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This page discusses the freeware game Eternal Daughter. A walkthrough can be found here.This page will be updated later with boss strategies and tricks, and videos for many of the things outlined.

Basic Rules


In single segment/RTA, begins as soon as "new game" is chosen, and ends at the last hit on Baphomet's second form. In segmented, each segment's time begins when choosing "new game" or the saved file. Timing ends in a segment when the file is saved, or at the last hit on Baphomet's second form.


Any% - Defeat Baphomet's second form.

100% - Defeat Baphomet's second form after collecting all hearts, power scrolls, items, and diety powers.

Low% - Defeat Baphomet's second form after collecting the minimum amount of obtainables. At the moment, these are: Hammer, Boots of Eluriel (Wall Jump), Gideon's Anklet (Forward Slide), the heart and scroll in the tower, Mojak, and Elendaru (Flight).



There are 8 ways to increase speed. Note that for each trick, in order to maintain the movement, you must hold the direction you are moving.

Ledge Dash - Back Dashing off a ledge will maintain the speed you were at when you left the ledge.

Ledge Slide - The same as Ledge Dash, but uses the front slide instead. Is usually faster as well.

Dash Jump - Jumping as quickly as possible after performing a back dash will maintain the speed of the dash.

Slide Jump - The same as Dash Jump, but uses the front slide instead. Is usually faster and easier to perform.

Charged Dash - Back dash while charging a shot. Very fast, but difficult. Speed can be increased to a limit by repeating.

Charged Slide - Forward slide while charging a shot. Very fast and very easy. Speed can be increased to a limit by repeating.

Underwater Damage Boost - Being hit underwater can increase your speed to that of a normal run.

Underwater Flight - Flying while underwater is the fastest way to move underwater efficiently.

Rapid Fire

Pressing jump and shoot at the same time uses the charged progress of the previous shot. This can be observed by repeatedly pressing the buttons until a charged shot appears. It also means that once a charged shot has been fired, even by normally charging it, pressing the buttons will immediately fire a charged shot. Additionally, the cooldown between shots is removed, so pressing the buttons can shoot normal and charged shots very quickly.


Many, perhaps all, enemies can be hit multiple times by one shot. This seems to be based on where the tip of the shot hits the enemy on its model.

Save Warping

There are two methods to this. By taking damage while the save game dialog is open, you will regain movement but still be able to select the desired save file and save the game by pressing attack. The other method is to hold the up button while loading in to a saved file; however this only works on some save points. Loading a saved file that saves using one of these methods will load the game into the normal save point. Moving between areas will remove the ability to save anywhere.

Out of Bounds

Mojak - Standing on a mojak that is in a corner of a ceiling and jumping can cause you to pass through and stand on the ceiling. This is easier to do by using two mojaks, one slightly above the other. In some places you will enter a wall instead of a ceiling. Walls can be climbed by pressing jump or moving left or right if the wall is thick enough.

Early Familiar - At the entrance to Blue Mountain is an NPC that blocks your path. After speaking to him, quickly jump on his head before he flies away, hold right, and spam jump. If done correctly, you will be above the area. Simply run left to enter the area where you get the familiar.

Last Area Skip - Once through the gate into the last area, you can walk left under a ledge and jump out of bounds.

Flying attack

While flying, press jump, then attack, then up (do not hold any of the buttons) to fire a shot in the air and continue flying. Note that your flight meter will remain where it was when you pressed jumped.

Dialog/Cutscene Skipping

Press the escape key to skip most dialogs and cutscenes. Some dialogs can not be skipped. For some reason, attempting to skip the dialog that activates after passing the Grodol that guards the gate to the last area will cause the game to go to the main menu.


Press F2 to reset to the main menu.

Sound Glitch

If the game is running on multiple CPU's, the game will sometimes enter a sound glitch and you will be unable to move unless you are pressing a key, and will in general be very slow. To avoid this, enter task manager and change the affinity of the game to use only one CPU.

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