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Double Dragon is an arcade classic that ported to nearly every platform imaginable at the time. The NES got its port courtesy of Tradewest in June 1988, and while it shares themes and concepts with the other versions, it remains a unique entry in the franchise. You take control of Billy (not yet Bimmy) Lee on a quest to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend Marion. Between you and her is a sea full of five, count 'em, five different enemy types (this was 8-bit in 1988 remember) as well as two unique bosses at the end.


Any % - Do whatever it takes to beat the game as fast as possible

Additional Information

Game Mechanics and Glitches - Some explanations about how the game works, specific techniques, and glitches
Casual Speedrunning - Some adjustments to make speedrunning the game easier
Additional Resources - Links to other helpful resources

Do do list

  • Landing page(this page)
  • Category Page
  • Game Mechanics Page
  • Additional Resources
  • (Optional) casual speedrunning section

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