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Rough Speed run guide


  • [FB] Fire ball
  • [FT] Flame thrower
  • [HM] Homing missile
  • [DM] Dive mine
  • [MG] Machine gun

Any%, 5 level, 2 player

Level 1

Begin by running right.

Jump and shoot the sniper on the platform before he attacks. [FB]

Blow up the car. [FB]

Jump over the motorcycle.

Shoot barrel on hill to blow up sniper before he attacks [FB]


Shoot flame dropper from platform above [FB]

Mini-Boss - Shoot diagonally, then continue shooting. Remember to crouch to get him while he's pre-jumping. He should die just before jumping.

Run right with flame + [FB]. [FB] may wish to shoot ceiling.

Charge [HM] and climb wall. Remember to use jump-scaling. Shoot while jumping upwards to kill enemies.

Mini-Boss - Shoot center.

Run right with flame. Just before the falling down section, spread out a bit so they dont have to spread out during cinematic.

Flying snipers - [FB] x 2 each

Worm, Phase 1 - Each [FB] + flame, one on front, one on back. It is possible to get him in one swipe. Get him on both sides.

Worm, Phase 2 - Charge [FB] then flame. Possible to do in one cycle, 2 is more likely.

Rope + Flies - Charge [FB] and jump to right. When about to be grabbed, release charge.

Boss, form 1 - [FB] head.

Boss, form 2 - Requires mouth opening yellow spew animation. [FB] mouth. When about to close, use flame. only 1 cycle required.

Level 2

Beginning - dodge stuff

Fire cannon - Each Charge [FB] x 2, then flame to kill. Have to jump towards right as u kill it.

Underside of ship - Self explanatory, use [FB]

Final Cannon of ship - Try and get it to only shoot once. You can shoot when it shoots (requires [FB] x4)

Enemies on missiles - Both jump and fire [FB] to right.

Tunnel - Flame the trash mob, then [FB] x1 + flame to kill cannon.

Motorcyclists - [FB] x2 each.

Mini-Boss - Kill right turret with [FB], then left Turret with [FB]. Dodge stuff, then [FB]x2 to kill boss.

Back of train - Run rightwards, using [FB] x2 for all turrets, shouldnt need to stop.

Boss, form 1 - [FB]

Boss, Form 2 - Run to left while charging [FB]. As soon as charged, shoot to bottom right with [FB]. Can kill before he attacks.

Boss, Form 3 - [FB] x 2, then [FB] + jump forward, [FB] + jump backwards (to dodge ground mines). Can kill before he finishes 4th mine.

Boss, Legs - [FB]x1 + flame.

Level 3

Run Right. Whoever is at the back gets to kill stuff on the ground.

Shoot guy mauled by dogs [FB].

Shoot air guys [FB]

Shoot bullets from air/infront with [FT]

Mini-Boss - Both players use [FB] when he drops enemies. When the mini-boss drops bombs, one player use [FB] and one player use [HM]

Cannons - Run/jump past

Mini-Boss 2 - Both use [FB]

Mini-Boss 3 - Both use [FB]. For Bubbles, one [HM] each is enough.

Cannons - Run/Jump Past

Boss, front - [DM] on bottom, [FB] for top.

Boss, above - [FB]

Boss, back - [FB], Use [HM] when crouching under laser.

Level 4

[HM] on Missiles.

Mini-Boss 1 - [FB] + [FB/HM] on the back. [FB/HM] can stay above backpack. [FB] can move forward/backwards to kill landmines.

For the front half, Kill Whip and front cannon asap.

When he opens up mega-cannon, [FB] + flame to finish. 2 cycles.

Well - both use [DM] on sides. then use [FB] for plants. When nearing bottom one player stand on left, one on right and both run right. (shortens animation for next boss)

Mini-Boss 2 - Alternate [FB] on the Circle. He should be permastunned. For form 2, [FB] and stay near the right hand side.

Alien egg section - one player stay in front, other behind and use [FB] to kill ground. Keep running. For plant from ceiling, front can use a well timed [FB].

Lilypads - One player should be on the left and another on the right lily pad when jumping across. that way shorten start of boss animation.

Flying water mines - [HM]

Boss - [FB] as he jumps over. Follow this with dodging. When he leaves scene to open mouth, alternate jumps in the center so he jumps over u and u can [FB] him. When he sucks in lilypads, stand on furthest one. Follow this with [FB]. Jump away by 2 lilypads in one go. Do this twice. Then jump on top of him. When he Jumps over to get u in the ceiling, [FB] x2 and he will die. (total time, 1 cycle)

Level 5

Run right

[FB] explosive crates.

[FB] when running up hill

One player run forward with flame, other [FB] through hill to get ground person. do this to get across to snail

Mini-Boss - [FB]. Alternate for bubbles to make it easier.

Sniper [FB]

Sniper2 [HM] + front FT.

Rotors - jump past them if possible, use [DM] for critters.

Wall of death - [FT] the red button, rotate to get the enemies behind. Run in.

Lance, Form 1 - [FB].

  • Ceiling + white mines - stand in centre and [FB] up.
  • 5-split rotation - [FB] + [HM] when required
  • Lance = fireball - [FB] + [HM]
  • White ground/wall waves - [FB] + stand behind
  • mini fireballs - [FB]

Lance, Form 2 - [FB] Get eggs and center simultaneously, then center only. Jump over aliens first time.

Lance, Form 3 - [FB] Alternate.

Lance, Form 4 - [FB], one each.

Lance, Form 5 - [FB] + [FT] (FT is main)

Lance, Form 6 - [FB] into core.

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