single PAL Gamecube game does not support 480p, however playing a NTSC Gamecube game on a PAL Gamecube console via Freeloader supports 480p.
  • If your console has access to homebrew by using SD Media Launcher, you can run a program called Swiss, boot up a PAL GC disc and set the options to force 480p, there's a few games that does not work with this method including Metroid Prime both 1 and 2

Click here to view the PAL games list

  • As the Wii (original model) supports Gamecube games, the only niche it has now is slightly better recording quality on Gameboy Original/Color/Advance games via Gameboy Player.
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