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(originally written by trh)

A hastily done FAQ on how to upload videos to Famster and make them publicly accessible:

Famster is a mainly Flash based website that will let you upload various files, your video files are limited to 100mb each and you get a total of 1gb space. To read more go to http://famster.com/storage.html.

1) Register

Pretty obvious, but still mandatory. Start off by going to http://www.famster.com/build.html (or hit the 'build your famster' button on the main page). Enter your nick instead of family, password, email etc etc.

Although I recommend you insert your own email it's still not necessary, you will be automatically logged in after you complete this first step.

2) Uploading

After you complete your registration press the 'your family name'-URL that comes up after you're done, or go to http://www.famster.com/yourfamilyname, which will bring you to your site manager.

Close down the Welcome-window that will pop up when you first log in. At the menu, to the left, under 'Admin' there's a 'File Cabinet' button, which will be used to upload and manage your files.

To upload your file, after you've entered the 'file cabinet' hit the 'upload file' button at the top to get the upload manager. Here, select the files you want by press the +Add button. Then after you're done selecting your files press the upload button and wait for it to upload.

3) Making it publicly accessible

Close down the upload status window and the upload manager so you get back to the 'file cabinet' window, then drag the videos you just uploaded from 'member files' to 'public files'.

4) Actually accessing it

To access the index of your uploaded files you need to go to the URL of your Famster, http://www.famster.com/yourfamilyname, then go Menu -> File Cabinet. And that's it.

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