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Current Fastest Time

54:09 by Cosmowright


Make your way to Dracula without destroying anything. Grab all hearts in Dracula's room so you can perform the quick kill. You should end the fight with no damage taken and no hearts left. This will assure you the best possible stats for Alucard and give you a Heart Refresh. The Heart Refresh is important at the end of the run!</br />

Entrance, Alchemy Laboratory, Marble Gallery and Outer Wall

While making as much use of Shielddashing as possible, kill the first couple of Wargs and Zombies. Destroy the rock, get the meat and exit on the other side for a small shortcut to the next room. Kill the rest of the Wargs, grab the safety Chicken if you need to and then let Death steal your equipment. Jump up and use regular backdashing (since you no longer have a Shield) and enter the next area. Kill the Skeletons that drop Short Sword and Red Rust. DO NOT grab Cube of Zoe. Now Head left into the Alchemy Laboratory.

Continue upwards and left, grab the Leather Shield. From now on try to make as much use of Shielddashing as possible. At the top go right to fight Slogra & Gaibon aka the Wonder Twins. Continue to the right by damage boosting through two Skeletons. Now go up and right into a corridor filled with Bloody Zombies. If you're lucky you can kill them with 2 punches, but in case you can't, try ducking and punching instead. After the corridor, take the exit to the right leading to the Marble Gallery.

Now just head straight to the right until you reach the Clock Room and skip the Maria cutscene. Head left and after some time you'll encounter a LONG corridor. Jump over the first three enemies while holding up the Leather Shield to block the fireballs. It's recommended that you cast Summon Spirit to go through the two plants, then go into the Outer Wall.

Go up and left, jump past the Axe Knight enemies, head up and right to fight Doppleganger 10. Now go all the way up and activate the elevator, go down into the room just above the elevator then back out. Go down grab the Soul of Wolf and then take the elevator all the way down. You now need to do a Wolfjump to reach the Garnet above the stairs. Then go back into the Marble Gallery. Continue all the way back to the Clock room where you meet Maria. You want to go up to the left by jumping over the candle, transforming into wolf and dive-kicking and then jumping to get enough hight to reach the ledge on the left. If the door is closed when you arrive, wait until it opens as it opens and closes every other minute. Take the health if you need/want to and head over to Olrox's Quarters.

Olrox's Quarters, the Colosseum and the Library

At the quarters, go to the secret room at the right of the Spectral Sword and grab the Onyx. Then head to the Colosseum. At the Colosseum, go left and when you reach the bars that you need Form of Mist for, go up and continue left. Grab the Library card, then go to the pit to the left. Go all the way down and take the exit on the left. The enemies in this room are tough, so to get through use Soul Steal and shielddash until you Damage Boost through the purple knight. Grab the Shield rod, and use the Library card.

Sell the Garnet and Onyx, buy 1 Manna Prism and the Iron Shield. Head to the Outer Wall, and then up to the Clock Tower.

Clock Tower

Go to the bridge, transform into Wolf and do a Wolfjump at the stairs. When you make it to the area with solid floor, kill all the enemies nearby so that they don't bother you. Make sure to jump out to the left and make the last ghost come to you so you can get rid of it. Transform into Wolf form again, double tap left to run, and jump at the end of the solid area, so that you land at the end of the part that will collapse. Jump again as you land there to reach the next solid area of the bridge. Get rid of the ghost and the red enemy with the flail. Do as before and jump at the edge of the solid area, land on the collapsing area, jump again, land on another collapsing area, then just continue to run into the next screen or jump to make sure you got past the collapsing bridge part.

Once in the tower, use a Wolfjump at the first staircase and then jump up like normal. Continue through the next room and break the wall at the top right of the third room. Make your way to the room with the Cloaked Knight. This enemy drops the Flamberge. Kill the Cloaked Knight until they drop it. Once you get it, go defeat Karasuman with the Iron Shield + Shield rod spell. Exit to the Castle Keep.

Castle Keep and Reverse Keep

Take the elevator in the middle of the room and use the Save Room to replenish your MP. Go to the broken staircase, equip the Flamberge, turn into Wolf and make a Wolfjump followed by Wolfrising to reach the other side. Then open up the secret staircase and perform the Richter Skip.

Do a Wolfjump to get out of the teleporter. Go to the edge to the left and make sure you have close to max MP. Jump out and start to Wolfrise so that you get on top of the geometry above you. Wait for MP to refill and then Wolfrise across the gap and up on the left side of the room. For the next Wolfrise you want to make sure you have full MP because it's a long one. Do it along the wall until you are forced to avoid a small obstacle and get on top of it. Now it's very important that you don't fall down into the gap in the next room! If you do a sword thrust at the edge of the high platform you should be fine but if you want to save some MP try jumping over it.

Next is getting up and into the long corridor to the right. Wolfrise to get there. To avoid taking damage or wasting a lot of time on the Tombstones, walk up to them and crouch so that they jump over you. Exit into the Anti-Chapel.

Anti-Chapel and Death Wing's Lair

Start by going up and to the left to the Save room to replenish MP. Continue to the right and fight Medusa using the Iron shield + Shield rod spell. Remember to NOT pick up her Relic!

To deal with the Balloon pods, use Tetra Spirit or hit them with the Flamberge. When they are in corridors with Black panthers jump over them as Wolf and either jump over the Black panthers or use the I-frames from transforming into/from Wolf to avoid taking damage.

Continue to the next room (up to the right) by Wolfrising. In the next room drop down and grab the Manna Prism and Life Max up if you need it. Wolfrise and make sure to kill the Sniper of Goths as you progress. Take the first exit to the left that leads into Death Wing's Lair. Go down through the destructible floor and grab the Heart refresh. Go back up and go back into the Anti-Chapel. Kill the Imps and Snipers any way you see fit (Soul steal might be fast but leaves you with less MP later on) as you continue upwards and to the right. Now get on top of the platforms and take the exit on the left, leading to the Reverse Colosseum.

Reverse Colosseum and Death Wing's Lair

Use the Leather shield spell and dash through the three Minotaurs. Drop down and continue through the next room quickly enough and the first two enemies won't bother you. Just jump up and Wolfrise to get past the pillars. Hit the last enemy once and you should be able to pass to the next room without getting hit. Wolfrise some more and then wait for MP to refill. Make use of the Leather shield spell again to pass the Werewolfs. Now go into Death Wing's Lair.

You could also Wolfrise to the Save Room here since the next area is pretty dangerous.

Turn into Wolf, run and jump, Wolfrise and hope that the enemy will not harm you. Take the exit at the top or go left and destroy the wall, exit and enter the room to reset the enemy for safe passage. Next is a lot of dumb Wolfrising, try to get as high as possible next to the ledges and just hold right instead of getting up with sword thrusts. Finally, leave this area and enter the Black Marble Gallery.

Black Marble Gallery

Get up into the Clock room, go right and do the Relic Skip. Since this is tricky to do in this setting, it's a good idea to continue to the right and Wolfrise to the nearby Save Room. Then go back and try the Relic Skip until you get it.

Some use a so called "map buffer" to get the correct setup for the Relic Skip, just pull up the map while in a dash, hold the button with the Heart refresh on and put away the map. The map will stay on screen but you can still chain your 2HR.

Take the elevator, Wolfrise up and enter the final room. Defeat Shaft and Dracula using the Iron shield spell to beat the game!

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