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SDAlogo runner.png This game has a run page on SDA!

Current Fastest Time

01:37:59 by Karl Grenier (2008)

The SDA run video is the WR run. It was done on console.



Tutorial video Hungover

Welcome to the first chapter of Conker! My name's Pappy and I'm the one who recorded the tutorial videos, I'll be explaining things in detail here as well as all the other videos below. I suggest watching the videos before reading the details.

First off 
Timer rules. The timer must be started at first input when you start moving. It must be after the first cutscene where he says "It's gonna be one of those days."

Another important rule is to begin the runs in the CHAPTERS section. There are many reasons for this, mainly to be able to skip cutscenes and to skip Greg the grim reaper. Consequently, skipping Greg prevents you from picking up any Tails (lives) along the way, so unless you are completely confident in doing the run without dying twice (not counting the part where you die on purpose once) go to the CHEATS section and type in BOVRILBULLETHOLE to unlock 50 lives. For practice you can also type in WELDERSBENCH to unlock every chapter.

Now for the run itself

  • When moving around the fence, if you move diagonally against it like the WR run it slows you down, not leaning against it saves 1 second.
  • You cannot skip the cutscene where you cure yourself.
  • There's a way to move slightly faster in the water without sinking every time you jump. It's not completely confirmed but it's along the lines of holding down the jump button until you hit the water.
  • You have to skip tips in Conker by pressing B and not L
  • Option 1 is the safe hover jump, Option 2 is the one-shot jump which saves time. Not that hard of a trick.
Conker cannot jump while he is sliding on a slope! Be careful.
  • The most random Key in the universe.
    • When you enter the room, the key can be on either side.
      • The right side is the good side, it is easy to get the key to the door and you won't get much delay after.
      • The left side is horrible, the pillars are in the way, it's harder to get the key at the door and you get more delay before you can hit it.
    • There's a delay after you skip the instructions where you can't hit the key no matter what. Approximately 2 seconds on the right, 3 seconds on the left.
    • The Key runs in random directions while running away, try to hit it when it notices you.
    • If you hit the Key right beside the door (Key Skip) it will skip the animation of picking up the key.

Chapter ends at exit

Bees and Beetles

Tutorial video Bees and Beetles

Not much to explain here. Oh and if my movements seem weird in the videos, it's because it was recorded while using a SNES controller.

  • Both options are the same speed, personally I use the first option to jump over.
  • Sometimes the music will glitch after you deliver the hive, it's funny.
  • When skipping the Birdy cutscene, hold left while pressing B and it turns you to face the beetles.
  • Cutscene skip is done by Z-Jumping and hovering past the spot where the cutscene activates.


Tutorial video Cheese

Important Game Mechanic 
I'm now going to explain the two different types of cycles for things like the Blocks in this chapter. Dependant Cycles rely on Conker's position or cutscene triggers before starting and will always be the same when you come across them. Independant Cycles rely on real-time and area loadings. They will continue to roll in the background regardless of cutscenes or your position, basically unless you get to them exactly at the same time in real-time they will never be the exact same.
  • The Blocks, including the old wooden one, have Independant Cycles.
  • There's a small chance that the mouse will leave a giant fart waiting for you at the cutscene spot. Just go through it, it's inevitable.
  • If you're too close while giving the first cheese, you will get burped on. Possibly twice.
  • On the third cheese, the faster movements actually change the regular positions of the blocks to the point where the last one at "Watch out" can hit you even though before it couldn't.


Tutorial video Haybot

Let's go straight in this one.

  • It IS possible to get up on the first pipe without hovering.
  • Getting the money before the bees is important for a time-saving trick later.
  • Hay patterns are random.
    • As seen in the video, you can hit 2 at once. For that you must hit between them when they're right next to each other, it won't work if the second one is behind.
  • The Lever skip is done by grabbing the lever just as the cutscene starts, you'll then appear back on the lever instead of in the middle of the barn. The timing is approximately 4 seconds after you kill the last hay.
  • Hovering from platform to platform is a safe strat, you can barely reach with a simple jump.
  • The first 4 knives automatically miss, you can sheathe the knives just after you throw the 5th one to save time.
  • Haybot, warning: you will rage if he hits you.
    • Contrary to what he says, he doesn't wander around aimlessly. He has a very clear circle pattern and may change directions after he stops.
    • What he does after being hit depends on when you hit him because his pattern does not get interrupted.
      • If he is hit while stopped or about to stop, he will stay still after and you won't be able to reach him.
      • If he is hit while moving you can just spam B and get an auto-hit.
  • The pipe order is important, it saves time.
  • All ladders in the game, except one, can be climbed faster by spamming jump.
  • Wire order is important as well. When you hit the one on the far right, it's usually the same height for the one after.
  • Second set of wires. Slightly down for the first one, then two tics up for the 2nd one on the right.

End of Haybot

Lady Plant

Tutorial video Lady Plant

The Bees' route has been changed 
We now skip the 3rd Bees and pick them up after the Anvil. The video will be changed at a later date in favor of this route.
  • You can walk in water without losing Bees, but swimming instantly loses them.
  • When you grab the 3rd Bees (4th in the video) where the money was, there's a trick you can use to not lose any momentum. By jumping backwards in the opposite direction while running, will also be shown in the new video.
  • After you grab the money below you have to hug the left side so as to not swim, then jump up the slope to the breasts.

End of Chapter


Tutorial video Bull

Not much to explain here once more. The video is pretty clear.

  • The best control you have over the Bull is either running in circles or holding the opposite direction to make him jump 180 degrees.
Important Diving mechanic 
When you are falling in water, if you press B at the time of water impact you instant-dive way lower and most of the time it's exactly where you need to be.


Tutorial video Pooroll

Not much to explain here either.

  • It's a good thing to replace the first ball by pushing against the wall.
  • Beetles have Independant Cycles.
  • When Beetles are in animations of turning, getting in caves or leaving, they can't hit you. When they can, just jump to dodge.
  • There's always a way to get down from the mountain in one jump.
    • Landing on the side of the mountain will slide you down with no landing lag.


Water+Balls of Steel

Great Mighty Poo




Bees #2

Bat+Key Glitch


Teddiz #1

Teddiz #2


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