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The NTSC-J version of the game (going under the name of "Kyoro-Chan Land") contains significant differences from the NTSC-U version that make them difficult to compare:

  • The JP-version is less laggy. It's difficult to say how big the difference is, but a rough estimate would be in the range 35-40 seconds over the course of a run.
  • The JP-version has a different sprite for the main character.
  • On Hero difficulty, the NA-version forces you to wait a little over a second for the molecule enemy to move out of the way at the beginning of the first tower. In the JP-version, you can avoid the molecule by getting out of the way with an elevator. This is likely caused by minor differences in the hitboxes in the two versions (unconfirmed).
  • There is a password system in the JP-version. This has no consequence in a speedrun though.

Speedrun routes

There are two versions of the game and two difficulties. The fastest way to beat the game is to play the JP-version on Hero difficulty. The speedrun route described in this section is for that combination.
Any% (NTSC-J)

Additional Information

Game Mechanics - Some general explanations about how the game works (applicable for both the NA- and the JP-versions).
Additional Resources - Links to other helpful resources about the game.

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