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General Tricks and Glitches:


Swordcanceling is done by attacking (LMB) and canceling the animation by pressing Block (ALT) as soon as the sword hits the enemy. The trick lies in the timing between the block and the next attack, as that those can be chained very quickly while the hit animation takes time.


The backwards dash (Focus(Shift) + Direction(A|S|D) + Dash (ALT)) can easily be canceled into an Uppercut (hold LMB) wich can be canceled into another backwards dash. This behaviour can be chained to achieve a higher movement speed.

  • Since the player is not facing forwards anymore this is only recommended after learning the route forwards.
  • Since this technique relies on the Shift-Focus War will target the first enemy that comes into Shift-Focus-Range and will stay that way until the enemy is far away again.


Requires: [DevilsCross] When in the air, War is able to gain some slight additional height by Blocking (ALT). The amount of height gained is similar to using a [FlipSaw]-Move in the Air.

  • To actually block in the airthe player has to let go of Forward (W) before blocking and repressing that Forward right after the block is done.
  • While this move gives roughly the same height as the [FlipSaw]-Move, it has the advantage of being slightly faster and not homing in on enemies.
  • Since this Trick requires the [CrossCounter] it is only used in Prologue in a Speedrun.


This is a nifty trick to figure out how far you can go on certain ledges. If you Dash (ALT), you cannot fall down a ledge until the dash is over. If you hold back (S) at that point, you will clearly see how far War can walk without risking a fall!

Infinite Jump:


Infinite Jump is the main method of breaking the game after aquiring a second Subweapon. Buttons required: Jump (Space), Switch Subweapon (F), Use Subweapon (Mouse Wheel Up) This trick only works when multiple Subweapons are equipped (in this case 1:Gun/Horn, 2:Crossblade, 3:empty/whatever) You start out on your first Subweapon (press 1 if unsure). Then you press Jump and Switch Weapon at the same time 3 times in a row. Afterwards use the weapon. F+Space, F+Space, F+Space, Scroll Up If done correctly you will get another jump while in the air. This can be repeated as often as neccassary. Note: This trick might not work on certain keyboards. Wireless ones in particular seem to not allow you to press two buttons at the same time! Note: To gain the maximum height it is not helpful to spam the buttons. If you use the weapon when War begins his flip you should get the optimal heightbonus. A lot of time in the run depends on how efficient one can Infinite Jump. Learning how to correct screw ups and how to be consistent are key to a good run! A lot of runners use a different Keyboard layout. A lot of runners bind Jump on 4 and Switch Weapon on 5, so they can press the two buttons right next to each other.

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