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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

I'd just like to say I'm sorry for the format, first time creating a wiki page, please edit the format, ridicule me all you want for format, make it better, just please read (Please!)

I'd also like to apologize if you can't understand a single word I'm saying, I'm not good at this type of stuff.

A major point about his page is that I don't include customizable load out, i feel as though that's to much more or less cheating, though if people want to use it, I recommend pistol and gun of choice, with Fast Mag, Red Dot Sight, and Rocket Launcher Perks should be Fast Sprint,Hip Accuracy, and Fast Mag

Also, be prepared for the cutscenes, THEY WILL KILL YOU SLOWLY BUT SURELY!!!! The thing is that there unskipable, most of the time interactive, and just downright boring. Be prepared as every mission has these!


Unfortunately no major glitches have been discovered in the campaign, but this video shows ways of getting out of most maps, you could try and mess around with them


Running with pistol, obvious

Graphic Content Disabled, go to settings and disable Graphic Content. What this does is it blurs out any vulgar language,and blacks out any bloody scenes such as a civi getting shot in the head. Believe it or not, this does save some time, as the game skips over certain scenes and cuts of time (During Mission 4 when you and Woods get out of the coke lad, turn graphic content on as it takes a while to black out Woods stabbing enemies)

Despwaning enemies, for ex. Mission 9, near the beggining, you'll go through a control room and at the end three guys are pressing buttons. There it should say go press this button. If done, all enemies despawn. Hard to explain but this works for all other missions.[1] Skip to 8:56

Jumping, in slow sections such as dismounting you horse in mission 3 or climbing up the ladder in mission 7 jumping is quicker than walking


Mission 1: Not much in speedrunning. You need to get the access mortars to initiate to the mortar crews. Use mortars you have left for boat. All ships need to be destroyed, otherwise they'll dock and get enemies on board, slowing you down. The rest of the mission is just listening to Hudson.

Mission 2: When doing the rope section with Harper, just hold down the right and left rigger, a button, and left on the left analog stick. All enemies need to be killed around the door you need to blow up. Kill everyone in the room next to Erik, and kill everyone when defending him, stay away from exploding canisters, as they'll freeze you to death. EMP's disable turrets and ASDs.

Mission 3: When you get off you horse in front of the camp, jump, you'll get there faster than Zhao or Woods. Sometimes the first tank at your first stop will have an idiot ally of yours next to it, and if you blow it up, that's friendly fire. I haven't figured out a way to keep you horse from running of when at the ammo cache, it's stupid. Kravchenko must die actually, kill him as soon as you get the chance.

Mission 4: As Menedez, your practically invincible. ALL enemies must be killed before entering the barn, because the doors won't open if they're alive. When playing as Mason, all enemies must be killed after you take out the truck. Woods has a hard time moving up in the coke lab sad to say.

Mission 5: In the begging, the predator drone must be targeted by the claws. Do whatever Harper tells you to do in the stealth sections,as even if you do get past the drones faster than Harper, he'll still go through his stupid motions as if you were there. At the end, pick the driver, the robot buddy will be destroyed at the end anyway. When at the end drive into the fire as it initiates the final scene faster.

Mission 6: For Ziggy, look here [2], after finding out Karma is a woman, just run to the elevator, while killing enemies in your path is helpful, it isn't needed. KILL DEFALCO.

Mission 7: You will learn to hate this mission with a passion! After getting of the boat, jump to the ladder, it's faster than walking. Same with the hospital. Also Mson won't move up until all enemies are killed.

Mission 8: JUST RUN TO MENEDEZ. Shoot Menendez as this is a very important part of the speedrun. True, shooting Harper is faster than shooting Menedez, but in the long run shoot Menendez.

Mission 9: Read about the enemy despawning in tricks section. During the Menedez scene, what should happen is Salzar shoots shoots soldiers and Karma, in total for a shorter cutscene. what could have happened if you killed Harper in Mission 8 was karma would live, and have a whole section of her trying to upload the grid.

Mission 10: When you have the option to snipe or to rappel down, rappel down for the love of god. Both claws need to be taken out, otherwise an automatic death screen comes if you try to run past them. I recommend the rocket launcher as soon as you get out of your car and the quad drones in the access area.

Mission 11: Follow this guide[3]

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