Contra 4 Game Mechanics

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Game Mechanics

Weapon Damage and Enemy Health

List of enemy health and damage values

Konami Code

The Konami code upgrades both of your weapons. This should not be part of a serious speedrun for this game, but it may be helpful if you want to practice certain section of the game. To do it, pause the game and press - Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, and Start. This will upgrade your weapons. You are allowed to do this one time on every stage. If you use a continue, you may use the trick again on the stage. If you attempt to use the Konami Code again, your character will die instantly.

99 lives trick

This is not to be used in a speedrun, but the additional lives can be useful for experimentation Explanation on the trick


Slow Falling

To stay in the air longer, press X to grapple. During the grappling animation, you maintain your height and you will start falling again once the animation finishes. This can help you stay in the air longer to avoid shots or enemies that would have otherwise killed you if you had fallen sooner.

Climbing Trick

When you are climbing, you get a slight boost in height when you jump off of a wall or rope. You can regrab the wall or rope before you lose the extra height and then repeat the process to climb faster. Consider the wall in stage 7 that you climb after you do the spider fight. You grab the wall, hold up and press diagonal up and left and B at the same time. Immediately after you press B move diagonally right until you grab the wall. Now press diagonally left and B again. Then immediately press diagonally right to grab the wall again. You can keep repeating this process over and over again. This is very difficult to execute quickly on a Nintendo DS Lite or 3DS D-pad. A Nintendo DS Phat D-pad is recommended

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