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Current Fastest Time

11:27 by David Heidman Jr.

Stage 1

Some jump manipulation is required to get past the turret that appears just after the second R upgrade. On the boss, you need to walk up to the core and shoot. You can't shoot fast enough to destroy the boss using the any % strategy.

Stage 2

The regular cores take 8 shots to kill. You can have up to 4 peashooter shots on the screen. This means you have to make sure that you don't hit enemies instead of the core. This becomes even more difficult with the core in the last room as that takes 16 shots or 4 waves of 4. You need to focus all shots on the cores and avoid ducking when possible to destroy each core as fast as possible.

After the cores are destroyed you need to move left and right with the boss, but you'll have to be slightly ahead to give your bullets enough time to travel up and hit.

Stage 3

Not having the barrier makes the second half of the climb up the waterfall difficult. You need to kill the bombers hiding the waterfall near the spread pickup on the left before he can shoot otherwise you will lose time waiting for their shots to explode.

The boss is ideally taken out in two mouth cycles. With spread you can attempt to destroy the arms, but in a low % run you shouldn't attempt to.

Stage 4

The second base stage requires the same type of precision that the first base stage does. Focus your shots on the cores, don't hit enemies and don't duck under enemy fire.

The boss fight is difficult in low % when it comes to dodging the snipers as you take out the cores. You will want to get the glitch kill on the boss of this stage. You can refer to the mechanics page for details. This is much harder to perform in a low % run.

Stage 5

Watch out for random spawns on this stage. You can see what I mean in the video. The snow plows can be taken out by simply ducking in front of them and shooting quickly. You need to shoot extremely quickly to not die.

Stage 6

Refer to the mechanics page for help understanding the pattern for the timings on the flames and for the fastest strategy to get through the section. The boss fight is entirely random and with bad luck you can lose several seconds.

Stage 7

Refer to the mechanics page for help understanding the timings on the claws. After the last set of claws you have to duck under shots fired by the first gunner, however you can jump over shots from the remaining gunners and take them out without stopping if you mash fast enough. Watch out for bad spawns.

Stage 8

You cannot run through this stage without taking out some of the projectiles the mouths drop. You can follow what the current fastest run does. When you reach the heart, there is no need to jump at it when you have peashooter. This will not help your fire rate and it is dangerous.

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