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Character Speed Jump Height Comments
Burns Good Best Beans jumps the highest. This is useful in stage 3 and he's nearly as fast as Beans so he can be used in stages 3 and 4
Smith Okay Okay Average stats and no extremely useful weapons. Smith is not used for speedrunning
Iron Poor Poor Though lacking in other areas he can equip the flamethrower which is critical for taking out the stage 3 boss quickly in real time
Beans Best Good Beans has the best movement speed and a good jump height, he's used whenever possible

Boss Manipulation

The bosses in Contra Force do not behave randomly. They will always do the same thing based on your character's movements.

Weapon Damage & Enemy Health Values

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Jump Glitch

Jump. Pause the game. Hold down the A button and unpause. Your character will start a new jump in midair. This trick can be repeated as many times as you like to get unlimited height in midair. You may also switch characters when you pause the game and the glitch will still work. The trick will not work if you are very close to a pit at the bottom of the screen; your character will simply drop down into a pit instead of jumping when you unpause. Every time you pause to setup this glitch it takes about 4 seconds. This means it is important to use this glitch only when it is necessary when speedrunning.

Super Jump

In stage 3, there is a part of the stage where you shoot a platform that causes a crate to drop down and land on a platform and catapult you upward. If you perform the jump glitch while you are being propelled upward, the height and momentum you get from being catapulted will start over again. This allows most of stage 3 to be skipped.

Ceiling clip

This is not currently used in the speedrunning route due to its difficulty. To set this up, You need to use the jump glitch multiple times to get high off the ground. You then pause the game and add an add player two. When you unpause hold A on controller 1. Player two will fall down and player 1 will jump up. As player two falls, the screen will start scrolling down. At a precise time, pause the game and remove player 2 from the game and then perform the jump glitch again with player 1. If you are at the correct height relative to the top of the screen you can continue performing the jump glitch and clip through ceilings. If you are too high you will clip into a platform, but when you land between jumps you will fall into a pit at the top of the screen and instantly game over (regardless of how many lives you have left).

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