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Currently, there are two main routes: any%, and any% with large skips. These route have mostly been explored on the SNES, but other versions may or may not have bugs used in these routes.


Coming soon. Maybe.

Any% With Large Skips

This section is currently being updated.

  • In Baron Castle, there is a treasure chest with a tent. After Kain leaves, walk one floor to the south. The chest is in the small room opened with a button. This tent is used for a glitch.
  • At some point, you will want to perform an item duplication glitch. To do this, get into a battle, open Kain's item menu, and select a blank slot in the right hand column that is adjacent to another blank slot on the left. Go up, and select his shield. If you look at your items, the shield will have moved over to the left slot. After that, select Kain's lance and put it in the blank slot to the right of the shield. After the battle, you will need to re-equip and put the lance back into that same right-hand slot. It will look like the lance has disappeared; however, going to a shop, you can sell that "empty" slot for enough money for the rest of the game.
  • After Mist Dragon, the second major glitch happens. Standing next to the city Mist, walk west and open your menu one frame later. If you do this, your character will have begun to walk but will not have completed a full step. Use a tent. This shifts the triggers of the map one square to the right. Because of this, you can stand on the left side of Mist. Stand on it. Repeat the same glitch walking to the east. Instead of using a tent, save and reset. If you do this, you should be standing on Mist and can now walk past the town.
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