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Current Fastest Time

17:47 by Romscout


Make your way to Dracula's throne room without destroying any candles. Grab all hearts in Dracula's room so you can perform the quick kill. The order you break the candles will determine the position Dracula teleports to first.

You should end the fight with no hearts left. This will assure you the best possible stats for Alucard and give you a heart refresh. The heart refresh is important at the end of the run! If you also end without taking damage, you will start with 80 health rather than 75, which may help you out in tight spots.

Wonder twins, a copy of yourself and a LONG corridor

While making as much use of Shielddashing as possible, kill the first couple of Wargs and Zombies. Destroy the rock, get the meat and exit on the other side for a small shortcut to the next room. Kill the rest of the Wargs, grab the safety chicken if you need to and then let Death steal your equipment. Jump up and use regular backdashing (since you no longer have a shield) and enter the next area. Kill the Skeletons that drop Short Sword and Red Rust and then grab Cube of Zoe. Now Head left into the Alchemy Laboratory.

Continue upwards and left, grab the Leather Shield, hearts and the Knife sub-weapon on the way upwards. From now on try to make as much use of Shielddashing as possible. At the top go right to fight Slogra & Gaibon aka the Wonder Twins. Continue to the right by damage boosting through two Skeletons. Now go up and right into a corridor filled with Bloody Zombies. If you're lucky you can kill them with 2 punches, but in case you can't, try ducking and punching instead. After the corridor, go down and take the exit to the right leading to the Marble Gallery.

Now just head straight to the right until you reach the Clock room and skip the Maria cutscene. Make your way through the next three rooms to the right and in the forth, grab the Stopwatch sub-weapon in the second candle. After that continue into the next room where you will go down and right. You will soon encounter a LONG corridor. Jump over the first three enemies while holding up the Leather Shield to block the fireballs. You can equip the Short Sword to easily deal with the two Stone Flowers, then go into the Outer Wall.

Go up and left, jump past the Axe Knight enemies, head up and right to fight Doppleganger 10. Now go all the way up and activate the elevator, go down into the room just above the elevator then back out. Go down grab the Soul of Wolf and then take the elevator all the way down. You now need to do a Wolfjump to reach the Garnet above the stairs. Then go back into the Marble Gallery. Continue all the way back to the Clock Room where you meet Maria. You want to go up to the left by jumping over the candle, transform into wolf and then dive-kick to get enough hight to reach the ledge on the left. If the door is closed when you arrive, wait until it opens as it opens and closes every other minute. Take the health if you need/want to and head over to the Colosseum.

Form of Mist, Fairy familiar and Library shenanigans

Head left until you reach the bars that you need Form of Mist for, go up and continue left. Eventually drop down and go to the right to fight Minotaur & Werewolf. Grab Form of Mist and use the Library card. Make your way into the room with the long staircase. In here you need to turn into wolf form, sprint up the staircase, do a Wolfjump and then do enough Wolfrises to let the book damage boost you up on the highest ledge. Then go grab the Fairy Familiar. Head all the way back to the Librarian where you use the Fairy to do the Money glitch.

Buy these items
  • Elixir (optional)
  • Mana prism
  • Buffalo star x2
  • Library card (optional)
  • Gauntlet (optional)
  • Duplicator

Equip the Mana prism, a Buffalo star, the Gauntlet and the Duplicator. Go to the right until you reach a set of stairs, use Wolfjump and Mist form to reach the platform above you. Go left through the Save room, use stopwatch and abuse the Mana Prism for invincibility to get out quickly. Then head down and fight Lesser Demon. After that go down to get the Form of Bat. Go back through the bars and make it up to the stairs to the left. Perform a Wolf Glitch to go OoB, turn into Bat form and IWS all the way to the right to enter Outer Walls.

Alternatively you can use a Library card and then IWS your way out of the Library. You could then also try doing a Wolf Glitch on the big staircase but if you've decided to take this way for the purpose of consistency you shouldn't bother with it.

Take the elevator all the way up and exit into the Clock Tower unless you want to do the easier Richter Skip. If that is the case take the teleporter to the Entrance and collect Power of Wolf and Skill of Wolf. Then teleport back and go to the Clock Tower. IWS up and left and take the exit at the top. Wing Smash into the the next room to the left and then take the exit at the bottom left. Then fly up and take the exit at the top left. Continue to the left, kill Karasuman and then go into the Castle Keep.

Richter Skip and THE END

IWS over to the Richter Skip and go into the Inverted castle. Go left until you reach the inverted stairs and take the middle exit (by the stairs) to the left. Go up to the right and then take the right exit at the top. Continue to the right and enter the Reverse Chapel. Progress to the right until you reach Medusa and equip both Buffalo Stars to end the fight more quickly.

Head to the right through three additional rooms, then go all the way up. You'll have to do some diagonal Wing Smashes to avoid the imps, which can be a bit frustrating. From there IWS right into the Spectral Sword room and take the exit to the top left to the Reverse Colosseum. Wing Smash right and head up one screen. IWS until you encounter the Ouroboros and then drop down. Wing Smash past the Werewolves and go into Orlox's Quarters and the Giant Sword room. Take the top exit and follow it up to the clock room.

You will have one Heart Refresh So you will have to perform an Reverse Shift-Line (RSL) Relic Skip. IWS to the right past the final guards and then in the next room head up. Head to the end of the hallway to your left and perform the Relic Skip. Leave the save room, then take the elevator, fight Shaft and Dracula to beat the game.

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