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This page is still a WIP... If you wish to contribute, you are welcome to help edit the page... Credit for Skills and Weapons goes to the various members on


Double Jump

During the game, find an object to lift, such as a car or dumpster. Jump with the A button, and at the height of your jump, press RT to throw the object and immediately press and hold the A button to do a double jump. It is preferred to use a lighter object since it allows for higher jumps than with a heavier item and comes in handy when you don't have a high agility level or if you are attempting to jump a big gap that normally can't be done with a regular jump.

Wang's Invisible Ledge

If you approach Wang's Tower from the South while on the tower to the south, you can jump towards the opening and if you jump short, you will land on an invisible Ledge where you can then jump into the tower (the specific location needs to be worked out, but there is an invisible ledge)


There are five skills that you can level, Agility, Driving, Explosives, Strength, and firearms. Each Skill contributes to your agent's performance in the game.


The higher your level, the faster you can run and the higher you can jump.

The first and most obvious way is to get the bright green Agility Orbs that are on almost every roof-top. There are 500 of these around but you will almost definably reach 4 stars before you get them all. Usually the higher up the orb is from the ground, the more Agility Experience it is worth; the easiest way to tell is how many much by how many smaller Orbs are floating over the top of the main Orb. Another way you can get Agility is to perform a far away kill from the roofs with a gun. This isn't heavily advised, since the orbs given here isn't as much as collecting orbs.

Agility is the only skill that doesn't reset if you get killed.


The higher your level, the faster and more efficiently you drive.

The first way to level you driving is to violently run over gang members. They are a bit hard to hit if you aren't coming at them fast but they do die after you hit them. The 2nd way is to perform flips and tricks in the air; if you don't land on your wheels, it doesn't count. If you get 4 stars, you gain access to the special features in the agency vehicles such as machine guns in the supercar, hydrolics in the SUV, and boosters in the Truck.

Out of the five skills, this is probably the most useless in a speed run. The reason why is that you don't really drive much except when it comes to getting to a location that you don't have a supply point at, and even so you still have to get out to reach the general that your car can't reach.


The higher the level, the bigger the explosion.

Not much to explain here, it helps when you are heavily outnumbered and want to take out a big group with a rocket or a grenade. Explosives also come in handy when it takes out generals and kingpins fast. However at the same time, explosives can be your biggest enemy if you don't take care of how you use them. One poorly place explosive can kill you or weaken you to a position where you won't last much longer afterwards.

If you play your cards right, explosives can assist with clearing out enemies quickly and efficiently.


The higher the level, the stronger you become and the higher your health is.

You can level your strength by means of kicking your foes or throwing things at your foes. The only bad thing that can be said her is that you have to get close to your foes to actually hit them and in most locations, you don't have much to throw as well, meanwhile at the same time, if you completely disregard leveling your strength, you will be shot down quickly in the harder locations.

If you can balance your strength out with your other skills, you shouldn't have much to worry about.


The higher your level, the more accurately and efficiently you can fire your guns.

Like explosives, not much to explain here. You just aim and shoot them. While this sounds as an easy skill, it does take a while to level and it does take a little while to properly zoom in and get a perfect hit (or a headshot).

This game is surrounded with guns, what's not to explain the pros and cons of using a gun in this game?

Another way to build up these skills at one time is to collect Hidden orbs in the area. It evenly build up the stats, though it helps if you are trying to build up your stats.


There are various weapons that can be used in this game, however you only start with two guns (Colby 'master' & Colby EAR50) and a set of grenades. If you want more weapons to work with, you would have to collect that weapon off the streets and return it to a supply point to be allowed to use it whenever you want. Locations also need to be updated here as to where you can find the guns.

The rating here is just based off of the raw power of the gun alone, but doesn't mean that it would a a recommended gun.


As you can imagine, these sets of guns are the weakest, and should be used if you are running short on ammo.

Colby 'Master'

Rounds: 180 Clip Size: 12 Agency-issue, and your tax dollars are going to waste. Rating: 1

Kokov 'Diktat'

Rounds: 80 Clip Size: 8 Well, at least it doesn't sound like a whimpy gun. Rating: 1

Smithers 'Punisher'

Rounds: 160 Clip Size: 16 Probably the worst pistol, but they all seem bad. At least this one has a big clip. Rating: 2


All automatics work the same, but some are slightly better than others.

Colby EAR50

Rounds: 480 Clip Size: 32 Medium efficiency, but it makes a horrible sound. Rating: 7

Ingalls X80 SMG

Rounds: 320 Clip Size: 32 Looks like it would be good, but it has a slightly slower rate of fire. Rating: 4

Harman MP-50

Rounds: 320 Clip Size: 32 Extremely fast rate of fire, and it packs a decent punch.

Rating: 6

Ingalls MG-60

Rounds: 320 Clip Size: 32 Slow rate of fire holds this one back. Rating: 5

Harlington HMG-90 *recommended*

Rounds: 800 Clip Size: 80 Fast rate of fire, and hella powerful, not to mention the huge number of rounds it will hold making this the best automatic hands down. Rating: 9


Like many shotguns before, it is super effective at close range but is worthless at longer ranges. While it sounds like a great weapon to have with you,in this game, you may not be using a shotgun as much due to the other types of guns available.

Dempsey SO-6 'Stub'

Rounds: 40 Clip Size: 4 Not worth it, unless you are fighting a bunch of single enemies.

Rating: 3

Dempsey 190 'Equalizer'

Rounds: 80 Clip Size: 8

Same problem as before. Other guns have too wide a range and are accurate. By the time you get close to one bad guy, a whole gang is pouring lead into you. Not to mention they always try to run away.

Rating: 4

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles come in handy when it comes to taking out gang members from a distance. Along side with that, this are the best type of weapon to have when you want to perform the perfect headshot to take down foes in one hit. A very useful weapon when you want to take down one person fast (but not generals or kingpins; even if you shoot them in the head, they will still be firing)

As you can imagine, the sniper rifle is the only weapon that can zoom in. This comes in handy for better aiming and even manual shooting. Just press Up or Down on the D-Pad, and then zoom in with the RB and zoom out with the LB.

Bastion S600 'Long Eye' *recommended*

Rounds: 20 Clip Size: 5 Possibly better than the Longshot, if you don't mind using two bullets. Rating: 7

Bastion SX900 'Longshot'

Rounds: 10 Clip Size: 1 If only it had a bigger clip and more ammo, it would be awesome. It is a one-shot-kill gun. Rating: 9

Explosive Guns

These guns assist with causing a big explosion. Very useful to clearing groups of enemies and against bosses. It is suggested to also carry one explosive gun with you since it does help you in a tight spot. Just remember not to use it in small areas and to aim or you could accidentaly blow yourself up to kingdom come.

Watson HE79 'Grenadier'

Rounds: 12 Clip Size: 4 Launches grenades at far away enemies, if they impact an enemy, the grenade explodes, otherwise works like a regular grenade if you miss. Rating: 8

Watson HE99 'Hothead'

Rounds: 10 Clip Size: 1 I believe it is stronger than the Firefly, but a long reload and its clip size holds it back. Rocket Launcher. Rating: 9

Watson HE99-X 'Firefly' *recommended*

Rounds: 15 Clip Size: 5 Its another Rocket Launcher, but this one can lock onto a target and chase your target down as long as you stay locked. That's right, a beautiful heatseeker. The five rounds per clip also builds on how this gun can clear out an entire fleet of enemies before you have to reload. Rating: 10


Grenades are what you would expect. You throw a grenade and watch it blow up. Very effective if you can properly throw them at your target. You can only carry eight grenades at a time.

Colby 'Limpet Charge'

Normal grenades will hit the ground and blow up after a slight pause. But for these grenades, you can throw them, hold the RB, and they will explode on impact. You will notice that enemies run from all grenades you throw, but they won't get that chance if you master this grenade. Rating: 10


It blows up. Rating: 7

Shrapnel Grenade

More of a blast radius than the frag due to shrapnel flying a short distance from the blast. Rating: 8

Cluster Grenade *recommended*

Causes a series of explosions, but just in the area of the original. Rating: 9

Time Savers& Tricks

Some Time saver tricks provided by mas8705

Set it and run for it

Alittle trick I have been working on for the speed run and it is very simple. In situations where you are planning on running to the next boss location and not extracting, it is better to finish off people with a grenade than a gun shot or a rocket shot. All you have to do is trip them or put them into a position where they can't run away from the grenade and weaken them down to their last lifebar. Once you throw the grenade, start running away, climbing away or any means of leaving to the next location. This way, you are not only out of the blast radius, but it helps save a bit of travel time before the game recognizes that you killed a general. There is also a bit of a glitch that benefits this trick too, since if you are hanging on a wall when the grenade goes off, it doesn't fully recognize that the general is dead and delays the notification to either say it later or to not say it at all.

No Full Extracting Before Killing

Throughout my trials and errors, I have noticed that the game wants to ensure that you get the kill and that you don't try to run for it. You have to make sure above all else that before you get killed, you at least take the general or kingpin with you. However, there is a small time saver that can be taken into consideration. In location where you are sniping the general with rockets, you can actually use the "extract" command to kill yourself, but before you go back to select a supply point, wait for the rockets to go off and take the general's life, which shortly afterwards you can then extract and the game will recognize that the general was killed. Granted though that you won't get the points for the kill and this trick can lead to hitmen surrounding you once you get back on the map. This also helps with final crimes where if you killed off a group in the area and it hasn't been fully recognized that you finished them all off, you can do a simple extract and wait for the star to disappear off the map before you continue.

No General's introduction

There are some generals who are in the open and if you manage to kill them before their intro comes up, it will completely skip it and go straight to the part of saying how they were killed. It doesn't save much time, but it helps to not hear who a person is and how you can simply bypass it without having to jab the B button continuously.

A Gang's ending

The same can be said after you finish an final crime. There is a way to not watch the part where they say that a gang has been eliminated, though this requires you to go to a location that you haven't been to yet. An example here is that you finish Los Muertos and before they get their end message, you can extract and go to the volk area. So instead of having to listen to both, you skip the Los Muertos and just learn who the volk are.


New Game

Because of the save system in this game, it is hard for one to properly plan/perform the run for one mistake can ruin the run and would force you to completely restart by means of deleting the game completely off file. You start with zero stats and have to build yourself up as you proceed to kill off the generals and the kingpins. The best strategy here is to properly figure out a route for the player to take to not only kill the generals, but to kill off gang members to build stats and collect agility orbs. It hasn't been determined if what minimum level you would need for agility, at this time it is speculated that a three star could be able to finish game, though has not been confirmed at this time.

Agility Orb Route

This section is a WIP, this is where the proper route for collecting the agility orbs need to be placed... The agent needs to be at least two-stars in agility to complete the game. Because agility also affects not only the jump height of the agent, but also the speed of the agent, it has yet to be determined whether not the player should obtain higher than a two-star rating. That being said, staying at a two-star agility rating nearly requires you to go out of your away to avoid agility experience. Until a usable route is established, it is unclear whether or not the player should strive to be higher than two-stars in agility.

Boss Routes

(still needs to be organized)

Los Muertos

Jose Guerra

Rodrigo Alvarez

Ramon Gonzalez

Violetta Sanchez

Rafael Diaz

Juan Martinez

Don Domingo Garcia

The Volk

Natalya Gryzunova

Igor Biragov

Olga Romanova

Viktor Rabotnikov

Sergei Sovetnik

Boris Mikhailov

Vladmir Golyak


Mrs. Timbol

Dr. Baltazar Czernenko

Col. Axton Cowell

Vitaliy Rzeznik

Thadeous Oakley

Melissa Fang-Yin

Zuang Lun Wang

New Game Plus

The advantage of the new game play plus playthrough is how you can carry over your stats, weapons, and supply points, which allows the player to bypass the need to actually travel around and instead use the supply points to get to their targets faster... The strategy for this playthrough plays off much different than the new game since you can afford to be alittle more reckless with the increased health you get. Because you have all your weapons, you can use any of your favorite weapons in the playthrough. It is recommended to make use of the Firefly since its increased firepower can clear big groups of enemies and its blast radius can assist with taking out generals without you having to properly aim at them. Other weapons you can take into consideration would be the the long eye to assist with taking out solo enemies using rocket launchers to ensure you don't get juggled, the Harlington comes in handy with picking off anyone who is still alive after the firefly bombardment, such as a general who isn't finished off. The Grenades are split between the limpet and the cluster, though clusters do a great job with the blast radius being grater than the limpet.

Boss Routes

(still needs to be organized)

Los Muertos

Jose Guerra Supply Point: Royal Vista

Rodrigo Alvarez Supply Point: Hillside Housing

Ramon Gonzalez Supply Point: Radio 410 Tower

Violetta Sanchez Supply Point: Social Security

Rafael Diaz Supply Point: Garcia Point

Juan Martinez Supply Point: Hillside Housing

Don Domingo Garcia Supply Point: Garcia Point

The Volk

Natalya Gryzunova Supply Point: Maxims Arch

Igor Biragov Supply Point: Hi-Power Tower

Olga Romanova Supply Point: Hi-Power Tower

Viktor Rabotnikov Supply Point: Hi-Power Tower

Sergei Sovetnik Supply Point: The Agency

Boris Mikhailov Supply Point: Maxims Arch

Vladmir Golyak Supply Point: Storage Facility


Mrs. Timbol Supply Point: Intellicenter

Dr. Baltazar Czernenko Supply Point: Comfortitude, LTD.

Col. Axton Cowell Supply Point: Stripey's Cafe

Vitaliy Rzeznik Supply Point: Intellicenter

Thadeous Oakley Supply Point: The Block

Melissa Fang-Yin Supply Point: Intellicenter

Zuang Lun Wang Supply Point: Stripey's Cafe

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