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Below is the quickest route to beat the game. Six golden frogs are needed to complete the game. Five golden frogs are needed to open the Tropical Zone, which is required to complete the game.

RTA (Real Time Attack) timing begins when the player selects Retro Zone 1.1. SDA (Speed Demos Archive) timing begins when you take control of Frogger for the first time. Timing ends when you touch the Gold Frog in Tropical Trouble.

For reference, refer to CaneofPacci's Individual Levels Playlist

Retro Zone (1.1 through 1.5)

The Retro Zone consists of alligator mouths, snakes, beavers, and traffic as hazards to Frogger. The Gold Frog needed to unlock a new zone appears in Retro Zone 5, sitting on the first row of logs beyond the road.

Tree Zone

3.1 Honey Bee Hollow - Obtain all five frogs. For more on the behaviour of the bees, refer to the Game Mechanics page.

3.2 Canopy Capers - Obtain the Gold Frog.

Mechanical Zone

4.1 Scorching Switches - is a very brief level that is required for Any%. As in Retro Zone 5, the main objective of this level is to obtain the Gold Frog.

Bat/Cave Zone

5.1 Dark Dark Cavern - Obtain all five frogs.

5.2 Frogger Goes Skiing - Obtain all five frogs. For optimum sight, the furthest frog (Green) is obtained first. After each respawn of Frogger (death or frog capture), the light around the player grows dimmer with a smaller diameter of sight. Due to the speed of the final three spiders, it is preferred by speedrunners to work in descending order of travel length.

5.3 Webs Cavern - Obtain the Gold Frog.

Sewer Zone

7.1 Bang Bang Barrel - Obtain all five frogs. For more on the mechanics of the dipping barrels before the Green frog, see the Game Mechanics page.

7.2 Slime Sliding - Obtain all five frogs. For more on the "drip", see the Game Mechanics page.

7.3 Uncanny Crusher - Obtain the Gold Frog.

Tropical Zone

9.1 Tropical Trouble - Obtain all five frogs. After the brief door opening cutscene, touch the Gold Frog inside.

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